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Preview of the Show

B&W Invitational

June 14 - July 10, 2022

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

by Julia Rabkin
Julia Rabkin

Holding Light by Andrea Gluckman
Holding Light
Andrea Gluckman

Extremes by Anthony Ryan
Anthony Ryan

Hauled Out by Tim Fuss
Hauled Out
Tim Fuss

Sue's Suit by Clay Arnold
Sue's Suit
Clay Arnold

All Souls Child by Lori Bonati
All Souls Child
Lori Bonati

Casey-Tattoo by Jim Rappleye
Casey - Tattoo
Jim Rappleye

Shallow Pond by Phyllis Thompson
Shallow Pond
Phyllis Thompson

Laguna-Azul-and-paine-Masiff by John Ejaife
Laguna-Azul-and-paine-Masiff John Ejaife

Trail to the Bluffs by Gary Thompson
Trail to the Bluffs
Gary Thompson
Slinky with Tomato by Susan Plunkett
Slinky with Tomato
Susan Plunkett

Liberty Pole by Don Menges
Liberty Pole
Don Menges
Swirls of Gold by Marie Costanza
Swirls of Gold
Marie Costanza
Preening by Archie Curry
Archie Curry
Spider Lily by Luann Pero
Spider Lily
Luann Pero

  Red Dawn by Sheridan Vincent
Red Dawn, Letchworth
Sheridan Vincent

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