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Issue: # 5 May 10, 2008
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Welcome to the fifth issue of the Image City Photography Gallery newsletter. Each month you'll find the latest news from the Gallery as well as regular features related to the world of photography.

In This Issue
Current Show: Dancing with the Universe
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Show
Our East Gallery features the Work of Eastern Monroe Career Center
Online Galleries at Image City
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip
Calendar of Upcoming Events at ICPG
"Dancing with the Universe" by Jim Hartsen

Runs Through May 18

Jim Hartsen is our featured photographer for the current exhibit "Dancing with the Universe". In describing the art, Peter Marr commented that "Jim Hartsen's powerful abstract images abound with blazes of strong color and fantastic shapes and forms that are a great tribute to his extraordinary vision and artistic skills. The gallery walls are lit up with a whole range of striking prints that on casual observation might remind the viewer of an amoeba, an eye, a trumpet, a horse, a car, or even a human figure."
A total of 25 photographers' work is part of the show with the additional photographs by the students of the Eastern Monroe Career Center, in our East Gallery, and guest photographers Cheryl Bennett, Jim Marron, Don Menges, and Max Rempel. Additional photographs by Artists-in-Residence Gil Maker, Jim Patton, and David Perlman and the seven gallery partners all add up to an exceptional mix of photographs.
Click here for details of the show and here to see some photographs in the exhibit. Click here for photos taken during the Artists Reception by Steve Tryon.
Picks of the Month
Peter MarrPeter Marr Picks Three Favorites
from the "Dancing with the Universe" Show

Peter Marr has chosen his "picks" from the photographs shown by the featured photographer, Jim Hartsen, and the guest photographers in the "Dancing with the Universe" show. Peter, an enthusiastic, award-winning photographer, chose one of John Hartsen's and one each from the exhibits by Sulyn Bennett-Hennessey and Max Rempel. Peter is an expert judge in both local and international photographic competitions and his written interpretations give a wonderful sense of each of the selected photographs. Click here to see Peter's Picks.
In the East Gallery
Featuring the Work of Eastern Monroe Career Center

Students from the Eastern Monroe Career Center are featured in the East Gallery with a wide variety of vibrant photographs presented in black-and-white. You will note that instructor Sulyn Bennett-Hennessey's photo "Little Miss Muffet" was one of the three photographs selected for "Peter's Picks of the Show".

The others participating in the exhibit are Kate Lapier, Rachel Simmons, DJ Hyatt, Ana Emily Monaco, Kayla Voellinger, Stacie Kuppe, Lea Necheles, J Willoughby, and Logan Scalise. The students enjoyed particpating in the installation of their photographs working with partner Betsy Philips, who worked with them to arrange their photographs for the exhibit.

Online Galleries at Image City

Check out the New Online Gallery by Ray Kent
We are pleased to welcome Ray Kent of Colden, NY as a new Online Guest Photographer. To see his gallery click on his name or photo at our Online Gallery Webpage (click here). Ray has concentrated on nature, scenic, and still-life photography. His style is eclectic and on any given day he could be photographing in the woods or on the streets of New York City. We know you will enjoy viewing Ray's excellent selection. Check it out! It is one more way that you can purchase a great photograph at Image City. You will also find online galleries by Leoria Moore, Bill Bernbeck, Daniel P. Crozet, and Philippe Jauzac.
We have completed a pilot phase at Image City and we are glad to offer photographers an opportunity to show and sell their photographs on the Internet and to open their own online gallery. The website has a secure payment system.
This is a new service that will take advantage of the established image of Image City Photography Gallery and the traffic that we have on our website to reach a new audience to promote and sell your work on the Internet. Without the effort of site management and at a very low cost, depending on the size of the gallery, of $8 or $12 per month, you could be exhibiting your photographs online. For more details, stop by the gallery, give us a call (585-271-2540) or send us an email. The process is easy and starts when you submit a portfolio of your work for review.
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip of the Month
Fog and Haze can Create Mood

Just as foreground can be used to create the impression of 3D character, fog and haze can also be used to produce this perception. By creating the feeling of depth the viewer identifies with the landscape and remembers past experiences associated with similar scenes. These experiences trigger feelings and mood is communicated.
Click here to see all of Gary's tips as well as a larger image of the example photograph titled Early Morning at Big Sur.
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May 18, 2008 Closing Date for Jim Hartsen's "Dancing with the Universe" Show
May 21, 2008 First Day for the next show "Clouds: Photographic Variations on Prints, Canvas, and Silk" by Daniel P. Crozet
June 6, 2008  First Friday Gallery Night, open until 9pm
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