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Issue: # 51February 4, 2012

We publish our brief Newsletter during each of our exhibits to pass along information and reviews of the exhibit, photographic tips, selected images and news of other participation opportunities at Image City. We thank you for your interest and we look forward to another great year of fine photographs and events. We hope to see you at each of our 13 shows in 2012.

In This Issue
"The Eclectic Palette" our Current Show
Peter Marr's Picks from the Current Exhibit
Gary Thompson's Photo Tips
Image City Critiques -- Next Session Wednesday, March 7th at 7pm
Image City at NFRCC in March
Call for Photography Submissions: The Photographer's Path 15
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City

The Eclectic Palette of Dick Welch and Harriet Sutherland 

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, Feburary 19  


Welch Sutherland Show CardOur second show of 2012 at Image City is The Eclectic Palette by Dick Welch and Harriet Sutherland, husband and wife. They have both enjoyed a lifetime interest in photography. Rainbows, reflections, cats in the window, ripples in the sand - Dick and Harriet present us in superb style with an exceptional photographic life experience they share. Dick specializes in the Ithaca scene with local parks, waterfalls, and colleges. Several photographs in his exhibit are presented backlit with LED illumination using semi-transparent Epson media with pigmented inks and they really pop! Harriet's images showcase her interest in the unusual, often exploring off-the-beaten-path in her travels.


Jim Patton, Gallery Artist-in-Residence, takes us on an inspiring photographic journey to fascinating portraits of the people and beauty in India. Jim's travels take him to many places, often exotic and always beautifully captured. Guest photographers exhibiting are Nicole Barrada, Paloma A. Capanna, and Mark Widman. Camera Rochester exibiting award-winning photos are by Sheila Mumpton, Joan Weetman, Thomas McGlynn, Wendy S. Cohen, James Burton, and David Ridley. We round out the show with work by David Perlman, Artist-in-Residence, and Gallery Partners Dick, Bennett, Carl Crumley, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Phillips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, and Sheridan Vincent.


For full details of the show click hereBe sure to check out the link to the "Preview of the Show Gallery" to see a selection of the fine works in the show that runs through Sunday, February 19.

Peter's Picks
 Peter Marr makes his Picks from The Eclectic Palette


Regular readers of our newsletter know that for each of our shows, Peter Marr makes "Peter's Picks", a feature that we and our patrons very much enjoy. For The Eclectic Palette, Peter has chosen six photographs. His written commentary about each selection along with the photograph is published in full at the Image City Website -- Click Here to see the full discussion. For the newsletter, we have selected a part of the discussion and include a small image of each. We congratulate the four photographers for their "Peter's Pick" and thank Peter again for making them.

Last Tree on Earth by Nicole BaradaChoosing Nicole Barada's photograph, Last Tree on Earth, Peter felt that "Nicole's electrifying and imaginative images are a great tribute to her creative talents and from her work in art and theater, together with her fertile imagination and her mastery of photo-manipulation skills through widespread experimentation. Hopefully, the viewer will project their own imagination onto her photographs to invoke feelings, and perhaps trigger something very profound. Although I admire all of the pieces that she has on display, I decided to comment further on Last Tree on Earth because this print elicited personal memories from my childhood, of devastation that I had seen and experienced from World War II. In the artist's surrealistic landscape, I see an image of survival, of a city on the horizon that has been virtually annihilated, its smoking ruins displayed against a foreboding, sinister sky, a gray and black cataclysm of horror and destruction. ..." read more.


Bathing in the Holy Ganges by Jim PattonCommenting on Jim Patton's Bathing in the Holy Ganges, Peter wrote "I could have chosen any of Jim's resplendent and insightful images from India, for they represent a superb, photographic portfolio of his many interactions with an astonishing cross-section of the wonderful people of this great nation. I was particularly impressed with two of his prints, namely, "Bashnoi Family" and "Desert Moon", which are truly outstanding, but I thought I would comment further on the gathering on the bank of the Ganges, because it dramatically portrays a custom and way of life that is virtually unchanged over countless centuries, and it is a ritual that is very familiar to most western observers. The author has inspiringly captured the observance of bathing and washing in the Holy River Ganges. For the many who live close enough to the banks of this great river, it is a daily ritual, whilst for most others, it is reverence for a time-honored tradition and worship practice for whenever they can carry it out......" read more


