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Issue: # 29 April 2, 2010

We publish our brief Newsletter during each of our exhibits to pass along information and reviews of the exhibit, photographic tips, selected images and news of other participation opportunities at Image City. We thank you for your interest and we look forward to another great year of fine photographs and events. We hope to see you at each of our 13 shows in 2010.

In This Issue
"Through the Student Lens" Photographs by Students and Teachers from 12 Schools
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Show
Introducing Steve Levinson our New Partner
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City
Through the Student Lens - by students and their teachers

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, April 18


Note this evening, April 2, is  First Friday Gallery Night, Image City is open until 9pm.


Our current exhibit features photographs by local students and their teachers. In Through the Student Lens it is a treat to see the fresh work of the young photographers. Regular visitors to the gallery are commenting on how impressed they are by the the photographs in the exhibit. Peter Marr commented that "we all should be inspired by the contagious enthusiasm this show extends to us." Based on the success of the exhibit, we are hoping to make the Through the Student Lens show an annual event.
Untitled by Ted BradfordParticipating schools are Allendale Columbia, Charles Finney, John Marshall, Monroe #1 Boces, Norman Howard, Our Lady of Mercy, Pittsford Sutherland, S.I.I.T at Edison Tech, Webster Schroeder, Webster Thomas, West Irondequoit, and Wheatland Chili. The Gallery Partners selected Allendale Columbia as the school with the best photographs in the show.  The photo at left, Untitled by Ted Bradford, of Allendale Columbia, is one of Peter's Picks mentioned below.
We are very grateful to the exhibit sponsors, Museum Photographics, who furnished all of the  84 photographs and to Frameworks, who mounted each of the prints. The photographs are available for $75 with proceeds from the commissioned sales going to the artists. Frameworks is offering a special rate to professionally frame the mounted works. Submitted images that were not selected for the the print exhibit are displayed on a high-resolution display making all of the student images a part of the exhibit. The images on the display are also available as prints during the exhibit.
In addition, we have the ever imaginative work of Artist-in-Residence, David Perlman, in the East Gallery and fascinating sea-diving photographs by Bill Baller, Guest Photographer. We round out the show with Artist-in-Residence, Jim Patton and Gallery Partners, Daniel P. Crozet, Joel Krenis, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Phillips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, Sheridan Vincent, and George Wallace. 
Click here for full details of the show  where you will find a link for our "Preview of the Show" and also the Peter's Picks link. There is no admission fee to visit Image City. If you have not yet seen the exhibit we encourage you to check it out.
Picks of the Current Show
Peter Marr Picks his Favorites from the Exhibit

In making his Picks for Through the Student Lens, Peter Marr worked extra hard to make his selections from the many fine photographs in the exhibit and praise them in his written critique. We are certainly fortunate each show to have Peter Marr review all of the photographs in the exhibit by the featured and guest photographers and to then select his "Picks" of the show.  Excerpts from Peter's discussion are included here in the newsletter, but, you will want to go to the webpage link to see larger images and the full write-up; and, even better, be sure to visit the gallery to see them in person.
In choosing Allendale Columbia's Untitled by Ted Bradford and shown in our leadoff article, Peter commented "Breaking through stereotyped perception, and showing freedom from premeditated ideas, the portrait by itself would have been memorable, but the enrichment by using many of the available modern digital techniques has resulted in a truly exceptional image."
Looking into another World by Suzanne VandivertFor his second pick, Peter selected Untitled by Susanne Vandivert of Norman Howard (at left). The photograph was selected by the Rochester Business Journal with a wonderful graphic element when they published a notice for the exhibit. Peter found "This is a truly innovative, imaginative and artistically presented image. Rarely do we see a circular print that has such a visionary and striking impact, aptly described by an alternative title as Looking into Another World. We get used to moving so fast that we miss the ability to see the world with unconstricted awareness, but happily in this outstanding image, Suzanne has reawakened our sense of wonder in her openness to see the world freshly."
Untitled by Lauren Fordham 
With Untitled by Lauren Fordham of Webster Thomas (at right) Peter found "this is a truly striking, dynamic image that wonderfully exemplifies both a zest for life and a free spirited approach to photography that is a great tribute to the artistic skills of the author.   ....I particularly liked the tilted line of the slide, the powerful curved metal arch of the steps thrusting into the vast negative space of the deep blue sky, and of course, the choice of a unique camera position." 
Sleeping by Emily ByrneThe next pick is a photograph shown at the left by Emily Byrne of Monroe #1 BOCES Sleeping. Peter noted that "Emily, through great perception and awareness, has given us awesome mystery with an ordinary event. I am reminded of someone who asked Dizzy Gillespie where his jazz came from? He replied, "It's out there man, don't you hear it?" Sleeping is out there, don't you experience it? With the distorted tangle of bedclothes and ghostly images of legs, Emily has captured the true essence of sleeping, evoking the strange and varied positions that people get into.."

Over the Edge by Hannah WinterPeter next chose the photograph at right by Hannah Winter, of Charles Finney titled Over the Edge and commented "Very often, the simplest subject matter can make the most dramatic and meaningful photograph, especially in the hands of a youthful, talented and artistic photographer like Hannah....Furthermore, enlightened photography has been described as unobstructed communion between self and the environment. Photographing one's sneakers from a vertical perspective would not qualify as enlightened photography, although it might be an excellent record or even an advertising shot. Move part of the feet over a deep opening, chasm, or in this case a dramatic shaft, then the situation dramatically changes."
Flight of Fancy by Kirsten FrisinaPeter's sixth selection at left is A Flight of Fancy by Kirsten Frisina of Pittsford Sutherland, "This is another exquisite image that clearly illustrates the freedom, imagination and artistry so prevalent in the work of the youthful photographers in this exhibition. Here, the vision is uninhibited, as is the gymnastic freedom and flexibility of the young girl, as she effortlessly and majestically executes a back-flip, a maneuver that is eloquently captured in peak action by the photographer. The image is bursting with life, conviction and ebullience, ."
For each of our exhibits at Image City, Peter Marr enhances our appreciation of a small selection of the photographs that are displayed. We thank Peter Marr for his continuing contributions and his insightful and entertaining discussions with "Peter's Picks." 
Steve Levinson - New Partner at Image City
We are please to announce that Steve Levinson is joining Image City as a partner in the Gallery. Photography is in Steve's genes; both his grandfather and great-grandfather were photographers. His work is represented in both US and international collections. He has been a photographer for Geva Theatre and currently for Center Stage at JCC. His photography focuses on non-iconic travel photography, graphic imagery and theatre photography. Steve currently consults mainly with non-profit organizations to improve their operations and processes. He also volunteers and is a board member of several organizations. We look forward to Steve's involvement with the Gallery and seeing his work exhibited, starting with our next show later in April.
Image City Photography Gallery, 722 University Avenue 
April 2, 2010 First Friday Gallery Night, open until 9pm, reception begins at 6pm.
April 18, 2010 Last day of Through the Student Lens.

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