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Issue: # 4 April 7, 2008
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Welcome to the fourth issue of the Image City Photography Gallery newsletter. Each month you'll find the latest news from the Gallery as well as regular features related to the world of photography.

In This Issue
Current Show: URBAN ARTifacts
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Show
Our New East Gallery featuring Work of JFK/AJVK
About Image City Photography Gallery
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip
"My Image..." by David Perlman
Dan Neuberger's "Ode to My Manhattan"
Calendar of Upcoming Events at ICPG and other Venues
"URBAN ARTifacts" by Betsy Phillips

Runs Through April 20

Artist Talk 7pm, Wednesday, April 9

copyright Betsy Phillips
Betsy Phillips is our featured photographer for the current exhibit "URBAN ARTifacts". It is an exhibition of excellent urban images by someone who loves urban landscapes and who has a wonderful eye for them. Peter Marr described the work... "The 'Urban Art' images, so beautifully captured and displayed by Betsy Phillips, clearly demonstrate her artistic and visualization skills, as well as her superb use of design and color. The prints are for the most part, vignettes, depicting images isolated from much larger canvases.... The end-result is a series of strong, dynamic photographs enhanced by a majestic use of color and contrast, together with impressive design features, such as in the use of strong vertical and diagonal elements."  Exhibiting Guest Photographers during "URBAN ARTifacts" are Beth Bloom, Lynda EA Campbell, Donna Cox, JFK/AJVK, David Kotok, and Martha Schermerhorn. Betsy will present an Artist Talk at 7pm, this coming Wednesday, April 9.
Click here for details of the show and here to see some photographs in the exhibit. Click here for photos taken during the Artists Reception by Steve Tryon.
Picks of the Month
Peter MarrPeter Marr Picks Three Favorites
from the "URBAN ARTifacts" Show

As he has done in previous shows, Peter Marr has chosen his "picks" from the photographs shown by the featured photographer, Betsy Phillips, and the guest photographers in the "URBAN ARTifacts" show. Peter, an enthusiastic, award-winning photographer, chose one of Betsy's and one each from the exhibits by John Kosboth and Martha Schermerhorn. Peter is an expert judge in both local and international photographic competitions and his written interpretations give a wonderful sense of each of the selected photographs. Click here to see Peter's Picks.
Our New East Gallery: Another Exhibition Opportunity
Featuring the Work of JFK/AJVK

The work of John Kosboth, a long-time supporter of Image City, is exhibited this month in our East Gallery. His photograph, Spring Hillside, in his exhibit is one of Peter's Marr's "Picks of the Show"; it has also been selected for the Rochester Artech 2008 Digital Art Exhibition that opens April 22 at the Dyer Arts Center in NTID on the RIT campus. Artech 2008 Reception events will be held on May 3 in conjuction with the ImagineRIT Innovation & Creativity Festival. Congratulations John!! Click the Artech link above for details.

Our newly-remodelled East Gallery, is a dedicated exhibition room we opened last month at Image City with work by Gil Maker. The East Gallery offers the opportunity for any photographer accepted by the Curatorial Committee, to show 10 to 12 photographs in a personalized environment for a period of 4 weeks. Special mention of the East Gallery mini-show will appear on the invitation cards and posters of each of the Image City shows. If you want more information or if you wish to book the East Gallery, please visit us at the Gallery, call us at 585-271-2540 or contact

About Image City Photography Gallery

Meet George Wallace, our New Gallery Partner
Bonnie and George Wallace
In the last two issues of the newsletter we have briefly introduced the seven gallery partners and three artists-in-residence who exhibit each month at Image City. We are pleased to announce that George Wallace has joined Image City Photography Gallery as a partner.
We look forward to seeing the addition of George's exceptional photographs to the exhibitions at Image City. A number of visitors have admired George's photographs in the current exhibit, especially the sunset photograph taken in Florence, Italy. The photo of George and his wife Bonnie was taken by Steve Tryon at the recent opening reception.
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip of the Month
Foreground Creates Mood
copyright Gary Thompson
Arguably the most important compositional factor in dramatic landscapes is the use of foreground. By including strong foregrounds, the impression of 3-D character can be created. When the viewer perceives depth, they feel like they can step into the image. This triggers subconscious memories of things like: the fragrance of foreground flowers, the granular texture of foreground rocks, the fresh, cool moisture of dew, or the warm feeling of sunlight scintillating across rocks. These triggered remembrances cause emotional responses and communicate mood.
Click here to see all of Gary's tips as well as a larger image of the example photograph titled Autumn Leaves at Beaver Meadow Creek.
My Image - Knight Launcher 
by David Perlman 
copyright David Perlman
My image, Knight Launcher, is an example of the kind of creative work that I enjoy most. I love combining photographs and manipulating them in Photoshop to obtain partially planned and usually unexpected results. Most often, I have absolutely no idea of what the outcome will be... I start playing around with images, with nothing particular in mind.
However, each step in the process makes me think of some other photograph that I've stored in my computer and some weird way of using it. I find this type of "play" extremely stimulating and it is the exact opposite of over-zealous strategic planning processes that I hate!
Click here to see Knight Launcher in a larger size and to read the rest of a fascinating description of David's image creation and link to his website.
Image City Partner,  Dan Neuberger's "Ode to My Manhattan"
Runs through April 25 at The Gallery at One Bausch & Lomb Place
Dan Neuberger
There are still a couple of weeks before the end of Dan Neuberger's exhibit, Ode to My Manhattan
"Putting the exhibit together has involved my revisiting some images I had forgotten I had, and I had a great time.  If these images also please someone else, it will bring additional joy to me."
Click here for full details of Dan's "Ode to My Manhattan".
Image City Photography Gallery
April 9, 2008, Wednesday, 7pm Artist Talk by Betsy Phillips for "URBAN ARTifacts"
April 20, 2008 Closing Date for Betsy Phillips' "URBAN ARTifacts" Show
April 23, 2008 First Day for "Dancing with the Universe" by Jim Hartsen
April 25, 2008 Artists' Opening Reception "Dancing with the Universe"
April 29, 2008, Tuesday, 7pm Artist Talk by Jim Hartsen
May 2, 2008  First Friday Gallery Night, open until 9pm
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Dates of Interest at Other Galleries and Venues
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March 3 - April 25 "Ode to My Manhattan" Dan Neuberger
Center at High Falls Gallery, 60 Browns Race, Rochester, NY
March 5 - April 27 "Photographer's Path 11" Juried Photography Show
Oxford Gallery, 267 Oxford Street, Rochester, NY
March 15 - May 10 "Awakening:Reflections upon Spring"
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