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Issue: # 65March 29, 2013

We publish our brief Newsletter during each of our exhibits to pass along information and reviews of the exhibit, photographic tips, selected images and news of other participation opportunities at Image City. We thank you for your interest and we look forward to another great year of fine photographs and events. We hope to see you at each of our 13 shows in 2013. 

In This Issue
Our Current Show: Through the Student Lens 2013
Gallery Picks from the Exhibit
Photography Courses -- Spring Session
Image City Critiques -- Wednesday, April 3rd at 7pm
Image City Commemorative T-Shirt and Poster
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City

Through the Student Lens 2013

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, April 14


Join Us!! April 5th is First Friday Gallery Night  


Student Show Card 2013The current exhibit is Through the Student Lens 2013, our fourth annual show of photographs by area high school students. Each school collaborated  to select ten photographs of student work with 17 schools participating. The exhibit gives the teachers and students the opportunity to display their classroom learnings and artistic talents in a true gallery setting with opportunity for sales as a potential additional reward. After making their selections, the Gallery Partners chose Allendale Columbia School for the grand prize in the exhibit.
In our East Gallery, Mark Widman is a guest photographer with his series of photographs featuring surfers. Additional Guest Photographers are John M. Cotton with Come Travel with Me and John Retallack with portraits from a larger body of work he titles Intimacies. The Camera Rochester exhibit has competition-winning photographs by Ron Gouger, Michael Parisi, Lois Trieb, Dave Valvo, George Wallace, and Wu-hsiung Yang
We round out the show with Artists-in-Residence and Gallery Partners Dick Bennett, Carl Crumley, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Jim Patton, David Perlman, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Phillips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, and Sheridan Vincent.
Click here for a link to the details as well as a list of all 17 participating high schools and a preview of images in the show. The exhibit runs through Sunday, April 14. There is no admission fee at Image City and is accessible to all.
Gallery Picks from the Exhibit


For this exhibit, Gallery Partners have made selections and written reviews of the work by our Guest Photographers. Peter Marr, who usually makes the selections, was not available to do it for this exhibit. You can also find the full discussions and larger images by clicking here.


Whisper Two by John RetallackThe first pick is Whisper Two by John Retallack -- "One component of great photographs is GESTURE. Photographs of people are most interesting when they are not standing stiffly and looking into the camera but when they are engaged in doing something. This is especially true when the gestures reflect who they are. John has provided eight great examples of the use of gestures in portraits. One can spend literally hours looking at each imagining what it going on. A creative writing class could assign its students to write a story about each of these images! Whisper Two employs these concepts along with strong composition and the effective use of models of different races. The expression on the model on the right is not clear, encouraging the viewer to ponder what is actually going on. We reflect on our own experiences, opinions and imagination to answer this question. Probably no two people will see this photograph in the same way. Some of the strongest photographs ever made make you think and John's exhibit clearly falls within this category!"


Here Comes the Surf Men by Mark WidmanThe next selection is Here Comes the Surf Men by Mark Widman. "In many of Mark's images he utilizes silhouettes very effectively. This image Here Comes the Surf Men is a different take on the other beautiful surfing images in this exhibit; rather than a beautiful blue, bright sky this image has a brooding mysterious sky. Is there a storm approaching or are these surfers walking the beach at the start or end of the day? Also is the fourth surfer part of this group or by himself? The use of minimum color makes this a very creative interpretation of the scene. This entire exhibit has the Beach Boy's classic songs echoing through my head. The image is not stagnant though peaceful. It is a great display of images, especially during an overcast frigid, late-winter Rochester day."

Land of Dream by Wu-Hsiung Yang  We appreciate the opportunity to exhibit the award-winning photographs from competitions at Camera Rochester, a premiere local, camera club. From their exhibit, we have selected the photograph Land of Dream by Wu-Hsiung Yang. "It evokes a peaceful and contemplative state in the viewer. The pastel colors, the wispy trees, the outlines of the birds, the fog and the capture of light all combine into a wonderful image. Winter scenes are often harsh and cold but this image is the opposite. The balancing of the strong yellow light in the upper right by the lit tree tops on the left and the birds in the center make for a beautiful triangular composition."
New Courses at Image City
We are proud to announce our fourth series of Gallery Courses. Click here to learn the details of the spring curriculum. Here is a quick mention of each course and workshop:
Adobe Lightroom with Steve Levinson
On Composition (Session I) with Bruno Chalifour
On Composition (Session II) with Bruno Chalifour
One-on-One Coaching with Gallery Partners
Preparing a Portfolio with Bruno Chalifour

There is no mail-in or online registration. Please visit the Gallery to sign up for courses.

Image City Critiques

At Image City on Wednesday, April 3rd at 7pm


Each month, we enjoy a good turnout for Image City Critiques, our program at Image City to provide participants an opportunity to engage in a friendly, constructive, and positive critique and review of their photographs. The sessions are held on the first Wednesday of the month. The assignment for the April 3rd assignment is to provide three images that can be considered part of a portfolio. In other words, the images have to have some common thread. We have inaugurated the Image City Critiques Flickr Group. It's a private group on Flickr, so you have to be invited to join. Contact Don Menges for more information.


Image City Commemorative T-Shirts and Poster
 Available in Limited Editions 
Image City was proud to announce that the last exhibit was our 100th exhibit. To commemorate our 100th exhibit we have produced a limited quantity of T-Shirts with our Image City logo on it together with an embedded "100". These are unique and we don't plan to produce any more, so you may want to grab one for yourself at $20 including tax. We also have produced a commemorative poster that features all 100 of the front side of the showcards that we produce for each show. Again, limited quantities are available at a price of $10, tax included.
Calendar of Events
Image City Photography Gallery, 722 University Avenue 


April 3 Gallery Critiques Meeting 7pm
April 5 First Friday Gallery Night 5 - 9 pm

April 14 Final Day for Through the Student Lens 2013
April 17 Opening Day of exhibit by Artists-in-Residence Jim Patton and David Perlman
Image City Photography Gallery   Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 11 - 7, Sunday Noon - 4  

There is no admission fee to visit Image City Photography Gallery

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