For Harriet Sutherland's  Blue Chair at Santa Fe, Peter observed that "This delightful detail from an alley off Canyon Row in Santa Fe has been artistically visualized and photographed by Harriet, and it is a superb example of why this area has become such an attraction for artists and photographers who want to experience and record the intrinsic beauty and history of this fascinating area of New Mexico. The lovely, soft lighting elicits every subtle hue variation to make its presence known, from the movement and energy created by the harmonic combination of the reds and pinks of the adobe walls, all the way to the ethereal and transcendental emotional appeal from the turquoise blue of the chair. I love the simplistic bold design of the doorway, its powerful frame members complementing the wooden support column centered in the wall. Directly at the base of this vertical support is the solitary, well-worn and used chair, its gorgeous blue color giving an ambience that lights up and electrifies the alleyway, inviting every passer-by to both admire its beauty, whilst also offering a temporary resting place....." read more


Rain at Monte Carlo by Harriet SutherlandFor a second selection of Harriet's work titled Rain at Monte Carlo, Peter noted that "The gentle early evening rain at a romantic corner setting in a fabled city has been magically captured by Harriet in an impressionistic pastiche, worthy of the scapes of many of the famous French artists in the late 1800's. The rain gracefully supplements the soft, distinctive lighting, giving a warm, intimate atmosphere and imaginative reflections, that elegantly complement the regal, period architecture of the buildings. This image is made even more memorable by the artist's inspired use of a digital tone separation technique, and a superb color palette where the luminance contrast adds a mystical glow to this sublime locale. I love the way our eyes move through the photograph from the red fixture in the foreground (probably a mailbox), to the red umbrellas in the distance, and ultimately to the person with the white umbrella. There is an imbalance and tension that creates excitement and mystery, and one is intrigued to explore further as to what topic of conservation could be so important, that it needs to be discussed on the sidewalk in the pouring rain.........." read more


Robert Treman State Park by Dick WelchIn selecting Robert Treman State Park by Dick Welch, Peter noted that "For all of the many memorable years that I have known Richard, and admired his consummate artistic and photographic skills, I was always keenly aware of his innovativeness and technical expertise, particularly in the photographic area. He pioneered and mastered many procedures long before the advent of digital technology made them available to many of us less talented photographers. I was therefore not totally surprised to see in this outstanding "eclectic" exhibition, a truly innovative technique that he has introduced in some of his pictures that is really exciting. I refer of course to his images printed on semi-transparent media, backlit with a long-lasting LED illuminator. Although I equally admire his other backlit images, I chose the view from Robert Treman State Park because it has a vibrancy, glow and three-dimensionality that is simply amazing and inspiring. This classic view of the upper stream gently cascading over the smoothly- worn flat rocks of the upper gorge is just delightful, astonishing in its clarity and air of tranquility...... read more 
Denali, Alaska by Dick WelchPeter' final selection is Denali, Alaska by Dick Welch, commenting "Some may question that why among all of Richard's exquisite images I would choose a landscape, as delightful as it is, for one of my "picks". The answer is that this is no ordinary landscape, it is a scenic masterpiece of a panorama that few have ever experienced in life, one that superbly captures a fleeting moment that is captivating and inspiring. This majestic print gives an exalted inspiration of the rugged grandeur and nobility of nature, together with the wildness and astonishing beauty of this area of Alaska. For visitors, time in Denali National Park is very restricted, and one cannot wander or explore at will like you are able to in most other National Parks, and with the weather extremes that are commonplace, just getting a glimpse of Mount McKinley or even the Alaska Range is by no means certain. Here, the artist has made the most of his good fortune with a break in the weather, to give us a memorable landscape. The color range is extraordinary, ranging from the deep blue of the lake, through the resplendent autumnal hues of the forest vegetation, all the way to the pristine white of the snow-clad mountains. From this imposing viewpoint, one's eyes can joyously traverse the sandy islets of the lake, through the densely forested foreground into the mountain foothills, where the mist and low cloud formations dance around the lower slopes.... read more


Gary Thompson's Photo Tips

Make the Journey as Enjoyable and Productive as the Destination


Trail to Crabtree Falls by Gary ThompsonWhen hiking to and from a specific photographic destination, be observant and stop to photograph the happenings along the way. Don't just stop to smell the roses. Photograph the Roses!!! Enjoy the journey and trust your senses. The best images of the trip may well be those that you take along the way and not at your destination area. Enjoy the journey as well as the targeted location.


