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The Magic of Light 2022

January 2 - January 23, 2022


All photographs copyright by the individual photographers

Awarded Photographs from the Exhibit

The Big Blue Wall by Loni Titus
Selected by Lumiere Photo and Frame -- Awarded $150 Gift Certificate

The Big Blue Wall by Loni Titus

Lumiere Photo Award – Rheytchul Kimmel and Nils Wiklund

Nils Wiklund from Lumiere Photo said of Loni’s photo, “A minimalistic approach that reduces the image to basic form and color elements. Less is more.”

Loni has many of the essential elements of composition and color in her photo – diagonal and leading lines, triangles, strong complementary colors, rule of thirds, negative space, structure, and minimalism to name a few. All of these components aid the eye to remain with the image for an extended time. Are you able to find other aspects that Loni has captured?

Loni receives a $150 gift certificate from Lumiere Photo for her award.

Shadows and Light by Lee Ingraham

Selected by Archival Methods -- Awarded $150 Gift Certificate

Shadows and Light

by Lee Ingraham

Archival Methods Award – Dennis Inch

Lee Ingraham’s photo of a dense forest in early fall is a good example of what can be accomplished ‘in camera’ to create a different effect. As Dennis Inch, of Archival Methods observed, “It is difficult to photograph in a dense forest. His camera movement captures the feeling of the forest as opposed to just the image of the forest.” What feeling do you have when viewing this?

‘In camera movement’ usually employs a slow shutter speed and movement of the camera while the shutter is open. In this case it appears that Lee moved the camera vertically to take advantage of the dark trees which add structure to the movement of the colored leaves. As the mostly static images of the trees recede away from the camera, depth is added to the photo. Meanwhile one’s eyes flitter to-and-fro amongst the yellow, green, and orange patterns created by the movement of the leaves. A very delightful photo receives a $150 gift certificate from Archival Methods.



Homeless Tent by Andrew Wohl

Selected by Image City -- Awarded $150

Homeless Tent by Andrew Wohl   A photograph can be simple, allowing the viewer to look at it, label it and move on. Or it can be complex....making the viewer spend time looking at it, enjoying it and possibly even be moved by it. This photograph is of the latter group.

Without first looking at the title you observe that it is a study in shapes, good articulation between the light areas and the dark areas with dark sides which show some detail. There is a wonderful display of the texture of the subject, its grittiness. It is almost a study in forms allowing us to see other things in this image, one person suggested that it is a mask!

The use of black-and-white reinforces the impact of this photograph with its asymmetrical placement. You focus on the details of the subject, without the distraction of color.

Upon looking at the title another complementary story opens up. This is a tent of a homeless person! One then starts thinking of all of the people who call this kind of "dwelling" their home. This is especially poignant during the winter holidays, when this is a poor shelter from the elements.
Andrew's photo was the overall selection by the Gallery Partners for a $150 cash award.


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