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Issue: # 45July 23, 2011

We publish our brief Newsletter during each of our exhibits to pass along information and reviews of the exhibit, photographic tips, selected images and news of other participation opportunities at Image City. We thank you for your interest and we look forward to another great year of fine photographs and events. We hope to see you at each of our 13 shows in 2011.

In This Issue
"Scene Together: Prints and Paints" our Current Show
Peter Marr's Picks from the show
Update on Portfolio Showcase 2011
Call for Submissions: Cell Phone Show
Image City Critiques -- Next Session Wednesday, August 3 at 7pm
Yates County Art Council Studio Tour
Meet our New Partner, Carl Crumley
Congratulations to Gil Maker and Dan Neuberger
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City

Scene Together: Prints and Paints by Marty Nott and Dick Lubey

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, August 7

Nott-Lubey ShowcardOur current exhibit by artists Marty Nott and Dick Lubey is a unique exhibit for Image City. While on a recent trip to Florence, Italy, Marty and Dick often went out early before the others of their travel party so they could experience the city together with camera and easel. The exhibit features the results of their collective visions of a city and its people with Marty's photographs and Dick's paintings. They have each interpretted the same or similar scenes. It is a first for us to exhibit paintings, but we felt that the tie with the photographs was a natural and intriguing fit.


Guest photographers during this show include Gail Rivera in the East Gallery and Christiana Beck, Helen Ellis, Pablo Gavilondo, Jessica Kamens and Lou Ryen. Camera Rochester members with their winning photographs from their competitions, Bonnie Gamache, Elaine Nusbaum, Nancy Stockmaster, Karen Walker, John Williamson, and Wu-Hsuing Yang. 


We round out the show with work by Artist-in-Residence, Jim Patton, and Gallery Partners Dick Bennett, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Dan Neuberger, Don Menges, Betsy Phillips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, and Sheridan Vincent. Carl Crumley, who has recently joined the gallery as a partner exhibits his work for the first time at Image City.

First Friday Gallery Night is August 5 when the Gallery will be participating in  Rochester's monthly night of arts and culture. The Gallery is open on First Friday until 9pm.

For full details of the show  click herebe sure to check out the link to the "Preview of the Show Gallery" to see a selection of the fine works in the show. 
Peter's Picks for the Current Show

Peter Marr selects his favorites


Peter Marr makes his picks of the show from the work of the featured wall artist and the guest photographers. He writes an interesting and entertaining commentary on the chosen photographs. We include a shortened version of Peter's comments here in the newsletter. To see larger images and the full article click here .


The first selection is Cornucopia by Marty Nott where Peter observed "that here we have a corner store entrance that is just bursting at the seams with an abundance of eye-catching products for sale. Marty has captured the very essence of a local store that sells almost everything, from fresh fruit, olive oil, wine and even milk, together with baskets and linens that entice you to buy all the goods that you need...... This is local advertising at its very best, and although we can only peek a little through the open door, you know that there are countless wares inside, filling every available shelf and floor space that is available. This delightful image has a richness of detail and color that is truly impressive, and we certainly admire the store owner's exuberance and salesmanship, for enlightening the somber, rugged stone architecture of the outside facade, with an enthusiastic blaze of mouth-watering products. If he could sell anything else, including the kitchen sink, he would. I would not be surprised if even the crates on the ground could be purchased as well. There is so much to see and enjoy here, and I hope that every observer takes the time to try and identify as many items as possible that are for sale outside the store, items which are richly detailed in Marty's stellar print."


For Dick Lubey's companion treatment, Corner Store, Peter commented "In Dick's resplendent oil painting of the Cornucopia store, so wonderfully captured in Marty's photographic print, we are able to step back a little, to experience more of the surroundings, so that we can get a broader perspective of the store's location. In photography, the use of diagonal vectors and bold primary colors are often cited as elements to grab a viewer's attention, yet here, in this creative print we have none of the above. Instead, we have parallel vertical segments, each of which is distinct in its color and texture, yet together, they seem to flow in unison. The color hues are outstanding and the soft, non -directional lighting exquisitely accentuates all of the red, blue and purple shades to perfection......  The one intriguing feature of this striking oil rendering is that the artist has expanded the visual rectangle by including part of the walls on either side of the door. In using a more wide-angled viewpoint and pushing the displayed goods closer together, only the very top of the door is visible, giving the impression that the store is closed for the day, which concentrates our vision on the myriad of shapes and colors of the displayed products. The inclusion of some graffiti on the one wall, and symmetrical patterns under the arch of the other wall, is further evidence of how a distinguished painter likes to expand spatial detail to give us more relevant information. Both the photograph and the oil painting of this fascinating corner store are remarkable in their own right, and one would certainly want to own and display both of these creative images side by side, as they are in the gallery. Whether you prefer the close-up version with its emphasis on incredible detail as in the photographic print, or the highly colorful and more impressionistic approach of the oil painting is purely a matter of personal choice. For myself, I love both of them."



