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Gallery Picks of the Show

Through the Student Lens 2023

March 21 - April 16, 2023

Gallery Partners have chosen our "Picks of the Show"
by Guest Photographers

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Zion Sunset by Ron Andews

Zion Sunset, by Ron Andrews - 20x30-in $375 Sunsets are inspired examples of the grandeur and nobility of nature as seen in Ron’s image, Zion Sunset. As the setting sun disappears over the majestic mountain, Ron has dramatically captured a spectacular sunset. What makes the full print so entrancing is the equally stunning foreground, and the cloud formations above. As the water winds its way along the tree-lined path, surrounded by the gorge walls rising above, the end result is a landscape that is full of vitality that expresses the passage of time across the land with serene eloquence. There is drama created as the sun lights up the face of the mountain. All the elements of the image, including light and color, fit harmoniously. This is especially true when one studies the complementary colors; where the sun, radiant with its warm hues, are highlighted by the blues seen in the clouds and water. The rhythmic pattern of the water as it flows along the rocks, dramatically leads the observer’s eyes to the majestic main subject. One can imagine as the evening progresses, the awesome sky will be featureless, while the winding river will continue to traverse its path over the weathered sedimentary rocks. As one studies Ron’s image, one might wonder about the mountain rock layers that hold stories of ancient environments and inhabitants, very different from those found in Zion today. I won’t elaborate on the story conjured in my mind, rather I will leave it up to every observer to form an opinion. Thank you, Ron, for capturing the mood and majesty of an excellent image for all to admire for its visual excitement. By Marie Costanza

Pas de Deux by Elisa Knataitis

Pas de Deux, by Elisa Knataitis - 16x20-in $185

Elisa’s title evokes a ballet term (a dance for two people) only flowers substitute for the dancers. This evokes the simplicity and beauty of two flowers which appear to be dancing with each other! They are removed from reality against a neutral background, with no distractions. You can focus on their beautiful gestures, with the two flowers almost touching, perhaps an intimate kiss?

Many photographs of flowers are busy, colorful and crowded, but Elisa has produced a beautiful, minimalist photograph which is NOT busy, NOT colorful and NOT crowded. It is a very strong graphic composition with the two flowers rising upwards and meeting each other in a wonderful pose. Gesture is the word that comes to mind as you look at this photograph.

Elisa’s framing technique complements this photograph. A glass-less frame removes any possibility of glare interrupting viewing this photo…..you don't have to move around to not see yourself reflected in the glass. It contributes to the peacefulness of this photo.

This is truly the centerpiece of Elisa’s current show, a tough achievement due to the overall quality of all of the photographs exhibited by her. It would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection of fine-art photography. By Steve Levinson



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