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Peter's Picks of the Month

January 2 - January 25, 2009

Peter Marr picked his favorite photos of the show
by the featured and guest photographers, here is how he described his choices:


All images copyright by the individual photographers

2nd Juried Theme Show

The Magic of Light

The second annual juried theme show THE MAGIC OF LIGHT  is a superb exhibition of some of the best images that I have had the privilege to view. It is a “must see” for anyone who can get to the Gallery in the next three weeks, where they cannot fail to be delighted with an exhibition that showcases the wonderful talents of over 100 photographers. For “Peters Picks”, I was hard-pressed to select my 6 favorite images from the 212 prints in the exhibition. After extended viewing and deliberation, I have made comments on 6.

Peter A. Marr

Down Stairs by John Solberg

Down Stairs
by John Solberg

A truly dramatic image showing incredible design, and brilliant use of saturated color elements of reds and purples. The gradation of hues and tonal values incorporating these colors, with the interplay of magentas and yellows, coupled with strong black lines and shadows, together give a breathtaking design that is visually stunning. The striking diagonal thrust of the steps and floor “brick-lines” might want to take your eye out of the frame at the top, but your eyes are held by the strong vertical poles, the opposing “brick-lines”, and of course by the feet and legs of the person stepping down. I feel that the overall image is so powerful, that it would be great even without the human intrusion, but what the presence of this person does, is to give the image a whole new dimension, namely, one of mystery and imagination. One could easily envisage for example, a whole scenario of who he is, where is he going, what lies beyond the steps in the space ahead?, etc . The person is exiting the frame, yet you do not have to follow him, your eye is still held firmly in the picture, and one still has plenty of time to absorb, feel, and wonder at the exquisite color and design elements in this awe-inspiring image.

Stairs, Vajdahunyad by Jeno Horvath


Stairs, Vajdahunyad
By Jeno Horvath

An outstanding image of an interior segment of an ancient building, where the stairs are the dominant feature, but where the strong verticals, curves, design elements and the excellent lighting are equally important. This image is a great credit to the photographer for capturing and printing this historic architectural detail so beautifully. Apart from the photographic excellence, what really grabs you is the sense of wonder and history for the stories that these steps could relate to you, of the life of the people who walked on these stairs over countless years and possible centuries. As we look into this superb print, does your eye go up the stairs towards the small highlight at the top?, or does it come down the steps in order to look through the opening at the side where a window or other stairs may be present, and then continue on through the open ornate wooden door into the courtyard beyond? For myself, I go in both directions. I have no favorite way, for each stair, whether going up or down, continues to be a magical mystery tour, one where countless stories from the past can re-emerge at will.  A really stellar, thought-provoking image.

RGB=White by Richard D. Welch

R, G, B = White
by Richard D. Welch

This is a dramatic and intriguing abstract image, which is visually both striking and powerful. It is not important that the print originated from elements in an Art Gallery, or was scientifically and digitally created by the artist, what is important, is that I really like and admire it. I just love the concept and the execution of how the powerful saturated colors of the main characters, namely R, G, and B join hands to make up White- or do they?  for from an artist or photographers point of view, this may differ. I personally imagined that the digital skills of the author “stretched” the R, G, and B elements into the “white” globular mass which seems to float in a world of its own. If this is something near the actual truth, then the artist has my complete admiration for his technical expertise. There is no doubt that this piece, whether it be “real” or digitally manufactured, could occupy a treasured space in either the Museum of Modern Art or the Albright-Knox Art Museum. The print stands on its own, and I am sure it will be a fascinating talking point among visitors to this exhibition.


Rudbeckia by Bonnie Gamache

by Bonnie Gamache

Exquisite color and color contrast, superb design, visual impact and originality, all highlight this outstanding image. Rarely do you see a flower photographed from the “stems point of view”, but how else could you capture natures fantastic use of the intricate design and color of both leaves and petals of this beautiful flower. The seamless marriage of the deep green leaves with the resplendent reds and yellows of the petals is visually stunning, complementing outstanding design features that are both a credit to nature and to the discerning artistic eye of the photographer. Even the intricate detail in the leaves with their sharp, delicate, hair-like appendages demand attention, taking your eye on a magical journey through a phenomenal color field of richness, strength, delicacy and beauty. A truly wonderful image, imaginatively and creatively perceived and presented.

Crystal Face by Loreal Prystaj

Crescent Face
by Loreal Prystaj

 This is a truly dramatic, intimate portrait of a young lady, using strong side lighting to illuminate one side of her face in a crescent-like shape, which is so aptly captured in the title of the print. This attractive shape is furthermore emphasized by the soft touches of light on her hair, and especially with the bold curves of the necklace that she is wearing. One is immediately struck and captivated by the haunting and deeply penetrating expression she portrays. The look in her eye, so beautifully captured by the photographer with the use of dramatic lighting, is one of inquisitiveness, of power, of tenderness, reaching out for all to embrace, perhaps challenge, but certainly to love and cherish. This is certainly a very moving image of a beautiful young lady, intensely and lovingly captured by the author, who obviously knows and understands her subject extremely well.

Pont de Rennes Bridge by Don Menges


Pont de Rennes Bridge
By Donald Menges

 I personally love panoramic images, and this picture by Donald Menges is a superb example of this photographic art. The detail in this majestic image is remarkable, and what to me is really astonishing, is the 3-dimensional impact that this picture gives. I have viewed many thousands of scenic images in my time, many of them panoramic vistas, but this particular image has the most 3-dimensional impact that I have experienced. We live in an age of 3-dimensionality, soon to be experienced on our TV monitors, but here, we can take it all in, without the use of stereo glasses, and step right into the scene as if we were there in person. Our eyes traversing constantly the real vista could not have been seen or retained such breathtaking details as we do when we look at this print. The photographer’s vision and artistic skills are truly evident here, and by the skillful use of the latest digital techniques, he has given us a truly memorable panoramic image.

Pont de Rennes Bridge by Don Menges - Larger View

Also presented in a larger view given the narrow nature of the panoramic view.

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