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Issue: # 70August 16, 2013


 We publish our brief Newsletter during each of our exhibits to pass along information and reviews of the exhibit, photographic tips, selected images and news of other participation opportunities at Image City. We thank you for your interest and we look forward to another great year of fine photographs and events. We hope to see you at each of our 13 shows in 2013.

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Our Current Show: "Portfolio Showcase 2013"
Meet the Winning Artists
Meet the Sponsor: Lumiere Photo
Meet the Sponsors: Denison Creative and pixelPRESERVE
Image City Critiques -- Wednesday, September 4th at 7pm
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City

Portfolio Showcase 2013

Current Show runs through Sunday, September 1


  Portfolio Showcase 2013 Card Front

The current exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery is our Portfolio Showcase 2013. It features the fine photographs of the eight photographers selected from submissions in the competition for the show. Portfolios selected for the exhibit are by Michael Coomber, Eric Hamby, Chris Kogut, JFK/AJVK, Tom Kredo, Jonathan Merritt, Ted Tatarzyn, and Mark Widman. Congratulations to them all for their exceptional photography. At the opening reception, Eric Hamby was award a grand prize by vote of the Gallery Partners. Congratulations Eric!


Jurors for the selection of the winning portfolios were Andrew Davidhazy and Christine Heusner, professors at RIT. We very much appreciate their efforts in making difficult decisions from so many fine entries. The eight portfolios were selected from the 75 submissions that continue to demonstrated a very high level of skill and creativity by the photographers who entered. During the exhibit, we are displaying selections of our favorite images from all of the photographers' submissions on a video display in our East Gallery.


Each of the photographers with the winning portfolios has received a gift certificate from Lumiere Photo and pixelPRESERVE. Additionally, the photographs in the winning portfolios were published in a special book that was designed by Denison Creative and published by pixelPRESERVE. The book is also available to purchase at Image City. We appreciate very much the support of sponsors Lumiere Photo , our good neighbor in the Neighborhood of the Arts, at 100 College Avenue, and Denison Creative colocated with pixelPRESERVE  at 439 Monroe Avenue for their significant contributions to an exceptional show and a beautiful special book.
We round out the show with work by Gallery Partners and Artists-in-Residence Dick Bennett, Carl Crumley, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Dan Neuberger, Jim Patton, David Perlman, Betsy Phillips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, and Sheridan Vincent. Joining us are also Pat Cain and Beth Schrader King of Lumiere Photo and R. Glenn Alexander of pixelPRESERVE.
Click here for a link to the details and a preview of images in the show. The exhibit runs through Sunday, September 1.  There is no admission fee at Image City and the Gallery is accessible to all.
 Meet the Artists of the Portfolio Showcase 2013


When you visit the gallery, in addition to their art, you will also find a brief biography and artist statement by each of the artists. Here we give a synopsis of their comments and one of the photographs by each of them. Click Here to see larger images on our preview of the show webpage.


Speed by Michael Coomber Canadian, Michael Coomber, adds an international flavor to the exhibit. "I try to bring a sense of growth and vitality to my images through the use of lighting, using both high and low key elements. My main focus now is with black-and-white photography, although there are infinite colours in a black-and-white image. My influences are Ansel Adams (of course), Alfred Stieglitz, Richard Avendon, Helmut Newton, and Henri Cartier-Bresson.....


Toes by Eric Hamby


Eric Hamby, was selected as the Grand Prize winner. "This ongoing series represents a journey of self-discovery using the creek behind my house as a setting, intuition-led walkabouts as a process, and water in its various states as a metaphor. Water is dynamic: it can flow and swirl with passion or it can pool quietly, inviting contemplation. Waves and ripples emanate from interactions with the environment, echoing patterns that emerge, evolve, and dissipate.  Ice captures the flow and holds it in place like a memory. It forms a looking glass that at once reflects the surroundings, and serves as a lens for what lies beneath. These images capture glimpses of emotion, experience, and insight, all discovered a short walk from my home......"


Cinque-Terra-Vernazza by Chris Kogut Chris Kogut, with a series of photographs from Burma. "Photography is the creative outlet for my soul, the sources for my humanitarian efforts and it provides me with great personal satisfaction when a job is well done. I travel to photograph and the world is now a much smaller place..... I co-ordinate small group (10-12) trips to Burma every year. The next one will be 2 weeks in July 2014 and another 3 week tour in October 2014. I welcome you to consider joining me."



Riding with the Gods at Dusk John Kosboth, JFK/AJVK, combines his love of motorcycling and photography "These images resulted from blob on the screen which looked like the head of a God, maybe Mercury... then the memories took over... the first image of the bike ride from morning to daytime stems from a guy I knew who thought anything less than 80 miles a day on a bicycle was silly.... Then the minimalist two-up imaged led, over a number of years to Kimono memories of the 24 hour ride..."


Shadow Travels #2 by Tom Kredo Tom Kredo, travelers will recognize the venue for his portfolio series, titled Shadow Travelers, from a mid-western airport. "I sit in front of a computer all day and change bits and bytes on other computers thousands of miles away. So photography is something I like to do when I'm not working for a living. I enjoy trying to see something interesting in seemingly mundane locations. Like every face, every scene has it's best angle.....