Peter's next selection is another by Marty Nott Out of the Rain  noting that his photograph is a delightful, creatively seen and captured plaza corner, that in spite of the rain, exudes warmth, abundant color, and a personality that is truly memorable. The displayed flowers, containers and hanging baskets, with their myriad of shapes, colors, and I am sure fragrance, all together give an uplifting and inspiring presence, offsetting the stark building columns and the formal flagstones of the courtyard. Importantly, the corner scene features four people who are sheltering from the rain under the large umbrella-like canopy of the flower stand. From the faces of these people we see happiness, love and respect for each other; certainly, the inclement weather is not going to deter them from enjoying these precious moments together. Marty has captured this idyllic setting impressively, just as Dick Lubey painted this part of the plaza so eloquently...... "


The companion work with Out of the Rain is Corner Conversation by Dick Lubey. Peter found that "This is truly a delightful oil painting of a plaza venue that is a hub of activity, and a favorite meeting place for locals to come and meet each other, and to buy flowers or any other wares being sold at the corner stand. The stellar colors and ambience that the picture exudes, reflects both summer warmth, and thankfulness from all of the people as to how good it is to be healthy and to see old friends. Here, the artist is able to capture all of this so exquisitely in the comfort of his studio, even though when the scene was captured with the camera, the weather was decidedly inclement. With the use of a range of lighter tones and splashes of bright colors, and extending the corner scene to a much larger canvas with inclusion of buildings and background people, Dick was able to give us a much more detailed appreciation of the area. Our eyes are not just confined to the grouping around the flower stall, instead, we can admire much more of the plaza itself, whilst still recognizing that the corner flower area is still the favorite meeting place for friends and visitors alike. This is a creative and impressive oil painting, and a great advertisement for all of us to hope that one day we may visit this enchanting area."


With Frayed by Gail Rivera, Peter wrote "In photography, the use of diagonal vectors and bold primary colors are often cited as elements to grab a viewer's attention, yet here, in this creative print we have none of the above. Instead, we have parallel vertical segments, each of which is distinct in its color and texture, yet together, they seem to flow in unison. The color hues are outstanding and the soft, non -directional lighting exquisitely accentuates all of the red, blue and purple shades to perfection. It is probable that we are looking at strips of metal siding, where time and the elements have induced extensive rust and corrosion formations. The end results are colorful patterns which have myriads of fine textures and surface features. There is one segment that has the most limited color palette, and it is also distinguished by having two prominent nail heads. The most dynamic feature which is set in the most colorful rusting section, is a narrow, interlaced metal chain, fixed in part by a metal clamp. The top of the chain is attached to a metal plate, which itself is held in place by four screws. The interesting feature of this chain is that the exposed top is frayed, resulting in a twisted assembly of wires. Although the chain is an immediate center of attention, the surrounds are so colorful and fascinating in their textured designs, that immediately our eyes encompass the whole print, which reveals an outstanding artistic image."


In selecting Helen Ellis' Yellowstone 2006 Peter noted "This is an impressive print which strikingly shows both the majesty of nature, and its power and supremacy in the life and death struggle for survival in this unique part of Yellowstone. Here we see regimented columns of thin vertical tree trunks, devoid of branches and leaves, that reach way up into the unseen sky in search of every ray of sunlight that they can get in order to sustain growth. These trees grow this way because they use most of their energy for vertical enhancement, and because the soil they spring up from is sparse and nutritionally poor, so many succumb to nature's disruptive forces. Thus we sadly see many of their former comrades lying lifeless and in disarrayed patterns on the ground, strewn haphazardly where they had fallen, awaiting for most of their compatriots to follow them in due course. If it were not for the new growth, the landscape would be stark and colorless, just lines of gray ghosts in an ever changing world. Happily and inspiringly, nature has begun to transform this once austere landscape with the introduction of new trees and foliage. In this lovely print, we see an undergrowth of small trees, filling every void around the once stately monarchs, breathing new life into this enigmatic landscape. The lovely lighting accentuates all the resplendent green and yellow hues, revealing every detail of the delicate branchlet and pine structures. This uplifting new growth springing up imposingly in the midst of all the gray sentinels, breathes new life and hope into this important area. The author's creative vision has wonderfully captured an especial moment in nature's revitalization." As always, we thank Peter Marr for his contributions to this wonderful review of his picks from the exhibit.
Next Exhibit: Portfolio Showcase 2011


We are only a couple of weeks away from announcing the names of the photographers whose portfolios were selected for our upcoming exhibit - Portfolio Showcase 2011. With more than 80 entries at a very high level of skill and creativity it was both daunting and exciting to make the selection of the final eight portfolios. We are looking forward to installing the exhibit that will open on August 10 following the current exhibit by Marty Nott and Dick Lubey.


