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Newsletter #146   July 19, 2019


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Our Newsletter publishes during each of our exhibits to pass along information and reviews of the exhibit, selected images and news of participation opportunities at Image City.  Thank you for your interest and we look forward to another great year of fine photographs and events. We hope to see you at each of the 13 shows we produce in 2019.



A Garden Tapestry       

by Luann Pero   

Current Show Runs Through Sunday, August 4

First Friday Gallery Night, August 2, 5 - 9 pm


Our new exhibit is A Garden Tapestry featuring the creative photographs of Luann Pero, who in setting the exhibit observes that "Everyday nature presents us with a tapestry of color to savor. Through my photography, I try to capture the incredible beauty of flowers and the creativity that they instill in me. I invite you to come and walk through my tapestry of color." Joining Luann we have Joel Krenis in the first of three shows as our current Visiting Artist and Guest Photographers Michelle Turner in the Neuberger Gallery, and Archie Curry, John Ejaife, and Dick Thomas.    


The show will also include the work of Artists-in-Residence Jim Patton, Gary Thompson, and Phyllis Thompson, and Gallery Partners Dick Bennett, Carl Crumley, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Don Menges,  Betsy Phillips, John Solberg, and Sheridan Vincent.


With 17 photographers exhibiting, you will, again, certainly find a wide selection of photographs to enjoy and purchase. The receptions are a fun time with delicious refreshments, discussions with the photographers and other guests, and a enjoyable evening hanging out in The Neighborhood of the Arts. Click here for an online summary of the exhibit as well as a link to the Preview of the Show Gallery where you will find a fine selection of the photographs in the show. There is no admission fee to visit Image City and we are accessible by all.


Plan to attend First Friday Gallery Night on August 2  from 5 to 9 pm. With so many talented, exhibiting photographers, you will enjoy the range and diversity of the show.  



Partners' Picks of the Exhibit   


After reviewing the photographs by the Featured and Guest Photographers in the current exhibit, partners have selected our favorites and have written a commentary on why we made the selection. This is a popular feature of Image City exhibits, visitors enjoy reading the insightful comments while viewing the photos.


Dancing Shadows by Joel Krenis Joel's travel photography often carries a bit of humor - as witnessed by the neighboring image - Foot Fetish. Dancing Shadows is also whimsical as the shadows seem to be accompanying the sculpted dancer as it seems to hold a pose for an instant allowing Joel to make this capture. The image has so much movement in it you may feel as if the 3 characters are actually spinning around in unison. The tilted floor seems to add to the dance scene as the figures might actually slide to the left. Finally, I love the muted tonality of the background. The soft yellow/orange/purple blend sets off the silhouetted figures nicely. Joel is very particular about what he puts in his compositions and his printing is always wonderful. This image does not disappoint.    




Day Lily by Luann Pero  Luann has certainly presented an impressive tapestry of color for us. As with the tapestries of old that once graced fine palaces and castles, Luann work is a decorative delight of lines, shapes, curves and colors. I selected Luann's Day Lily because it stands out from all the others. The complementary colors of greenish/yellow and magenta are pleasing to the eye. Series of threes predominate the image; three large leaves in front with a strong vein emanating from each with the veins dividing the image into thirds. Three secondary leaves forming another triangle in contrast to the one above them. The golden speckles of pollen on the lower petal lets us know that this was the upright position of the flower when Luann created the image. The background is a deep green and provides an almost velvety texture and appearance. Luann also takes the opportunity to severely crop the image so that the ends of the petals are not seen but imagined. The shape of the petals is repeated as the colors progress from the magenta at the end of the petal, to the light yellow and green to the darker green near the stem. Luann has created a beautiful image in the midst of a wonderful exhibition showing her love of flowers and her creative energy in the organization of this display. Thank you, Luann.



Legacy Oak by Dick Thomas One look at Dick's set of images tells you he is fascinated with a connection to nature and rural life. To Dick it seems almost a religious experience.  Legacy Oaks is the anchor image in this collection and for good reason. The tree in this photograph is dominant and fills the frame. The smaller tree beneath its canopy is held gently in place as if a father is protecting it with his draped arm. There are no leaves on the tree or on the ground which leads me to believe this is a spring photo. The sky is gloomy, yet glowing, predicting a changeable environment at any moment. Without its foliage you can see the structural strength of this ancient oak, perhaps 100 years old. In full dress it must be magnificent.  


The Glass Hallway Michelle Turner  This is a wonderful collection, pulling us back in time - a reminder that many of our own ancestors came through this very place, welcomed by the Statue of Liberty. We're also taken on a journey inside the hospital with images of the nurses, the immigrants, and the rooms and spaces where they waited. The Glass Hallway presents a connecting passageway, and we can imagine being in this sunlit space. It is a flowing curve that seems to hold the sunlight and window-pattern designs that the sun creates on the walkway.  Michelle presents a perfect vantage point for us explore the many elements of this setting. The soft light and green color at the center set a welcoming mood and draws us out of the deep shadows in the foreground.  The windowed walls on either side let in both the light and outside and perhaps even the vines that are comfortable on the ceiling. How many stories have been witnessed by this glass hallway? How many courageous people moved through this passageway?



Image City Critique Group  

No Meeting in August 

Next Meeting is September 4 at 6:30pm

The Critique Group will NOT meet in August. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 4th beginning at 6:30PM and the first Wednesday of each month after that.  If you would like to join the group please email Don Menges at



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  August 6 First day of Portfolio Showcase 2019 

  August 9 Reception for Portfolio Showcase 2019 

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