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Issue: # 2  February 14, 2008
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Welcome to the second issue of the Image City Photography Gallery newsletter. Each month you'll find the latest news from the Gallery as well as regular features related to the world of photography.

In This Issue
Current Show: Postcards from Bosnia
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Show
Gil Maker Joins ICPG as an Artist-in-Residence
About Image City Photography Gallery
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip
My Image by Betsy Phillips
Our New Neighbors
"Postcards from Bosnia" by Michael Murray

Runs Through February 24Michael Murry Reception


"Postcards from Bosnia", a photographic exhibition by Michael Murray, opened with a wintry-night reception on February 1. The weather did not deter a good turnout to see his exceptional photographs and those of the other 14 photographers showing their work. Visitors, including many with Bosnian roots, enjoyed Mike's images of the people and scenic views of the Balkan country.


On February 4, during his artist talk, Mike gave a fascinating discussion of his photography, travels, and keen interest in Bosnia. His insight into the history, the landscape, and especially the people he met was very entertaining and informative; but, it was also tempered by his mention of some of the tragic events of the last decade. He described his photographic vision as being very much project oriented and we saw how well he mastered his goal to visit and capture captivating photographs of Bosnia and its people.


Picks of the Month
Peter MarrPeter Marr Picks Three Favorites
from the "Postcards from Bosnia Show

This month Peter Marr has chosen his "picks from the photographs in the show by the featured photographer and guest photographers. Peter is an enthusiastic and highly skilled photographer, who is also and expert judge in both local and international photographic competitions. In addition to seeing the photos he selected you can also read what attracted him to make the selections.

Click Here to see Peter's Picks.
Gil Maker Joins ICPG as an Artist-in-Residence
Gil Maker Photo 
Image City Photography Gallery is pleased to announce that Gil Maker is joining the gallery as an artist-in-residence. Gil has exhibited as a guest photographer in the past and we look forward to seeing more of his work beginning with the next show when he joins Jim Patton and David Perlman as an artist-in-residence.
About Image City Photography Gallery
ICPG Reflections


On September 16, 2005 Image City Photography Gallery had its opening reception for its first show, "Strictly Photography". Since then, the Gallery, founded by Ed Vesneske, has presented more than 30 shows dedicated to photography. Hundreds of photographers have had the opportunity to present their work as guest exhibitors, partners, or artists-in-residence to a large audience of photography lovers. (Evening photo at ICPG opening by Steve Tryon).


Today, the Gallery is run by seven Partners, who offer brief comment on their interests.


Bill Bernbeck  "I seldom think of myself as an artist, rather, I am finding the art in my experience. My subject is in the world around me. I am a student striving to reach the level of expression achieved by those whose work I admire. I see it as an ongoing challenge.  The pursuit is the real accomplishment."


Daniel Crozet  "I learned photography by using an all-manual camera and developing and printing my black-and-white pictures. For some years, I switched to digital, it opened new creative doors to produce pictures that tell stories to people when they see them. My photographs intend to reveal new visual realities."


Dan Neuberger  "I absolutely love photography, and since there are no moral, legal, or health issues to keep me from doing it, I plan to do it as long as I am physically and mentally able.  Perhaps I can continue when I get to heaven, assuming, of course,  that I end up there."


Betsy Phillips, My art is about capturing the very essence of a subject: the shape, the form, the color, the texture, the light and shadow that the subject casts or reflects, and making that essence the subject. It's about mystery, drama and simplicity. It's about design and composition and eliminating the unnecessary. It's about delight in the ordinary and the joy of seeing in different ways and sharing that joy with the viewer."


Gary Thompson, President  "My photographic passion is to capture the beauty of nature on film.  To accomplish this I look for dramatic light and creative viewpoints. I have been selling fine-art photographic prints for thirty years and have taught photography classes, led photo tours, presented programs, and judged competitions for many camera clubs in Western and Central New York."


Phyllis Thompson, Secretary  "Whether photographing locally or during travels throughout the United States, I particularly like to shoot during the hours around sunrise and sunset when the sun casts long shadows and provides unique lighting conditions. I photograph landscapes, seascapes, close-ups, reflections, and nature in general with both 35 mm and a medium format panoramic Hasselblad X-pan camera."