We are also looking forward to seeing the special book designed and published by Pixel Preserve and Denison Creative that will be published and available for purchase featuring the selected portfolios. The prizes given to the selected photographers are furnished by Lumiere Photo. We very much appreciate the support of sponsors Lumiere Photo and Pixel Preserve  for their significant contributions to the success of Portfolio Showcase 2011. We are grateful for the skilled coordination efforts by Christiana Beck, our current intern at Image City, who is working toward making the Portfolio Showcase 2011 a complete success.
Steve Levinson 

Chairman, Portfolio Showcase 2011




Cell Phone Show

Upcoming Juried Show at Image City

Cell Phone Show
Exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery
Juried Show October 5 to October 30


Just a reminder: there is still time to enter the First Annual Juried Cell Phone show.  The final day to enter is August 5. The entry fee is $15.00. The entry fee allows you to enter 4 images.


Submission of images is as follows:

  • All images must be taken with a cell phone.
  • Any manipulation done to the images must be done on the cell phone.  No COMPUTER manipulation is allowed.

Notice of acceptance for the show will be mailed out on August 26. For more information and a copy of the entry form, please click here. You may also pick up an entry form at Image City Photography Gallery


Gilbert Maker
Chairman of the Cell Phone Show 2011  

Image City Critiques

At Image City on Wednesday, August 3 at 7pm

Each month, we have had a good turnout for Image City Critiques, our free program at the Gallery to provide participants an opportunity to engage in a friendly, constructive, and positive critique and review of their photographs. The sessions are held on the first Wednesday of the month. Join us for the next on Wednesday, August 3rd from 7:00-9:00 pm. The "theme" for this session is Texture. Digital files should be sent to Gil Maker by Tuesday, August 2nd and should be sized at most 1MB in size and at most 1500 pixels on the longest side. If you have any questions please contact Don Menges ( or Gil Maker (  We look forward to meeting with you on Wednesday, August 3rd at 7pm.
Yates County Art Council Studio Tour
 A Number of Gallery Partner Photographers are Participating 

We have all heard of wonderful wine tours attending the numerous wineries in the Finger Lakes Region. The "Studio Tour" sponsored by the Yates County Arts Council and their sponsors on August 6 and 7 is another great way to visit the scenic region located near Keuka Lake. In describing their event, we are invited to
"Explore the beautiful shores of Keuka Lake on this free, self-guided tour of the studios of the many fine artists in the Finger Lakes area. Browse new works, watch art demonstrations, and purchase art directly from the artists. This is your chance to explore the creative process up close and personal. Bring all the family and enjoy, relax and browse. A huge amount of art of all kinds is available to purchase or just to admire. Demonstrations of art in the making at most locations."
Click Here  to see the details including a studio stop featuring a number of the partners from Image City as well as information and maps to the numerous artist locations during the two day event.
Meet our New Partner

Carl Crumley Joins Image City Photography Gallery 


I'm originally from Tennessee which explains the southern drawl people hear when I talk. You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't the country out of the boy. After a long career in the airline industry and a stint in the casino business I relocated from Las Vegas to upstate New York when I met the love of my life, Liz, a native Rochesterian. I now consider New York my adopted home. I really enjoy the area and I'll never tire of the photo opportunities this area provides me.

I have sold my photographs at art festivals in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and New York, and my photographs have won numerous awards and honors including the 2010 Erie Canalway photo contest, the 2010 Honeoye Falls - Mendon Chamber of Commerce photo contest, and a number of other contests and competitions.


Schoen Place by Carl Crumley

I'm a digital photographer and I freely embrace advances in technology that allow me to make photographs that are closer to what the human eye can see. In 2006 I became an early user of HDRI ("high dynamic range imaging") in which multiple exposures of a scene are made, and the results combined using software that produces an image with greater detail in the highlights and shadows than any current camera can produce in a single exposure.


Photography is a pursuit that takes a person into the most beautiful places around us, and sometimes those places are even in our own backyards. Photographer Dorothea Lange said: "The camera is an instrument that teaches a person how to see without a camera."


With my camera I see many beautiful and wonderful things. Without my camera I can still see them because of what my camera taught me.



Two Gallery Partners Juried in Member Show of Arts and Cultural Council
and Dan Neuberger at The Gallery Store

In its first juried member exhibition, the Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester selected photographs by gallery partners Gil Maker and Dan Neuberger. The exhibit at the Arts & Cultural Council Gallery runs through September 2. Congratulations Gil and Dan! Click here for details.
Also we are pleased to mention that the Gallery Store at the Memorial Gallery, during the Finger Lakes Exhibition, will exhibit five of Dan Neuberger's images from his recent show at Image City that was titled Black & White & Red.


Image City Photography Gallery, 722 University Avenue 

August 3 - Image City Critiques, 7 - 9 pm 


August 5 - First Friday Gallery Night 6 - 9 pm

August 7  - Final day for Scene Together: Print and Paints

August 10 - First Day of Portfolio Showcase 2011

August 12 - Opening Reception and Award Ceremony Portfolio Showcase 2011



Image City Photography Gallery   Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 7, Sunday Noon - 4  


There is no admission fee to visit Image City Photography Gallery

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