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Our Newsletter publishes during each of our exhibits to pass along information and reviews of the exhibit, selected images and news of participation opportunities at Image City.  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to another great year of fine photographs and events. We hope to see you at each of the 13 shows we produce in 2017.
Peter's Picks 2015 - a Retrospective 
Current Show Runs Through Sunday, March19
Tomorrow: First Friday Gallery Night, March 3, 5 - 9 pm

Our current exhibit is Peter's Picks 2015: a Retrospective featuring the photographs of 37 artists. For the show, we invited the return of the selected photographs from our shows in 2015 that were either Peter's or Partners' Picks. For each selection we have the written commentary by Peter Marr or Gallery Partners describing why they were selected as a favorite from the shows in 2015. Peter Marr is a gifted photographer and judge of photography competitions who has a considerable talent composing his commentary about the photographs. Many are enjoying the added benefit of the commentary as they appreciate their favorites in the show. You will also find a wide range of subjects and styles by the 37 participating photographs. Scott Hooker, has a fine exhibit of his nature landscapes in our East Gallery. Guest photographers Gianni Gugino and Anthony Paladino further enhance the overall exhibit.
We are also pleased to have an exhibit in collaboration with our neighbor, Writers & Books. The photographs by Gallery Partner, Steve Levinson, coincide with the reading of the book The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld, as part of the "If all Rochester Reads the Same Book" series.
Rounding out the exhibit is work by Gallery Partners and Artists-in-Residence, Dick Bennett, Carl Crumley, Steven Levinson, Gil Maker, Don Menges, Jim Patton, David Perlman, Betsy Phillips, John Solberg, Gary Thompson, Phyllis Thompson and Sheridan Vincent.
Plan to attend First Friday Gallery Night on March 3  from 5 to 9 pm. This reception is a great opportunity to view the art, discuss it with the attending artists, and to invest in their photographsClick Here to see our webpage for show details and a preview of photographs in the exhibit. 
Partners' Picks of the Exhibit

After the installation of the photographs in the current show we selected three of our favorites by the current Guest Photographers and wrote commentary on what appealed to us in making the choices.
Red Barn and Clouds
by Gianni Gugino.This is a classic composition of a scene of a red barn...something we all drive by at the speed limit and barely notice. Gianni has made a photograph that has a good composition, with strong colors of green grass, a red barn and a warm-summer sky with billowing white clouds. The white diamond on the barn sets off the barn's roof line, offering a strong counterpoint to the intense red color. It echoes the angle of the roof. The tree on the right actually leans to the right and curves up into the clouds then the eye follows on to the wonderful clouds in the shape of curved lines leading back to the barn.
Winter's Solitude by Scott Hooker. There is a saying that "good things come in threes". Scott's micro-landscape uses this idea of keeping things simple to produce a photograph with a strong graphical impact.
Winter is a time of minimal color, and the photo reinforces the viewer focuses on the three symmetrical trees and their relationship in the snow, devoid of any distracting objects.It is interesting that the center tree is more dominant than the two trees on each side. This balances the it an almost calming impact on the viewer. Living in the Rochester area we can enjoy all four seasons, and this photograph reminds us about the beauty of a season when many of us "hunker down" and don't get out to enjoy winter's beauty.
Sea Waves
by Anthony Paladino. This is a masterful photograph in which Anthony displays a solid pyramid of a rock in the center of turbulent waters. The contrast of the hardness of the rock and the flowing water (using a longer expose to blur the currents) along with what looks like a whirlpool makes for a dramatic contrast. The limited color pallet reinforces the artistry of this photograph One cannot tell the scale of the rock and the water--it could be a small pebble or a giant pyramid... leaving much to the viewer's imagination. The viewer can almost hear the water rippling around the stone....making this a photograph that reinforces enjoying this visual experience for a long time

Calendar of Events
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March 3 First Friday Gallery Night 5 - 9 pm
March 19 Last Day of Peter's Picks - a Retrospective 2015
March 21 First day of Through the Student Lens 2017 Exhibit
March 24 Opening Reception Through the Student Lens 2017

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