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Issue: # 44June 25, 2011

We publish our brief Newsletter during each of our exhibits to pass along information and reviews of the exhibit, photographic tips, selected images and news of other participation opportunities at Image City. We thank you for your interest and we look forward to another great year of fine photographs and events. We hope to see you at each of our 13 shows in 2011.

In This Issue
"Light & Form, Time & Space" our Current Show
Peter Marr's Picks from the show
Call for Submissions: Cell Phone Show
Gary Thompson's Photo Tip
Image City Critiques -- Next Session Wednesday, July 6 at 7pm
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City

Light & Form, Time and Space by D. G. ADams

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, July 10


Show Card June 2011Our current exhibit is by D. G. Adams. Dennis has produced an exhibit that in the words of Peter Marr "demonstrates both Dennis' mastery of the black-and-white medium, and of his consummate artistic vision..... Dennis's work displayed here is creative art, the result of a totally controlled series of steps from original visualization to the final print. The end results are 'Fine Prints', the pinnacle of achievement....."


Guest photographers during this show include Lois Trieb in the East Gallery with her exhibit Park Views: Near and Far, and Karen Craft, Leah Koskie, Doug Lyttle, Julie Oldfield, and Brian Oyer. Camera Rochester members with their winning photographs from their competitions, Bev Cronkite, John Ejaife, Lynda Howland, Matt Kornatowski, Joyce Pearson, and Ronald Weetman. 


We round out the show with work by Artist-in-Residence, Jim Patton and Gallery Partners Dick Bennett, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Dan Neuberger, Don Menges, Betsy Phillips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, and Sheridan Vincent.

First Friday Gallery Night is July 1 when the Gallery will be participating in  Rochester's monthly night of arts and culture. The Gallery is open on First Friday until 9pm.

For full details of the show  click herebe sure to check out the link to the "Preview of the Show Gallery" to see a selection of the fine works in the show. 

Peter's Picks for the Current Show

Peter Marr selects his favorites


Peter Marr makes his picks of the show from the work of the featured wall artist and the guest photographers. He writes an interesting and entertaining commentary on the chosen photographs. We include a shortened version of Peter's comments here in the newsletter. To see larger images and the full article click here.


OzThe first selection is by D. G. Adams where Peter observed that "In OZ #28 the lighting is spectacular, resulting in a luminance range (or subject contrast), that gives the print a full range of values and a clear delineation of form and texture. The powerful diagonal lines, which range from deep black fissures to more gentle curves, but equally imposing ones, are complemented splendidly by the gentle curves of the three structures. The large array of tiles standout boldly due to the strong directional lighting, whilst the most distant element displays a distinct pattern, reminiscent of a saw-tooth design or lines of stakes descending into darkness....  The final print is extraordinary and quite breathtaking. To the observer, I would hope they would be very aware of the title of this exhibition, namely "Light and Form" coupled with "Time and Space". I have covered the former impart, but now one should go beyond the illusion of reality and awaken, personal perception and emotional response. This is an exceptional print to try to do this, and let the imagination and neurons run wild."


Balconies by D. G. Adams

A second of D. G. Adams photos selected as a Peter's Pick is  

Balconies:  "Like all of Dennis's exquisite images, this incomparable print has an impressive range of tones and luminance values, that are an outstanding tribute to his complete mastery of the total B/W process, from visualization, exposure, negative development, to the final print. All of this has been honed to his perfection over countless hours of experimentation and darkroom fine-tuning, in an environment where the availability of high quality film, paper and chemicals has rapidly diminished, mostly due to the astonishing growth-rate and popularity of digital photography. What has not been lost is the author's incredible artistic vision, exemplified by the remarkable series of prints in his exhibition. In "Balconies," his creative use of compelling and powerful diagonals, is preeminent in dramatically characterizing this tenement building in such a highly expressive way....."


Peter's next selection is Morning Sky

by Lois Trieb. Peter commented "After appreciating the serene B/W images of D. G. Adams, one can step into the East Gallery and look at the breathtaking color prints that fill the room with majesty and grandeur, thanks to the inspiration and artistry of Lois Trieb. As with many exhibitions in the past, I was hard pressed to select a single print to comment on, for all of her images are outstanding. I finally chose Morning Sky because it illustrates how the artist has eloquently captured a scenic wonderland at a magical time of day, an exquisite setting that beautifully shows nature in one of its intimate and magnificent moments. The color palette is both luminous and delicate, and the soft morning light adds a glow and vibrancy which unveils every fascinating detail of the terraced springs. Nature has skillfully carved these hydrothermal features over eons of time, impressively building these resplendent travertine formations from the limestone outcrops......" 


Snowfall by Leah KoskieFor Snowfall by Leah Koskie Peter observed that "This is a beautifully seen and photographed image, that superbly illustrates the fun and exuberance that the younger generation has in dealing with what to some is an adverse and possibly hostile environment. Here, in the midst of a light snowstorm the young lady is enthusiastically trying to catch and savor snowflakes, as they irregularly float and descend to the ground below. Leah has aesthetically and elegantly captured the woods and buildings in an almost impressionistic manner, giving a delicate yet resplendent backdrop to this lovely winter scene. The young girl is strikingly positioned in the center of the frame, a portrait of beauty, innocence and excitement..... This dynamic and priceless moment has been creatively and upliftingly taken and printed by the artist, for everyone to appreciate and enjoy.


