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If you are unable to visit our gallery and would like to purchase photographs from this preview or others in the gallery, please contact the gallery and call 585-271-2540.


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February 20 - March 17, 2024

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A Selection of Photographs in the Exhibit

All images copyright by the individual photographers

Spanish Dancer by Anne Ryan
Spanish Dancer
Anne Ryan
On the Edge by Robert Then
On the Edge
Robert Then
Strong Red by Beth Quattrociocchi
Strong Red
Beth Quattrociocchi
Moroccan Spices by Steve Dent
Moroccan Spices
Steve Dent
Three Red Skittles by John Ejaife
Three Red Skittles
John Ejaife

Mary's Tulips by Susan Rudy
Mary's Tulips
Susan Rudy

Kodak Lights by Allen Greene
Kodak Lights
Allen Greene
Red 57 by Tom Knauss
Red 57
Tom Knauss
Heart House by Steven Randall
Heart House
Steven Randall
Red Alert by Ken Kassel
Red Alert
Ken Kassel
Vase by Michael Haugh
Michael Haugh
Wave Singer 27 by Jonathan White
Wave Swinger 27
Jonathan White
Winter's Touch by John Stuhlman
Winter's Touch
John Stuhlman
Abram by Andrea Gluckman
Andrea Gluckman
Praying Mantis Greeting by Joe Jech
Praying Mantis Greeting
Joe Jech
Camera Rochester
Llama Family with 2 Legs by Loretta Petralis
The Llama Family
Loretta Petralis
Camera Rochester

Busy Sun Gem by Laurie Knapp
Busy Sun Gem
Laurie Knapp
Camera Rochester
Silly Old Goat by Sandy Silvestri
Silly Old Goat
Sandy Silvestri
Camera Rochester

Red Daisies by Luann Pero
Red Daisies
Luann Pero
Troll Pappa og Sonn
Troll Pappa og Sonn
Sheridan Vincent

Projection-Royal Armory Stockholm Sweden by Steve Levinson
Projection-Royal Armory Stockholm, Sweden
Steve Levinson
  Frozen in Time by Marie Costanza
Frozen in Time
Marie Costanza

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