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  Bill Bernbeck

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Imagery by Bill Bernbeck

About me...

Bill Bernbeck

It started when I was given an inexpensive, plastic box camera to use on a family vacation to Florida.  I was about 12 years old.  There were no instructions, and the camera had no controls.  I happily clicked away at everything.  I was relishing showing my friends what I had seen over this vacation.  When the developed pictures arrived, I remember my disappointment as I watched each picture come out blurry and crooked.  All, that is, except for one.  Somehow, one picture, taken in a garden in St Augustine, had come out exactly as I remembered.  That single success launched me into the photographer’s art and craft.

 I was shaped by my other influences.  The outdoor adventures of boy scouts; sailing small craft on the Great Lakes; the dedication of competitive sport; developing confidence in a skilled trade; discovering the vastness of the world and its people through reading and literature; these experiences filtered into a desire to express them in my photography.  I developed a wanderlust that is with me to this day

My engineering career took me through a lot of America.  Professionally, I developed fire control instrumentation for a naval torpedo in Minnesota; tested explosive ordnance in the deserts of Arizona; worked on a Mars lander for NASA in Colorado; designed components for nuclear power plants in Buffalo; and developed one of the first distributed control systems using fiber optics in Rochester.  I hold professional engineering licenses in both New York and Colorado.  I continue to provide consulting services to a number of clients.

I have been fortunate to have worked with the Eastman Kodak Company.  Kodak’s influence in photography gave me the opportunity to see the work of many talented and knowledgeable photographic artists.  I achieved recognition at several Kodak International Salons, including the Pathe’ Award for color print excellence, the Australasia award for color slide excellence, and a Kodak International News Snapshot Award.  I was the inaugural chairman for the Kodak Camera Club Photojournalism section.Bill Bernbeck

Together with several colleagues and friends, I helped found Image City Photography Gallery in Rochester NY.  Image City, now in its fourth year of operation, provides a venue exclusively for exhibition of photographic art.  

Above all, I have been blessed with a loving wife and children.  I am further blessed to be a member of a warm and wonderful family.  And I now have lovely and cuddly grandchildren to bounce on my knee and ultimately spoil.

email  Bill.Bernbeck@ImageCityPhotographyGallery.com

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