Sheridan Vincent, Treasurer  "I am fortunate to have spent my adult life involved with photography. In retirement, my approach is to find the interesting and photogenic within a short drive from home and to use the wealth of current methods and techniques to produce the best possible photographic prints. I get a great satisfaction when the final print matches my vision."


Three artists-in-residence, Gil Maker, Jim Patton and David Perlman regularly show their work.
The Gallery also benefits greatly from the help of volunteers: Clay Gehring, Tim Hack, Christine Murphy, Linda Kopp, Linda EA Campbell and Cherie Harder.


In its third year of activity, Image City Photography is committed to continue to be the Gallery of reference for all photographers and photography lovers with a goal of enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the fine art of photography. It would not be possible without everyone's continuous support and encouragement. Thanks to all our Patrons.

Gallery partner Dan Neuberger was invited to have a one-person show at the prestigious Gallery at One Bausch & Lomb Place in March.   The subject is ODE TO MY MANHATTAN., and  will include Grand Central, Times Square, Central Park, Lincoln Center, Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the City at night, store windows, skyscrapers and even some people. The date of the reception will be announced in the newspapers and on-line. Congratulations Dan!

Gary Thompson's Photo Tip of the Month
Winter Snow Photographs
Winter Snow - Gary Thompson
Most of us as photographers, when using exposures recommended by our camera's meter,  have taken disappointing images of picturesque snow-filled, winter scenes.  These images are generally too dark and sometimes appear bluish or grayish.  To capture the pristine whites of a beautiful snow scene when using matrix, evaluative, or overall metering, overexpose the image by one full stop and bracket your images by a half stop over and above that exposure. In other words, expose images containing significant amounts of snow by  +0.5,  +1.0, and  +1.5 stops above your camera's recommended settings.  Photographers shooting digitally should also check their histograms to insure that the exposure is well balanced and that you have not overexposed too much so that highlight details have been lost.
Click Here to see a larger image with Gary's tip.
My Image - "CHEX
by Betsy Phillips 
Betsy Phillips CHEXMy image, "CHEX." exemplifies my enthusiasm for urban scenes. It is about color, pattern, design and composition, along with a little mystery. Actually, it is the very ordinary storefront of an auto parts store in Phoenix, AZ. What makes it special is the late afternoon sun and resulting intense, exotic colors. The dark blacks and the addition of the palm trees add a sense of mystery. The palms are merely reflection from across the street. The oversized undulating checkerboard pattern mixed with the intense colors adds playfulness. I often search for bright colors, reflections and interesting juxtapositions, and found these in the magic light of late afternoon. Not a soul was around. The Image rings true to a favorite quote by Minor White: "Spirit waits for the photographer it has chosen."

See more of my upcoming show "URBAN ARTifacts" at Image City, March 26-April 20, with the opening reception on Friday, March 28, 5 - 8:30PM.

Click Here to see "CHEX" in a larger size.
Our New Neighbor - Do you have a sweet tooth?
Goodness Cakes Bakery Opens Next Door
A new neighbor is opening a new business right next door at 720 University Avenue. Goodness Cakes Bakery is scheduled to open on February 19 with hours Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 7pm. The owners, Nick and Bethany Soures, tell us that their specialty is the preparation of cakes for all occasions. They will also have cake slices, tarts, eclairs, and cupcakes available. How can you beat that combination? -- appreciation of fine photography at Image City followed by a delectable dessert!!
Dates at Image City Photography Gallery
February 24, 2008 Closing Date at ICPG for "Postcards from Bosnia" Show
February 27, 2008 First Day at ICPG for "Root Fusion" by Steve Root
Feburary 29, 2008 Artists Opening Reception at ICPG "Root Fusion"
March 7, 2008  First Friday Gallery Night open until 9pm

Dates of Interest at Other Galleries
February 13-17 Photographers submit photos at Center at High Falls Gallery for their "Photographer's Path 11" juried show

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