Waterfall Mt. Athos by Doug LyttleWith Waterfall, Mt. Athos by Doug Lyttle, Peter wrote "Doug's superb panel of prints is a wonderful tribute to his consummate artistic and photographic prowess. I would love to comment on all of them, but I am restricted to only one, so I selected the Mt.Athos setting, because it is one of the most exquisite waterfall images that I have ever seen, a real stand-out in a genre that is photographically very popular. This print is an awesome image, that brilliantly illustrates how magnificent and resplendent nature can be when captured so creatively by an outstanding artist. The color palette, especially with the sumptuous, expressive gamut of rich green hues is exemplary. The delicate tracery of the water as it cascades and caresses the rock ledges and tumbles through the massive, imposing boulders before flowing into a quiet basin, has been impressively captured by the artist. If we stop there, the result would still be a great print, but the added foreground, a stellar setting in itself, frames the entire waterfall vista to perfection....... "


Women in Snow by Julie OldfieldFor Women in Snow by Julie Oldfield Peter noted "This is magic, in a somewhat hostile environment, where the artist has given us a truly striking print that has a distinctive atmospheric aura of loneliness, apprehension and mystery. The photographer must be highly complemented for both her artistic vision, and for her fortitude in braving the decidedly inclement weather, to capture this powerful image. I love the combination of so many strong diafonal vectors that sweep us effortlessly into the picture, before disappearing into the ghostly snow-shrouded background. The dynamic railway lines are of course the most compelling diagonals, but on each side of them, there are companion transverse columns that are so important in defining this isolated railroad station scene. To the left, there is a long roof structure, supported by stout pillars, which is unfortunately open to the elements, offering little protection or shelter. On the right, there is an array of poles connected by two overhead lines, together with a fence which stretches about one-third of the way into the picture. These diverse elements are of prime importance in drawing our attention to the oncoming train lights blazing through the gloomy, snow-engulfed scene, a train whose carriages are totally obscured by the wintry conditions. Into this enigmatic, cold and uninviting location, we see through a veil of snowflakes the stark outline of a woman."


As always, we thank Peter Marr for his contributions to this wonderful review of his picks from the exhibit.

Call for Submissions: Cell Phone Show
Upcoming Juried Show at Image City

Cell Phone Show
Exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery
Juried Show October 5 to October 30

Cell phones have become the camera of choice for many people. The camera phone is not only a way to take snapshots.It is becoming a new force in fine-art photography. Image City Photography Gallery is pleased to announce the first Juried Cell Phone Photography Exhibit. Submissions to the juried show begin July 1 and end August 5, 2011. The entry fee for the show is $10 till July 15 and $15 from July 16.The entry fee allows you to enter 4 images per submission.


Submission of images is as follows:


-- All images must be taken with a cell phone
-- Any manipulation done to the images must be done on the cell phone. No COMPUTER manipulation is allowed.


 Notice of acceptance for the show will be mailed out on August 26.


For more information and a copy of the entry form, please click here:

You may also pick up an entry form at Image City Photography Gallery


Gilbert Maker
Chairman of the Cell Phone Show 2011  

Gary Thompson's Photo Tip of the Month

Be Patient with Sunrises

Golden Tree Sunrise at Great Bend by Gary ThompsonWhen you have paid the psychological price of getting up at an ungodly hour to pursue a well planned sunrise shoot and nothing positive seems to be happening, be patient.It is easy to become discouraged and move prematurely to another location. As I have mentioned in an earlier Photographic Tip, most of my best selling sunrise images are secondary sunrises.That means they are photographed from about 20-75 minutes after the actual scheduled sunrise time.


Several years ago I was leading a photo class field trip to Letchworth State Park. We arrived before sunrise and a dull cloud covered sky dimmed our hopes of photographing a quality sunrise. Because there wasn't enough light to shoot at other nearby locations we continued to wait out the conditions.Small cloud break-ups in the western sky kept teasing us. These breaks in the clouds needed to move to the eastern sky in order to produce good sunrise lighting.I was feeling guilty about getting my companions up so early for a sunrise that didn't seem to want to happen. The group was getting restless which increased when I recommended that we wait 15 more minutes. About twelve minutes later the "sun gods" answered our patience with one of the most beautiful sunrises that I have ever photographed.


The sun lit up the foreground and rim of the canyon. Best of all it backlit the "golden tree". For over a half hour, everyone went into hush mode as they furiously photographed the scene from several view points. Patience along with some good fortune had paid off. The lesson learned was that if we are patient sometimes good things happen. By observing the pattern of the clouds and anticipating their movement we were able to leverage our luck.


The photograph is titled Golden Tree Sunrise at Great Bend. Click here to see a somewhat larger image and the webpage with past Gary's Photo Tips.

Image City Critiques

At Image City on Wednesday, July 6 at 7pm

Each month, we have had a good turnout for Image City Critiques, our free program at the Gallery to provide participants an opportunity to engage in a friendly, constructive, and positive critique and review of their photographs. The sessions are held on the first Wednesday of the month. Join us for the next on Wednesday, July 6th from 7:00-9:00 pm. Please bring 2 or 3 jpg images or prints. Images may be on a CD or on a thumb drive and should be sized at most 1MB in size and at most 1500 pixels on the longest side. If you have any questions please contact Don Menges ( or Gil Maker (  We look forward to meeting with you on Wednesday, July 6 at 7pm. July's assignment is to try to incorporate "leading lines" into your composition.
Image City Photography Gallery, 722 University Avenue 

July1 - First Friday Gallery Night, 6 - 9 pm


July 6 - Image City Critiques, 7 - 9 pm 


July 10 - Final day for Light & Form, Time & Space



Image City Photography Gallery   Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 7, Sunday Noon - 4  

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