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Preview of the Show

The NOTA Project


Gil Maker
Steve Malloy Desormeaux
Don Menges
John Solberg
George Wallace

October 7 - November 2, 2014

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

A Selection from the Photographer's Exhibits

NOTA by Steve Malloy Desormeaux
Art and an Oil Change #1
Steve Malloy Desormeaux

500 University Ave by Don Menges
500 University Avenue
Don Menges
by George Wallace
Steve Carpenter's Studio
George Wallace

Kim with Glass by John Solberg
Kim with Glass
John Solberg
Morning Sunshine by Ron Gouger
Morning Sunshine
Ron Gouger, Camera Rochester

Quakertown by Hiatt Zhao
Hiatt Zhao
Angles and Planes by Dan Neuberger
Angles and Planes
Dan Neuberger
Caboose by Carl Crumley
Carl Crumley

Anthem by Steve Levinson
Steve Levinson
Cemetery by Jane Hopkins
Old Bennington Cemetery
Jane Hopkins
Under the Ago Staircase by Stanley Hattman
Under the Ago Staircase
Stanley Hattman, Camera Rochester
Autum at the Lower Falls by Gary Thompson
Autum at the Lower Falls
Gary Thompson
Morning Light by Phyllis Thompson
Morning Light
Phyllis Thompson
Twin Bridges to Paradise by Paul Drushler
Twin Bridges to Paradise
Paul Drushler
Summer Solstice 2008 by Sheridan Vincent
Summer Solstice 2008, Irondequoit Bay Outlet
Sheridan Vincent



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