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Issue: # 9 August 31, 2008
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Welcome to the ninth issue of the Image City Photography Gallery newsletter. Each month you'll find the latest news from the Gallery as well as regular features related to our world of photography.

In This Issue
Current Show: "Reflections"
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Show
Welcome Joel Krenis
Silent Auction at Image City
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip
Exhibit at 1600 East Avenue
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City
Reflections by Stanislaw Goc

Runs Through September 7

by Stanislaw Goc
The current show is Reflections by Stanislaw Goc. As reviewed by Peter Marr at the link in the next article, "what we see in the unique, outstanding display are countless thought provoking images". The photographs "captured as three dimensional vignettes with thought-provoking 'icons' in store windows or other reflecting surfaces" have elicited numerous comments from visitors praising both the images and the creative eye to have captured two fascinating images in each photograph without using computer techniques.
The exhibit also features the work of Guest Photographers Josh Bulriss, Ray Kent, and Mark D. Whitney who round out the show with their exceptional photographs that treat us to a considerable range of subjects and style, as do the Artist-in-Residence photographers Gil Maker, Jim Patton, and David Perlman. To our list of Gallery Partners we add Joel Krenis, our newest partner, joining Daniel P. Crozet, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Phillips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, Sheridan Vincent, and George Wallace.
Click here for details of the show and here to see some photographs in the exhibit.
Picks of the Show
Peter MarrPeter Marr Picks Three Favorites from the Current Show

At the beginning of each of the Image City shows Peter Marr makes his "picks" from the photographs exhibited by the featured photographer and the guest photographers. Peter chose several of Stanislaw Goc's Reflection photographs describing his exhibit as "a truly fascinating study of reflections by an artist who has amazing visual perception and masterful photographic technique". Peter also picked Life in Nepal by Josh Bulriss as an "outstanding print that really moves you as something very special" and Edge Series 101-133 by Mark D. Whitney with its "lovely range of coloration that really seems just right".  Peter is an expert judge in both local and international photographic competitions and for each of his "picks" Peter has written an insightful comment about each of the selected photographs. Click here to see Peter's Picks and to read his comments.
Welcome Joel Krenis
Joel Krenis joins Image City as our Newest Partner. 
Wild River by Joel Krenis
Image City Photography Gallery partners are pleased to announce that Joel Krenis has joined the gallery as a partner. He describes "my photographic interests and tastes are eclectic: I like architectural/landscape subjects, both black-and-white and color, as well as nature and street shots". His work is shot with both digital and film, including medium format that is "capable of producing large, and in some cases very large prints". Joel has travelled extensively in the US, Europe, Asia, and South America and he describes his photographs as having "attributes, among others, that I like to see in landscapes: dramatic skies, for obvious reasons; people - generally one or two - to give scale and focus, as well as, an iconic quality to cityscapes; and, for color pictures, a somewhat reduced color palette, sort of a cross between monotone and color picture." Joel has sold photographs in Washington, DC and here in Rochester. Shown here is his black-and-white photograph Wild River and you can see why we are all looking forward to seeing more of Joel's photography exhibited at Image City.
Silent Auction
Features "Ancient Alley" by Betsy Phillips
 Ancient Alley by Betsy Phillips
As mentioned in the last newsletter Image City Photography Gallery has launched a silent auction. The highest bidder will be able to purchase the framed image plus tax at the end of the auction. The images is available for viewing, click here, on the Image City website, and may be bid on and seen in person at the Image City Photography Gallery at 722 University Avenue. For this month the photograph is Betsy Phillips' 11x17-inch print, "Ancient Alley," framed and matted at 18x24-inches. Bidding concludes at 4pm on Sunday, September 7.
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip of Month
How to Deal with "Photo Block" 
Occationally, photographers experience "photo block" like writers develop "writer's block". On those, hopefully rare, occasions, I like to dramatically change my photographic strategy. If working landscape with fairly normal lenses and little success, I might try an extreme wide-angle lens (~15mm) and make the foreground about 75 percent of the image. Another approach might be to take a 400mm lens and isolate on only one small, but interesting, portion of the landscape. Sometimes, I will try in-camera multiple exposures.
Bubbles by Gary ThompsonWhen shooting my example image, Bubbles, I was leading a group of photographers on Rialto Beach in Olympic National Park on a rainy and dreary day. Nothing seemed to have interest to me. As the leader of the group, I needed to put up a good front and to be enthusiastic. I happened to notice some interesting sea-foam bubbles along the water's edge. Quickly, I replaced my normal zoom lens with a macro lens and went in very close to the sea bubbles. In the macro mode I was able to see colors and reflections that I had not initially seen. I first noticed the rather triangular lines reflecting from my tripod. A huge, rather ugly blob in the center of the triangle, turned out to be my body's reflection. In order to break-up the blob, I threw my arms over my head into a "touchdown" signal and took several bracketed images using my two-second shutter delay. I shot almost a roll of film with about 50 percent of the images being quite good. Amazingly, this has been a good selling image. Two of the photographs were independently purchased by women whose boyfriends were skydivers. To see all of Gary's Tips, click here.
Exhibit of Photographs at 1600 East Avenue on the Club Level
Current Exhibit through September 4
Image City Photography Gallery is pleased to extend our exhibition of fine photographs at 1600 East Avenue -- a short distance from our gallery. In our second exhibition, select photographs are displayed on the Club Level of the apartment community in a casual setting.  We encourage everyone to check out the wonderful new space and fine photographs presented by the Gallery Partners, Artists-in-Residence and the management at 1600 East Avenue. Non-residents of 1600 East Avenue may arrange a visit by scheduling a time with the concierge at 244-6041. Click here to see the work that is in the exhibit. If you would like to purchase a photograph contact the lease office at 1600 East Avenue directly, or call or visit Image City, where we will complete the sale. Note that the six-week exhibit ends in a few days. We will be changing the photographs on September 4 and you will want to come back to the webpage link or visit 1600 East Avenue starting September 5 to see the photographs for the next six-week show.
Image City Photography Gallery
September 5, 2008 First Friday Gallery Night, open until 9pm
September 7, 2008 Closing Date for Stanislaw Goc's "Reflections"
September 10, 2008 First Day for the next show "SEEscapes" by Philip Lange. Click here for announcement  details of Philip Lange's show. Additional guest photographers are  JC Krueger, Kristin Leitten, Weiye Wang, and Josh Bulriss in the East Gallery.
September 12, 2008 Artists Reception of Philip Lange's "SEEscapes"
September 14, 2008 ARTWalk Alive 2008, neighborhood festival-check it out. 
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