Solace #1 by Jonathan Merritt Jonathan Merritt, in a series he titles Solace - "Apprehension, confusion, and awe are emotional complexes in my work. Faced with the desire to explore and to confound, I travel at night, where my visual certainty is poor. I find myself in spaces temporarily void of human contact, caught in a state of transition, and illuminated by low light. Planes shift in and out of my frame as I connect the lines that lead me through each conscious moment. I feel tense, but calm; I do not know what these space mean, et I am compelled to photograph...... My photographs attempt to amplify this confusing and apprehensive transformation....."



Zebra Line Drinking by Ted Tatarzyn Ted Tatarzyn brings us to exotic locales. "Ted began his passion for photography and travel as a young boy and set a goal, which he has achieved, exploring all 50 states and 7 continents with his camera in hand...... For years he used Kodachrome slide film to capture his images and then made his own internegatives and prints in the darkroom. In 2006, Ted made the conversion to digital in time to shoot 8000 unique images in his month-long Antactica trip and very quickly fell in love with digital capture. This portfolio shows some of his favorite wildlife and nature images that he has taken far from home during the past 2 years."



Here Come the Surfmen by Mark Widman Mark Widman, in a series titled "Nomadic" brings us to appreciate Surfs Up. "This is a subject I have always wanted to capture. When I was 16 a new family moved in down the road from me. They were from California....... soon after meeting my new friends, I had plastered my bedroom walls with pictures and articles about surf culture..... To this day I am drawn to the ocean and surfing. These images were taken on a recent trip to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica; which is an international hotbed for surfing due to its consistent breaks, ideal weather, and surf friendly small towns...."

A Special Sale by Sponsor Lumiere Photo


We are again very pleased to have Lumiere Photo, 100 College Street, here in the Neighborhood of the Arts, as a special sponsor of the Portfolio Showcase for the last five years. They have underwritten the awards to the photographers selected for the show. In a special promotion, Lumiere Photo is offering a sale through September 30. Prints and frames are 20% off. Lumiere Photo is now selling Moab fine art photographic digital papers as a part of their full service to Rochester Artists. Check it all out at their Lumiere Photo Website. They cover it all with their slogan "Print, Publish, Present, Preserve".


Lumiere Photo Logo-160px Print-Lumiere Photo offers a state-of-the-art digital lab to provide wide format inkjet printing-helping you to extend your capabilities. We provide the service and will handle everything from color management to proofing and printing according to your specifications. Present-Everything from acid-free mat board to portfolios and picture framing... Lumiere helps to present your work in professional style. Lumiere Photo owner, Bill Edwards, has over thirty years experience as a premiere supplier of archival, photographic, framing supplies and services. Preserve-Throughout the years, Lumiere has been entrusted with the repeat business of educators, museums and archives throughout the country. Our knowledge of photo, negative, document, and collectible archival methods is second to none.

Additional Sponsors - Producers of the Exhibit Book

Denison Creative and pixelPRESERVE


Each of the winning artists of the exhibit was awarded a beautiful hardbound book featuring all of the photographs in the exhibit. This year we have a new book design; it is larger and hardbound. Katherine Denison of Denison Creative designed the book and it was printed and bound by Glenn Alexander's pixelPRESERVE. They have been sponsors and the book specialist since the inception of our Porfolio Showcase shows. In the East Gallery, you will find an exhibit of fine books they have published. If you would like to publish your own book, they will be pleased to work with you to make it happen. Check out their websites for full details.
  Denison Creative Logo 120px Denison Creative -- Graphic design requires a sensitive eye, production skills and imagination. Just as important is the ability to understand what a customer hopes for, envisions but can't describe.  Denison Creative has years of experience bringing ideas to life. We specialize in limited edition books, finely printed and beautifully bound, and we also design identity packages, marketing materials, advertisements and other graphic projects.
  pixelPreserve Color Logo 160 pixelPRESERVE -- We offer fine printing, digital capture, and graphics design services for your image-rich applications. Whether you are a consumer needing photo scanning, or a photographer seeking professional assistance with your next coffee table book, we are at your service. We continually strive to offer creative new ideas in print form. Recently we began offering an "accordion fold" business card that provides up to 10 inches of horizontal space on both sides to showcase your artwork or marketing message. We presently market testing an entirely new service that will enable smartphone users to upload a collection of photos directly to our site and then printed as a hardbound album, without any layout effort on the part of the user! An industry first so far as we know.
We have had many high compliments about the Portfolio Showcase 2013 book with its larger size and exceptional quality. Copies of this distinctive photography book are available at Image City. You will want to add one to your library of photography books!

Image City Critiques

At Image City on Wednesday, September 4 at 7pm


Each month the Gallery sponsors Image City Critiques, our program to provide participants an opportunity to engage in a friendly, constructive, and positive critique and review of their photographs. The sessions are normally held on the first Wednesday of the month and the next session will be on September 4th, at 7pm. The assignment for September session is to shoot images at one of the many county fairs that surround us.

Calendar of Events
Image City Photography Gallery, 722 University Avenue 


September 1 Last day for Portfolio Showcase 2013

September 4 the next Image City Critiques 7pm at Image City
September 4 Opening day for Rochester Delights by Sheridan Vincent
September 6 Artist's Reception for Rochester Delights, 5 - 9pm.
September 6 First Friday Gallery Night, 5 - 9pm
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