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Newsletter #158   June 12, 2020 




A new resource from the Image City Photography Gallery!


Image City @ Home


We miss you; the many photographers and patrons of our Gallery who share our love of photography. With the gallery temporarily closed and all of us practicing social distancing as much as possible, the partners wish to provide a new free resource to the community which we hope is valuable and fun for anyone interested in photography. We will periodically send links for the three components of our plan through the Image City Photography Gallery newsletter.


Our Goal;
To increase the enjoyment of photography and improve our personal work.


Components of our plan:


Who are recognized as excellent photographers?

A video, documentary or short clips about a famous legacy photographer or one who is currently working will be shared. Example: Do you know the work of Dorothea Lange?


What online learning is available?

Whether we use a cell phone or many other types of cameras, there are many videos online that could be useful for us to improve either our methods of taking photos or our post-production skills. We'll share some of our favorites to give you some ideas.


Who are some local photographers?

We will feature creative work of talented photographers in the Greater Rochester area who have exhibited at Image City and whose work can be inspirational. Example: Chip Evra.


As we continue our quest, we would appreciate your feedback. If you feel that this program is helpful, we will continue this feature as an additional resource for the community.


Image City's mission statement is:  Creating a quality exhibition and learning experience for photographers and the art-loving community.


This project is another way to achieve our mission. Click Here if you would like to respond with feedback.



Image City @ Home


Issue #5



Nevada Wier is one of the top travel photographers working today. In addition she is a wonderful, inspiring teacher. I had the opportunity a few years ago to have lunch with her and Jim Patton (a Gallery Resident Artist who has traveled with her on several of her photo trips) and it was an amazing experience. Her creativity in both composition and technical skills makes her images a joy to behold. Click Here for one of a series of inspirational photography videos prepared by Santa Fe Workshops. 



Flower Photography is a frequent theme in the work that is both submitted and shown at the gallery. Inthis video Michael Widell gives his eight best tips for Flower Photography. Many of the ideas are applicable to photographing other subjects as well. Even if you don't do flower photography you can learn a lot from this video, Click Here


Local Photographers

John Kosboth has shown extensively at Image City gallery and his work is unbelievably creative as well as challenging to the viewer. He goes beyond simply recording interesting subjects, but creates true works of art. Some of his work is more "straight" photography and some are complex constructs employing photographs but going way beyond the traditional.

Here is a description of his work that he provided:


The final image, if there is such a thing, is a culmination and a commencement. Strong images contain emotional content to which, and thru which, the viewer is informed, connected and reconnected to the image and personal, lifelong, experiences. Each image is a montage of emotions, concepts, memories, desires (and the original piece of reality) being expressed through digital immediacy. Each image is a journey incorporating real, and imagined, life experiences which culminate as image. Commencement is interwoven throughout the process with each conscious/unconscious decision and the actual print in hand. Each image is an image in waiting. The image in hand is but an invitation. What's next? What is light doing now? I pursue minimalism for the beauty it can express so clearly, the focus it allows, the conundrum it presents. Definitive or ill-defined, conceptual, impressionistic, representational, complex, shy, or alluring, art is us. The image is an artifact of the process. We are the art. We are poetry. Here is a link to his web site so you can enjoy his creative talent, focusing on his portfolio of black and white photography.




Through the Student Lens 2020 - a Virtual Exhibit


We are very pleased by the comments we have recieved and by recent press coverage of our local student exhibit of their fine photography. Eighteen high schools and the Flower City Arts Center Photo Club Program participated. Click Here to see the entire exhibit as a Virtual 360 of the Gallery "installation" and a YouTube video describing the show. You Will Be Impressed!




 In Our 15th Year!


The Gallery is Temporarily Closed  

We plan to Reopen with a NEW exhibit on June 16 


There is no admission fee to visit Image City

in the Heart of the Neighborhood of the Arts 

 where our mission is to create a quality exhibition and learning experience for photographers and the art-loving community.


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