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Issue: # 24 November 13, 2009

We take this opportunity to let you know about our exhibits with a brief newsletter describing the shows, passing along some photo tips and other items of interest. We will also enjoy pointing out some exceptional photographs for you. We hope you enjoy it and have an opportunity to visit each of our 13 shows at Image City in 2009.

WoW!!  Only Two More Days to Enter, see the article below....
In This Issue
"On the Road Again" by Gary and Phyllis Thompson and friends
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Show
Two Days Left to Enter -- WoW!! Our 2010 Juried Theme Show
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City
On the Road Again- by Gary and Phyllis Thompson

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, November 29

Gary and Phyllis Thompson Invitation CardOn the Road Again by Gallery Partners Gary and Phyllis Thompson is our current exhibit. Joining them are 22 friends from Gary's long association with the Continuing Education program at the Rush-Henrietta School District. Describing the exhibit, Peter Marr wrote "Gary and Phyllis have given us a transcendental experience of our rich heritage, and have given us a heightened awareness and reawakening of a sense of wonder at the beauty that is all around us.... I hope that everyone who sees their work, together with the excellent images of all of their friends, will also be inspired, like I was, in looking at unmarred majestic beauty and the rich heritage that is ours." Guest Photographers are Mark Bangs, A. J. Bellavia, Dick Bennett, Jim Burton, Christopher Centola, Wendy S. Cohen, James Flanagan, Bonnie Gamache, Jane Gotowka, Margaret Keller, Dan McBride, Pete Nelson, Sheila Nelson, John J. Peters, Elena Rey-Kautz, David Ridley, Dick Rowe, Karen Schlenker, Lois Trieb, Steven Tryon, Charles Vaughn, and John Williamson. 
Rounding out the exhibit are photographs Artists-in-Residence Jim Patton and David Perlman as well as by Gallery Partners Daniel P. Crozet, Joel Krenis, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Phillips, Sheridan Vincent, and George Wallace. For full details of the show click here where you will find a link for our "Preview of the Show" and also the Peter's Picks link. 
Picks of the Show
Peter Marr Picks his Favorites from the Exhibit

It is a regular feature in our newsletter to mention, Peter Marr's selections from the exhibit.  Excerpts from Peter's discussion are included here, but, you will want to go to the webpage link to see larger images and the full write-up; or even better yet, stop by the gallery to see them in person.
Commenting on Phyllis Thompson's Lone Tree, shown at right, Peter felt that "we certainly should be excited that Nature once more has triumphed over the odds, and we all can relate to this wonderfully and artistically seen and taken image. The exquisite warm colors of the sandstone rocks make the tree display all the more beautiful and entrancing." 
Continuing his attraction this exhibit to the color orange, Peter's next selection House on Fire, below,is one by Gary Thompson: "off all of Gary's exceptional images, this one stands out for its eye-catching brilliance. We know that line, shape, texture, form and color are the parts of speech in visual language, and in this stellar print, we have a spectacular assembly of particularly shapes, textures and color that play and interact against each other."  
One of two photos of Pete Nelson that Peter selected, Together, is shown below. Peter felt that "These two complementary prints are excellent examples of photographic vision and expertise that result in images that could grace with distinction any modern art gallery. It is irrelevant to try and determine what the subject matter was, or even how the pictures were made, for these are truly visual impact statements, they are meant for the observer to visualize, absorb, explore and of course  enjoy."

In the selection of two photographs by Karen Schlenker, Peter felt that "both of which are truly excellent and worthy of comment. One of the classic views in Monument Valley (shown below) has been exquisitely captured, showing both the breathtaking majesty of the powerful rock structures that beautifully frame the central, vertically striated formation. The latter is bathed in lovely early morning light, imparting a dramatic and uplifting color to the rocks, against a background of a pale blue sky that complements the whole vista superbly." You can see the second of Pete Nelson and Karen Schlenker's selections at the webpage previously mentioned.
Peter's final selection was Autumn Woods, below, by John Williamson -- "One can be inspired by the visual beauty and graceful movement, or one can even close their eyes and still envisage this delightful image. This is just a gorgeous and certainly thought-provoking print, beautifully seen and captured by the author in a unique way."

Thank you Peter Marr, for such a wonderful effort on this feature of our gallery and newsletter.
WoW!! - Our 2010 Juried Theme Show - Two Days left to Submit
The Last Day for Submissions is Saturday, November 14, 7pm 
WoW!! Theme ShowDon't Forget -- the deadline for submitting your entry to the Image City 2010 Third Juried Show - WOW !! is only two days away. We have chosen this theme to be inclusive of a wide range of genre, technique and your creativity. Many thanks to those who have already brought or mailed your entry and images to Image City. Entries may be delivered to Image City up until 7pm, Saturday, November 14, or postmarked by that date, if you are mailing your entry. All details and the submission form are available at the website of Image City. 
If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at or by phone at 585-271-2540.
Daniel Crozet, Gallery Partner
Chairman of the 2010 Juried Show

Gary Thompson's Photo Tip of the Month
Secondary Sunrises  
I categorize my sunrise images basically into three categories Pre-Sunrise, Sunrise, and Secondary Sunrises.  A Secondary Sunrise means the image is captured about fifteen minutes to  an hour after the sun actually breaks the horizon.  During that time there is often very dramatic light with long shadows.Side and back lighting  through or on clouds, trees, vegetation, buildings, and other structures can add to the drama. Most of my successful sunrise images, particularly my exhibiting ones, are actually Secondary Sunrises.

My example image was taken about forty minutes after sunrise. Using a small aperture, f-22, I was able to burst the sun's rays as they pierced the leaf canopy. I particularly liked the way the very early light bathed the tree trunks, rocks, and leaves on the right side and in the foreground of the image.The lighting is tricky under these conditions so I bracketed my exposure from minus a third of a stop through one stop over exposure. Another benefit of the small aperture is that it produced a large depth of field enabling good sharpness throughout the image.

A nice feature of a Secondary Sunrise is that if you are late for the actual sunrise you sometimes get a wonderful second chance.

Click Here to see a larger version of  the image Autumn Sunburst at Great Bend and to catch up on past "Gary's Tips".
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November 14, 2009 7pm Final day to submit entries for the WoW!! 2010 Juried Show 
November 29, 2009 Last day of On the Road Again  by Gary and Phyllis Thompson and Friends
December 2, 2009 First day of the annual HolidayShow, sponsored by Tom Kroon, Edward Jones financial advisor, 706 University Avenue  
December 4, 2009 Artists' Reception, Holiday Show 5 - 9 pm. It is also First Friday Gallery Night.
December 6, 2009 an additional Artists' Reception, Holiday Show Noon - 4 pm.
December 24 - January 1, the gallery will be closed as we install the WoW!! Show
January 2, 2010 First day of the WoW!! Show

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