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Issue: # 81June 27, 2014


We publish our Newsletter during each of our exhibits to pass along information and reviews of the exhibit, selected images and news of participation opportunities at Image City. We thank you for your interest and we look forward to another great year of fine photographs and events. We hope to see you at each of the 13 shows we produce in 2014.

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Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons: Our Current Show
Gallery Picks of the Show
More on the Art and Books of David FitzSimmons
Camera Rochester, Annual Exhibit at Barnes and Noble, Pittsford
Image City Critiques Group - No Meeting in July
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City

Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, July 13


The current exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery is Curious Critters by David FitzSimmons, a Sigma Pro Photographer. His photographic study of the critters he has encountered, often with the assistance of his children are remarkable. Presented as large photographs, the critters take over our featured exhibit space with a very diverse array of a broad range of animal species. Visitors have commented how relaxing it is to be surrounded by these beauties of nature. Check out the article further down in this newsletter describing David's art and book publications. 


In our East Gallery, Jim Patton, one of our very supportive Artists-in-Residence, continues his exceptional series of photographs from exotic places -- currently Morocco. Jim points out that "Life is good in this ancient place, the Moroccans are anxious to share it." and we are grateful that Jim has shared his artistic vision of the place with us.


Guest Photographers are Anthony Bristol, Helen Ellis, and Chip Evra. Award winning photographs from Camera Rochester are by Bev Cronkite, Rita-Marie Gearing, Lynda Howland, Earl Jackson, Al Mosher, and Wu-hsiung Yang. Collectively they significantly add to the art and diversity we enjoy in this exhibit. 


The exhibit will also include the work of Gallery Partners: Dick Bennett, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Dan Neuberger, Betsy Phillips, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson and Sheridan Vincent.


Click Here  to see a preview on our website of a selection of photographs from the exhibit. There is no admission fee at Image City and is accessible to all. 
Gallery Picks of the Show

Gallery Partners have selected three photographs by Guest Photographs in the show as "Gallery Picks". Peter Marr will be back in the future to continue his much appreciated "Peter's Picks" selections. To see the picks on our website, click here


Anthony Bristol's photo is Waiting for the Sun: Anthony uses a traditional 4 x 5 film camera to make his images. This type of camera generates an image that is 4 x 5 inches. In contrast, a 35 mm camera produces an image that approximates 1 x 1.5 inches. Using the larger camera and a good tripod requires a very methodical and time-consuming approach towards landscape photography. One can create remarkable high-resolution images.  Another benefit of using such a camera is that it encourages taking time to create a composition that is worthy of photographing. Waiting for the Sun is a beautifully composed photograph employing the classic S-curve that leads your eye through the image. Framing the photograph with overhanging leaves allows the sky to be shown without detracting from the river, the hill and it's covering trees. Anthony also creates a good interplay of colors between the blue water the green trees, the tan cliff side and blue sky.


Helen Ellis' photograph is Canandaigua, 1982:  In this exhibit Helen shows photographs she made in a project that began quite a while ago. Helen uses traditional black and white film and exhibits small images, creating a strong feeling of intimacy with the viewer. In her artist statement she refers to these photographs as a "theater of clothing" which is an excellent description of them. The images hold together very strongly as a meaningful portfolio, allowing the viewer to interpret her work in many different ways. This image, which appears to be two people interacting, causes the viewer to ponder its meaning. Although Helen indicated that these photographs were made during a time of personal sadness, the viewer is free to put any interpretation they wish on this work. It is almost like a Rorschach test for the viewer: are these spirits from long past times, creatures of the woods or a mother and child? Great art does not explain itself in an obvious manner but invites the viewer to ponder and reflect. Helen's work definitely fits within this definition.



The third selection is Shrimp by Chip Evra: The underwater world provides an environment for photographing which Chip very effectively explores.  He captures images under water with the approach that Henri Cartier-Bresson used called the "decisive moment". The strong graphic image shows a very detailed photograph of a shrimp nestled amongst green tentacles. The screen background tends to frame the shrimp, exhibiting it in its environment. The massive green structures in the background are a wonderful contrast with the delicacy of the shrimp. The photographer must be very patient to make a photograph like this one; waiting until the subject is in the correct position. The decisive moment is the click of the shutter; only after the photographer has decided on the proper composition and has the camera ready with technical setting such as exposure, shutter speed, aperture and ISO.  Being underwater makes this an even more challenging task than shooting on dry land!


Jim Patton is frequently called an outstanding travel photographer, and his image Sifting Sand - Sahara Desert, Morocco, proves it yet again. The captivating photograph of an Arab man in colorful clothing, sifting desert sand through his hands is a striking image the viewer will enjoy studying. Jim took full advantage of this great photo opportunity and captured the image in absolutely perfect exposure and focus, something that would have been very difficult in this circumstance with soft backlight and a vast area of reflective sand that could fool a camera's light meter and a less experienced photographer. Years of traveling the world and photographing varied subjects under difficult conditions has resulted in Jim's ability to make some of the most beautiful and interesting photographs we see in our gallery. Our congratulations to Jim and our thanks for sharing his image with us.  




David FitzSimmons, Sigma Pro Photographer and Writer

Well-known photographer and writer David FitzSimmons is the featured photographer of our current exhibit. He also led a workshop last Saturday and a discussion on self-publishing books at Writers and Books, our neighbor. David is a dynamic instructor and proponent of photography, sponsored by Sigma, a camera and lens manufacturer.  


His photographs and articles on photography are published in various magazines -- Ohio Magazine, Popular Photography & Imaging, and Shutterbug. He is also the author of a number of books including Animals of Ohio's Ponds and Vernal Pools, Waterfalls of Ohio, and the popular children's picture books Curious Critters and Curious Critters Volume Two. Approaching 100,000 books sold, his first Curious Critters won five national book awards including the prestigious IBPA Best First Book. The books, audio books, and a calendar are available for purchase at Image City. His photographs are available in sizes from 8x12-inch to 24x36-inch.
Camera Rochester Annual Photo Exhibit at Barnes and Noble - Pittsford


A couple of days remaining until the end of the month.


Camera Rochester is Rochester's pre-eminent camera club for photography enthusiasts. Photographs from the club competitions are often part of our Gallery exhibits. Each year the club produces an annual exhibit at Barnes and Noble Bookstore, 3349 Monroe Ave., Pittsford, NY. The exhibit, on the second floor, runs through Saturday, June 28. It is always a great exhibit. Learn more about Camera Rochester by clicking the link.
Image City Critiques Meeting: No July Meeting, Next is August 6th
The Critique Group normally meets the first Wednesday of the month. Participants meet and review photographs that they bring in a friendly critiquing session. There will be no Critique Group on Wednesday, July 2nd. We will meet again on Wednesday, August 6th. The assignment for the August meeting is to make images that evoke a sense of music. To make it a little tougher, you cannot photograph actual man-made musical instruments. Email your images before the meeting to Don Menges
Calendar of Events
Image City Photography Gallery, 722 University Avenue 


July 2 No Image City Critique session this month.

July 4 Image City will be closed for Independence Day

July 13 Last day of Curious Critters Show

July 15 Opening day for Exhibit by Dick Bennett and Carl Crumley

August 6 Image City Critique Session at 7pm 




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