Sometimes I try to time a certain kind of light or weather condition for the planned photographic location. In those instances I usually need to move rather directly to my target area. Even then, while I may not photograph on the walk in, I always try to be very observant and take note of photographic spots that I wish to check on the return hike. Sometimes I leave trail markers, like some small branches or a pile of rocks, to designate these areas.


At my planned destination I take time working my dream site to hopefully achieve sought after dream images. After seemingly exhausting the photographic opportunities at my target location, I rather leisurely start my return hike. It is then that I seriously check-out the previously spotted photographic possibilities and look for new ones. Because I am facing in a different direction on the return trip, new viewpoints and different angles become apparent. I try to leave about sixty percent of my total hiking and photography time for photographing on the return hike.


My example image is titled Trail to Crabtree Falls. It was actually made on my return hike from Crabtree Falls. Although the foggy conditions seem almost identical and its location is about two miles from the site of last month's tip of the month Fog at Crabtree Meadows, the images were actually made five years apart. 

To see this and past Gary's Photo Tips Click Here.



Image City Critiques

At Image City on Wednesday, March 7 at 7pm

Each month, we enjoy the good turnout for Image City Critiques, our free program at Image City to provide participants an opportunity to engage in a friendly, constructive, and positive critique and review of their photographs. The sessions are held on the first Wednesday of the month. Join us for the next on Wednesday, March 7th from 7:00-9:00 pm. The assignment for March is to take two "minimalist" images. All images should be mailed to Gil Maker at least the day before we meet. Samples will be sent to the Critique email list. If you would like to be on the email list, send a request to Don Menges at
Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs - 2012 Convention
Image City Sponsors NFRCC Convention 


Image City Photography Gallery is a proud sponsor of the Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs' 51st annual convention March 16 through 18, 2012. The Gallery will have a display table in the conference center, will be providing a door prize to be given away at the Saturday evening banquet, AND gallery partner Gil Maker will be presenting two workshops on the subject of cell phone photography. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend a long weekend of photography while visiting with old friends and making new friends.
Go to the convention website to reserve your spot through online registration, to learn about the location, hotel arrangements, and to read about all the excellent presentations and programs that will be available to you. Featured speakers are professional photographers Ellen Anon, Brenda Tharp and John Paul Caponigro. There will be a Print and Digital Image Salon, the Annual Golden Horseshoe Competition, a Tamron lens loaner program, and a group photo shoot at the falls. Several of the Image City Photography Gallery partners will be in attendance. We hope to see you there! 
A Photographer's Path 15 - High Falls Art Gallery - Call for Submissions

Juried Exhibit for all local photographic artists.


All local photographers will be pleased to learn of another wonderful opportunity to submit work for the juried show A Photographer's Path 15, an annual exhibit of photography at the High Falls Gallery. In its 15th year, it is always a great exhibit at Rochester's official visitor center where the art exhibits add extra vitality to the permanent displays. Click Here for a PDF documenting the details as well as the entry form. Submissions are to be dropped off on February 15 - 19. The exhibit will run during March and April. For questions contact Sally Wood Winslow at High Falls Gallery 325-2030. For the photographers currently exhibiting in The Magic of Light, please note the request "We respect and support the exhibits of Image City Photography Gallery, but, images displayed in the recent The Magic of Light exhibit will not be accepted for display in A Photographer's Path 15." In that way the their new show will meet their goal to create the freshest show possible.

Calendar of Events
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February 19 -Last day of The Eclectic Palette by Dick Welch and Harriet Sutherland
February 22 -First day of Peter's Picks Retrospective 2010
March 7 -Photo Critique at Image City, 7 - 9pm
March 16-18 - Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club Convention, Niagara Falls
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