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Issue: # 15 February 7, 2009

We take this opportunity to let you know about our exhibits with a brief newsletter describing the shows, passing along some photo tips and other items of interest. We will also enjoy pointing out some exceptional photographs for you. We hope you enjoy it and have an opportunity to visit each of our 13 shows at Image City in 2009.

In This Issue
Current Show: "Perspective"
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Show
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip
Call for Photographer Submissions - High Falls Gallery
New Exhibit Installed at 1600 East Avenue
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City
Perspective, by John Solberg

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, February 22

Time and Space by John Solberg
Following the successes of our previous theme show, we are pleased to move along to another superb exhibit, Perspective by John Solberg, who is the featured photographer. Peter Marr reviewed John's exhibit as "a memorable exhibition of stunning images, beautifully seen, captured, printed, and presented. His exquisite black-and-white and color prints bring out so powerfully his artistic vision of architectural subjects and John's strong sense of visual design is abundantly evident in his pastoral landscapes."
In addition to John Solberg's exhibit you will find more exceptional photographs from 16 other photographers in the exhibit. Guest Photographers are Sue Alden, R. Glenn Alexander, Larry Eldridge, Ron Gouger, David Raz, and Jim Wehtje. Artists-in-Residence are David Perlman, Jim Patton, and Gil Maker. Gallery Partners are George Wallace, Sheridan Vincent, Phyllis Thompson, Gary Thompson, Betsy Phillips, Dan Neuberger, and Joel Krenis. Dan Neuberger's exhibit in the East Gallery includes some wonderful photographs he has created over the years that are innovative and novel. For full details of the show click here..
Picks of the Show
Peter Marr Picks Three Favorites from the Perspective Show

At the beginning of each of our shows, we invite Peter Marr to pick his favorite photographs by the featured photographer and the guest photographers. It is often a daunting task to choose from so many that are exceptional. For this show, Peter has chosen three photographs as his favorites.  If you click here you will see all of the images and be able to read the full comments made by Peter. The photo by John Solberg in the previous article, Time and Space was Tulip Row by Jim Wehtjedescribed by Peter as "the image of the interplay of throngs of humanity in a very busy intersection of life, namely, Grand Central Terminal, has been wonderfully captured in this vibrant image". With Tulip Row (at left) by Jim Wehtje, Peter writes "one can certainly marvel at the technical expertise of visualizing nature in an X-Ray light, coupled with digital manipulation, but Jim's prints transcend scientific technique to show us striking images that are breathtaking to behold. With Sue Alden's Regatta (below) Peter observes that "what makes this eye catching print so exceptional is that we know almost immediately that it is the result of a digital assembly, yet Regatta by Sue Aldenwe cannot help but love every facet of the picture, from the exhilarating bold, vivid colors to the spirited, ambitious design."
We very much appreciate Peter Marr's selection and descriptions.He certainly demonstrates his skill as a judge. We also appreciate the assistance by his wife, Maureen, who supports Peter's efforts.
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip of Month
Winter Photography
The snows of Winter cover the scars of the landscape and sometimes create picturesque scenes. When a fresh snow falls I love to get out early in the morning and drive to some natural area. Along the way I try to recognize potential image capturing scenes. Winter fog, hoarfrost, and snow clinging to the branches of trees all provide excellent subject matter and/or supporting ingredients for interesting compositions.
One Saturday morning, I awoke to a beautiful fresh snowfall and as soon as I could, I drove hurriedly to Letchworth State Park. I rapidly hiked down a trail from outside of the park to one of my favorite locations. Wolf Creek Glen. Knowing that the sun would soon melt the pristine snow clinging to the branches, I worked quickly to record many bracketed images. After about a half hour, the sun's rays began to melt the snow on the tree branches and the magic of the scene diminished.

While driving home, I allowed my cameras to warm by leaving my bag open in the back seat. Upon arriving back at the house I realized that the cameras and their attached lenses were still quite cold. Therefore, I placed them in freezer bags, zipped up the bags, and then brought them into the house where I let them set for a couple of hours before opening the Ziploc bags. This was done to enable the cameras to warm gradually while preventing condensation from forming on the cold camera surfaces. I highly recommend this procedure whenever you shoot outdoors at temperatures below freezing.

Click Here to see a larger version of the Winter at Wolf Creek as well as all of the tips and example photos from Gary Tips over the last year.
Call for Photographer Submissions at High Falls Gallery
The Photographer's Path 12 
In the twelfth year for this annual event, the "Photographer's Path 12" is an upcoming fine art photography exhibit at the High Falls Art Gallery (pictured), 60 Browns Race, in Rochester. The exhibit is in partnership with Community Darkroom of the Genesee Center for the Arts and Education.  The juried exhibit for all area photographic artists will run during March and April 2009. One to three pieces are allowed for the $15 entry fee per artist (a late fee of $10 applies after February 15, 2009). It is another wonderful opportunity for the selected photographers to exhibit their work. Drop off week for the submitted photographs at the High Falls Gallery is Wednesday, February 11 through Sunday, February 15, 2009. Click Here  to download the entry form and the information and requirements for the exhibit. For more information, please call Sally Wood Winslow at High Falls 325-2030 or Sharon Turner at Darkroom 271-5920.
There will be two opportunities to view the exhibit at High Falls Gallery. On March 13 and 14 all of the submitted photographs will be exhibited. All of the selected photographs will be on display beginning March 20 through the duration of the exhibit.
Exhibit of Photographs at 1600 East Avenue on the Club Level
Current Exhibit through May
Image City Photography Gallery is pleased to again extend our exhibition of fine photographs to 1600 East Avenue -- a short distance from our gallery. We have recently installed our fourth exhibition. It runs to May and is located on the Club Level of the apartment community in a casual setting. We encourage everyone to check out the wonderful new space and fine photographs presented by the Gallery Partners, Artists-in-Residence and the management at 1600 East Avenue. Non-residents of 1600 East Avenue may arrange a visit by scheduling a time with the concierge by calling 244-6041. Click here to see the work that is in the exhibit. If you would like to purchase a photograph contact the lease office at 1600 East Avenue directly, or call or visit Image City, where we will complete the sale.
Image City Photography Gallery
February 22, 2009 Last day for John Solberg's Perspective show.
February 25, 2009
Opening Day for "Nameless" a Show by Mark Whitney
February 27, Friday 5 - 8:30 pm Opening Reception for Mark Whitney's show
March 6, 2009 First Friday Gallery Night 

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