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Newsletter #156   May 1, 2020


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A new resource from the Image City Photography Gallery!


Image City @ Home


We miss you; the many photographers and patrons of our Gallery who share our love of photography. With the gallery temporarily closed and all of us practicing social distancing as much as possible, the partners wish to provide a new free resource to the community which we hope is valuable and fun for anyone interested in photography. We will periodically send links for the three components of our plan through the Image City Photography Gallery newsletter.


Our Goal;
To increase the enjoyment of photography and improve our personal work.


Components of our plan:


Who are recognized as excellent photographers?

A video, documentary or short clips about a famous legacy photographer or one who is currently working will be shared. Example: Do you know the work of Dorothea Lange?


What online learning is available?

Whether we use a cell phone or many other types of cameras, there are many videos online that could be useful for us to improve either our methods of taking photos or our post-production skills. We'll share some of our favorites to give you some ideas.


Who are some local photographers?

We will feature creative work of talented photographers in the Greater Rochester area who have exhibited at Image City and whose work can be inspirational. Example: Lisa Cook.


As we continue our quest, we would appreciate your feedback. If you feel that this program is helpful, we will continue this feature as an additional resource for the community.


Image City's mission statement is:  Creating a quality exhibition and learning experience for photographers and the art-loving community.


This project is another way to achieve our mission. Click Here if you would like to respond with feedback.



Image City @ Home


Issue #2



Most of us know of Dorothea Lange and her iconic work such as "White Angel Breadline," from 1933 and "Migrant Mother," from 1936 that she created for the federal government to document the Depression . Sam Contis presents a much different Lange in his new book "Day Sleeper," a collection of black and white photos that Lange took when she was off assignment from her job for the government. This New Yorker review of Sam Contis' new book includes some of Lange's photos. From Amazon books description: "Sam Contis presents a new window onto the work of the iconic American photographer Dorothea Lange. Drawing from Lange's extensive archive, Contis constructs a fragmented, unfamiliar world centered around the figure of the day sleeper - at once a symbol of respite and oblivion. The book shows us one artist through the eyes of another, with Contis responding to resonances between her and Lange's ways of seeing. It reveals a largely unknown side of Lange, and includes previously unseen photographs of her family, portraiture from her studio, and pictures made in the streets of San Francisco and the East Bay." Click Here for a link to the New Yorker article. Click Here for an excellent YouTube video of her photography.



This is a "fun" video which offers many ideas for creative photography.....especially for those of us who are staying at home. Click Here for the YouTube video. 


Local Photographers

Lisa Cook has spent her life making art, starting with Crayola crayons and papier Mache as a child. As an adult, she studied ceramics and photography at Nazareth College earning her B.S. in studio art.  


Introduced to photography as an undergraduate working in the darkroom, she was drawn to the black and white process because it goes beyond the idea or "thingness "of the subject. She strives to make my images studies in light, form and structure, transcending the usual or expected, to evoke multiple meanings and ironies

Through light and shadow play and composition, she searches for a feeling of presence in her images. Click Here to see a portfolio of Lisa's photographs. 




Challenge Call

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