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Issue: # 11 October 23, 2008
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Welcome to the eleventh issue of the Image City Photography Gallery newsletter. Each month you'll find the latest news from the Gallery as well as regular features related to our world of photography.

In This Issue
Current Show: "Imagery" by Bill Bernbeck
"The Magic of Light" - Deadlines Approaching
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Show
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip
Collectors' Club
"Portfolio" - Our New Book
Exhibit at 1600 East Avenue
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City
Imagery by Bill Bernbeck

Runs Through Sunday November 2

The current show is Imagery by Bill Bernbeck, a founding partner of Image City. With four themes Bill takes us in wonderful imagery from the mountains to the seashore to the more abstract. Bill also enjoys writing and for each photograph he has prose to add to our viewing experience. As Peter Marr describes "Bill is a wonderful artistic observer and interpreter of the beauty of the world around us, and he has the marvelous ability to successfully communicate this to the viewer. I just love the serenity, quietness and beauty of his images, especially so in his maritime scapes." Select photographs in the show are also displayed at Edibles Restaurant and Starry Nites Cafe just to the west of Image City on University Avenue. In the last year Bill has enjoyed a bit of a "Walkabout" away from the Rochester region; again combining his excellent prose integrated with his imagery you can follow his travels at our website - click here. We were also pleased to see an article about our gallery and Bill's show in a recent edition of the Rochester Business Journal.
The exhibit also features the work of Guest Photographers Nancy Guzauski in our East Gallery as well as Len DeWeerdt and Darlene Pruess who each exhibit wonderful photographs that take us to other photogenic people and places. Exhibiting Artist-in-Residence are Gil Maker, Jim Patton, and David Perlman. Exhibiting Gallery Partners are Bill Bernbeck, Daniel P. Crozet, Joel Krenis, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Phillips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, Sheridan Vincent, and George Wallace.
Click here for details of the show and here to see some photographs in the exhibit.
The Magic of Light -- 2nd Image City Juried Show
Reminder: Call for Submissions - Final Deadline November 8
 Example Image by Phyllis Thompson
There are just a few weeks left to challenge your creativity and participate in our 2nd Image City Juried Show called The Magic of Light. Selected photographs will be exhibited in the gallery in January 2009. November 8 is the last day you can submit images, but to take advantage of the reduced entry fee ($25 instead of $30) your submission must be received by October 26 at the latest.
Details for The Magic of Light 
Click here for a link to our website where you will find the details for submission to the juried show as well as the entry form. You may also pick up the information at the gallery during your next visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone 585-271-2540 or by email  We had much positive feedback from participants in our first juried show, Elsewhere, last year and the gallery partners look forward to your submission and involvement in our second show.
Daniel Crozet, Partner
Chairman of the 2009 Juried Show, The Magic of Light
Picks of the Show
Peter Marr Picks Three Favorites from the Current Show

For each  of the Image City shows Peter Marr picks his favorites from the photographs exhibited by the featured photographer and the guest photographers. For the Imagery show Peter chose Bill Bernbeck's Sea and Sky shown here. Peter described the image as "conveying to the viewer a magical moment when artist encountered nature and captured for us such a serene and very moving image."
Peter also picked Hope by Darlene Pruess. Her street scene from LaHabana, Cuba, where "the poverty and anguish has been beautifully and lovingly captured" by Darlene. Peter's last pick was Morning Sun, by Nancy Guzauski. Her "outstanding, poignant exhibit of haunting scenes from abandoned insane asylums" is attracting much interest and Peter comments that "all of us should give our sincere thanks and admiration to Nancy for showing us these dramatic and thought provoking images."  Click here to see Peter's Picks and to read the full comments he has written.
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip of Month
Painting with Snow Flakes
Winter Windmill by Gary Thompson
Snow storms present opportunities to create "painterly" effects in winter scenes. These effects are best achieved when the storm has large, fluffy, floating snow flakes. I like to freeze, figuratively speaking, the snow flakes against a dark background by using relatively fast shutter speeds like 1/125 second, when possible. Usually this means that I have to sacrifice depth-of-field by using large apertures. The short depth-of-field is generally not a problem in that most of the image will be muted anyway by the snow flakes frozen in space. If you use slower shutter speeds like 1/30 second or if the storm is driven by strong winds, the result will not be painterly but will look more like a rain storm. The example rural landscape, entitled Winter Windmill, was taken in Staunton, Virginia during a heavy snow storm. Click Here to see all of the tips and example photos from Gary Tips.
Image City's Collectors' Club
Opportunity to Save on Select Photographs 
We announced in the last newsletter the Image City Collectors' Club, an opportunity to add to your photograph collection with a bit of a discount. We also are in hopes that this opportunity will stimulate some additional sales of the fine photographs we exhibit during each of our shows.

For a nominal $35 membership fee, Collectors' Club members can annually purchase up to five photographs from the photographs specially identified as part of the Collector's Club program. Each Collectors' Club photograph shows the special discount price available to the members. We hope you will consider participating. With the holidays approaching a fine photograph is an excellent gift idea.
Portfolio - a New Book
Portfolio Book CoverNow Available at Image City
We are pleased to announce that we have a new book available at Image City Photography Gallery. Featuring work by 12 photographers, the gallery partners and Artists-in-Residence, we have accumulated more than 100 photographs of some of our favorite work and published it in the softcover book titled Portfolio. The book is $25.
Exhibit of Photographs at 1600 East Avenue on the Club Level
Current Exhibit through November 13 
Image City Photography Gallery is pleased to extend our exhibition of fine photographs at 1600 East Avenue -- a short distance from our gallery. Our third exhibition runs to November 13 and is located on the Club Level of the apartment community in a casual setting.  We will change the exhibit with new photographs displayed beginning November 13 through the Holidays. We encourage everyone to check out the wonderful new space and fine photographs presented by the Gallery Partners, Artists-in-Residence and the management at 1600 East Avenue. Non-residents of 1600 East Avenue may arrange a visit by scheduling a time with the concierge at 244-6041. Click here to see the work that is in the exhibit. If you would like to purchase a photograph contact the lease office at 1600 East Avenue directly, or call or visit Image City, where we will complete the sale.
Image City Photography Gallery
November 2, 2008 Closing Date for Bill Bernbeck's Imagery Exhibit
November 5, 2008 First day for the next show Antarctica Journey: Seven Continent Wanderlust by Ted Tatarzyn. Click here for announcement  details of Ted Tatarzyn's show. Additional guest photographers are Julie Oldfield in the East Gallery and Steve Tryon.
November 7, 2008 5 - 9:00 Artists' Reception: Ted Tatarzyn's Antarctica Journey. It is also First Friday Gallery Night.
November 12, 2008 7:00 pm Artist Talk: Antarctica Travelog by Ted Tatarzyn
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