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Issue: # 90March 3, 2015

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We publish our Newsletter during each of our exhibits to pass along information and reviews of the exhibit, selected images and news of participation opportunities at Image City. We thank you for your interest and we look forward to another great year of fine photographs and events. We hope to see you at each of the 13 shows we produce in 2015.

In This Issue
Current Exhibit: "Peter's Picks 2013 - a Retrospective"
Partner Picks of the Exhibit
Image City Critique Group Meeting, March 4, 6:30pm
Call for Artists Work
Calendar of Upcoming Events at Image City

Peter's Picks 2013 - a Retrospective - Current Exhibit at Image City

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, March 22


For most of our exhibits, Peter Marr, local photographer and judge of photography competitions, makes selections of his favorite photographs exhibited by the featured and guest photographers. He spends a considerable amount of time viewing all of the photographs in the show and the writes an insightful commentary on his choice. This commentary becomes a much enjoyed feature of the exhibit. The current exhibit is a selection of Peter's and Partner picks from our shows in 2013 -- a retrospection of some of the favorite work from the exhibits of that year. Forty photographers have answered our call to return with their selected photographs.


Guest photographers also exhibiting are John Ejaife and Daniel Silver. Don Menges has produced an exhibit in the East Gallery of his recent street photography, created over time on a single block on Rochester's Main Street. Gallery Partners and Artists-in-Residence in the show are Dick Bennett, Carl Crumley, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Dan Neuberger, Jim Patton, David Perlman, Betsy Phillips, John Solberg, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, and Sheridan Vincent.


In collaboration with our next-door-neighbor Writers & Books, we will also have an exhibit of photographs by Gallery Partners to coincide with the reading of The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker -- part of the series "if all of Rochester Read the Same Book".  


We are again participating in First Friday Gallery Night  on Friday, March 6 from 6 to 9pm. The exhibit ends on Sunday, March 22. There is no fee to visit Image City and we are accessible to all.


We hope that you will be able to visit us for another fine exhibit of exceptional art. Click here for an online summary of the exhibit as well as a link to the "Preview of the Show Gallery" with some fine examples of what you will see at the show.


Partner Picks of the Show


Gallery Partners have selected two photographs by our Guest Photographers for Partner Picks of the show.

Remnant of a Fallen Tree
by John A. Ejaife


This photograph effectively utilizes a strong subject close to the viewer with an interesting landscape in the background that does not distract from the plastic form of the fallen tree. The photograph is interesting in how it employs the snow on the tree to provide a "shadow" of the tree by outlining its top surfaces. The background colors are muted reflecting the all too common gray environment that we see during the winter, with the foreground tree providing a little bit of color to focus the eye on it. The use of something like a fallen tree rather than a complete freestanding tree provides a counterpoint to the trees that are still alive. 



Gaze at the Lighthouse
by Daniel Silver


Daniel Silver has skillfully used a colorful foreground and a strong leading line to his lighthouse subject in his superbly composed photograph titled Gaze at the Lighthouse. He has placed three interesting components tactfully together to fill the frame of his image. The two bright red chairs produce a strong foreground anchor. He masterfully has positioned his camera so that the chairs look out at the white fence. The viewer's eye is then lead along the fence until it ultimately is directed to the lighthouse.


The slight diagonal angle of the fence enhances the eye's flow to the lighthouse. The tower of the lighthouse is strategically placed at the upper left axis of the image thus utilizing the power of the "rule of thirds".


Balance is created by the triangulation of the three major components of the image. Emotion is also communicated by this image. This occurs because the physical arrangement of the basic three elements invites us to step into the image. The allure of the red chairs is powerful and we can imagine ourselves sitting in them while we sip coffee in the early morning, or read a book, or hold hands with one we love, or take a snooze, or use the waves of the sea to daydream. The simplicity rendered by the three major components is very powerful. There are no distractions or portions of the image that detract from the theme. Daniel's Gaze at the Lighthouse, is a true masterpiece photograph. 

Image City Critique Group Meets Wednesday, March 4

At Image City, Wednesday, March 4, 6:30pm         

The Image City Critique Group meets again Wednesday, March 4th at 6:30 PM. Recall that we are in our new format; $20 to join and $5 per review session. We will take care of financial matters at the beginning of the meeting. Please bring two of your best images for us to critique. We will run through one image for everyone, and, if there is enough time, we will look at your second image. Be prepared to talk about your image.
We will no longer use a projector to look at images. Instead, you will need to bring prints.
- Minimum size 8.5 x 11 - inches
- Matting not necessary, but encouraged
- You can print your own images, use an online service, or print them at many local retail stores like Walmart.
- if you stay with a defined size, you can buy a matt and reuse it each month.
Call for Work -- Rentals for 2015 are filling fast.

The Image City Partners thank all of our photographer friends, visitors, and patrons for contributing to the success of our recent exhibits; we receive many compliments about the photographic art we exhibit and we have seen a modest increase in sales We have observed that in addition to visitors enjoying the gallery experience of the exhibits, we are seen as a destination to purchase art for individual collections and as photographic gifts. We look forward to 2015 for another year of growth both for our artistic and business endeavors.


We are often asked about how Image City operates its business and perhaps a brief "State of the Gallery" will be of interest. Organized in 2005 we are a corporation with 11 partners, approaching our 10-year anniversary. To pay the operating expenses of the Gallery we rent exhibit space and take a commission from sales from guest and partner sales. The partners work and support each other to schedule and organize 13 exhibits and receptions each year, staff the gallery to assist customers with sales, maintain the physical appearance of the Gallery, and oversee the financial and fiscal well being of the operation. 

The Gallery has made numerous investments to upgrade our appearance and we really appreciate the complimentary comments we receive from Gallery visitors. Frequent visitors will notice that within the last couple of years we added carpeting, upgraded the lighting, added an exhaust fan, renovated the entranceway and reconfigured the panels to give added space.


We are fortunate to have so many exceptional photographers in the area who exhibit at Image City, many for the first time. They are very integral contributors to the success of the exhibits we produce. We estimate that 694 photographers have participated in exhibits since our inception. Our schedule for featured wall exhibitors is nearly complete for 2015 and we are now scheduling into 2016. We do have openings yet on our exhibit panels for upcoming months and encourage interested photographers to act quickly to reserve a place. Our curatorial committee enjoys working with Guest Photographers to consider work for an exhibit, often with coaching on the selection and presentation of the art. We hope all visitors appreciate that all of the exhibiting photographers make considerable investments in the photographs they exhibit as well as the refinement of their photographic skills.


In summary, our business mission describes Image City Photography Gallery's goal -- "In the heart of ARTWalk in the Neighborhood of the Arts where our mission is to create a satisfying exhibition and learning experience for photographers and the art-loving community".

Calendar of Events
Image City Photography Gallery, 722 University Avenue 


March 4 Image City Critique Group, 6:30pm

March 6 Peter's Picks 2013: a Retrospective First Friday Gallery Night 5 - 9pm
March 22 Last day for Peter's Picks 2013: a Retrospecitve Exhibit

March 24 Opening Day Student Show 2015

March 27 Artists' Reception Student Show 2015 5 - 8:30pm



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