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Issue: # 14 January 10, 2009

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Welcome to the first issue for 2009 and the beginning of the second year of the Image City Photography Gallery newsletter. You will notice in the banner a new "portrait" of our gallery taken during our Holiday Show. We take this opportunity to let you know about our exhibits with a brief newsletter describing the shows, passing along some photo tips, and pointing out some exceptional photographs for you. We hope you enjoy it and have an opportunity to visit each of our 13 shows at Image City in 2009.

In This Issue
Current Show: "The Magic of Light"
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Show
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip
Call for Photographer Submissions - High Falls Gallery
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City
The Magic of Light, Image City's Second Juried Show

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, January 25

Down Stairs by John Solberg
By all accounts, our theme show, The Magic of Light, is a smash hit. We are pleased by the many positive comments that have come back to us, many from the more than 750 visitors and photographers who attended the opening reception last weekend. Overall, the quality of the submitted photographs is exceptional. The 123 participating photographers are to be commended for their art and for their efforts in getting their photographs prepared for the exhibit.The theme "The Magic of Light" brought in many brilliant images that, when combined, produced an exhibit of more than 200 photographs that is both diverse and positively appealing. The gallery partners knocked themselves out to pull it all together and that was rewarded when we saw it all installed and we could see a powerful exhibit. Many visitors have come back after the reception to be able to spend more time with less of a crowd. If you have not had a chance to see the show, be sure to stop in; the show runs until 4pm, Sunday, January 25.
The image above, one of Peter Marr's picks, is "Down Stairs" by John Solberg, who took it at Grand Central Station. John will be the featured photographer in the next show at Image City.
Picks of the Show
Peter Marr Picks Six Favorites from the The Magic of Light Show

Rubeckia by Bonnie GamacheWith so many exceptional photographs to choose from, you can imagine the challenge we gave to Peter Marr for his "Peter's Picks" selection from The Magic of Light." After many hours of deliberation and writing, Peter narrowed his selection to six photographs that we mention here briefly, but do not show all of the images in this article. If you click here  you will see all of the images and be able to read the full comments made by Peter. The photo by John Solberg in the previous article, "Down Stairs" was described by Peter as "a truly dramatic image showing incredible design and use of saturated color elements...". Jeno Horvath's "Stairs, Vajdahunyad" where "the image is a great credit to the photographer for capturing and printing this historic architectural detail so beautifully...". Crescent Face by Loreal PrystajThose familiar with the work of Richard D. Welch see "R, G, B = White" as a very different style "a dramatic and intriguing abstract image, which is visually striking and powerful." With Bonnie Gamache's 'Rudbeckia" (pictured above) Peter highlights "the seamless marriage of the deep green leaves with the resplendent reds and yellows of the petals is visually stunning, complementing outstanding design features that are both a credit to nature and the discerning eye of the photographer".  With "Crescent Face" (at left)by Loreal Prystaj "so beautifully captured by the photographer with the use of dramatic lighting is one of inquisitiveness, of power, of tenderness, reaching out for all to embrace...". For Donald Menges' "Pont de Rennes Bridge" Peter sees the "detail in this majestic image is remarkable, and what to me is really astonishing, is the 3-dimensional impact that this picture gives."
We very much appreciate Peter Marr's rise to the challenge for his selections. He certainly demonstrates his skill as a judge and with his written comments. He was quick to point out that there were very many other photographs worthy of selection in "The Magic of Light".
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip of Month
Side Lighting at Sunrise or Sunset 
Sunrise at Bar Harbor by Gary ThompsonIn two previous tips of the month I wrote about avoiding lens flare when shooting sunrises and sunsets by sunbursting the sun with foreground and by being aware of the 180 degree view. Another very useful technique when photographing sunrises and sunsets is to use side lighting. In other words, don't shoot directly into the sun but utilize sunlight coming from the side. This kind of light can be quite dramatic with long shadows. I have found that by placing the sun anywhere from 45 to 135 degrees from the axis of my lens works well. Be sure to use your lens hood and be aware of lens flare, particularly if the angle is between 45 and 90 degrees.  I usually use a polarizing filter because it will have maximum affect with side lighting. In "Sunrise over Bar Harbor", I took the image about two minutes after the sun broke the horizon at about a 60 degree angle from the axis of my lens.  The wonderful warm glowing light bouncing from the foreground rocks lasted for about two minutes. Although most of the magic light dissipated quickly, I was able to shoot many other high quality images for about 90 minutes utilizing side lighting and polarization. After that, Phyllis and I treated ourselves to an exquisite breakfast at the Café This-A-Way in Bar Harbor. This is our ritual reward for rising so early for sunrises. Click Here to see a larger version of the image as well as all of the tips and example photos from Gary Tips over the last year.
Call for Photographer Submissions at High Falls Gallery
The Photographer's Path 12 
In the twelfth year for this annual event, the "Photographer's Path 12" is an upcoming fine art photography exhibit at the High Falls Art Gallery (pictured), 60 Browns Race, in Rochester. The exhibit is in partnership with Community Darkroom of the Genesee Center for the Arts and Education.  The juried exhibit for all area photographic artists will run during March and April 2009. One to three pieces are allowed for the $15 entry fee per artist (a late fee of $10 applies after February 15, 2009). It is another wonderful opportunity for the selected photographers to exhibit their work. Drop off week for the submitted photographs at the High Falls Gallery is Wednesday, February 11 through Sunday, February 15, 2009. The exhibit opens Sunday, March 22, 3 - 6pm. Click Here  to download the entry form and the information and requirements for the exhibit. For more information, please call Sally Wood Winslow at High Falls 325-2030 or Sharon Turner at Darkroom 271-5920.
Image City Photography Gallery
January 25, 2009 Last day for the The Magic of Light show. for details of the show.
January 28, 2009 Opening Day for Show by John Solberg
January 30, Friday 5 - 9 pm Opening Reception for John Solberg's show

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