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Partner Picks of the Show


Peter's Picks 2013: A Retrospective

February 24 - March 22, 2015


Gallery Partners have made selections of their favorites
from the Guest Photographers in the exhibit.

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Partner Picks
Remnant of a Fallen Tree by John A. Ejaife 

Remnant of a Fallen
by John  A. Ejaife

This photograph effectively utilizes a strong subject close to the viewer with an interesting landscape in the background that does not distract from the plastic form of the fallen tree. The photograph is interesting in how it employs the snow on the tree to provide a "shadow" of the tree by outlining its top surfaces. The background colors are muted reflecting the all too common gray environment that we see during the winter, with the foreground tree providing a little bit of color to focus the eye on it. The use of something like a fallen tree rather than a complete freestanding tree provides a counterpoint to the trees that are still alive.

Gaze at the Lighthouse by Daniel Silver

Gaze at the Lighthouse
by Daniel Silver

Daniel Silver has skillfully used a colorful foreground and a strong leading line to his lighthouse subject in his superbly composed photograph titled Gaze at the Lighthouse. He has placed three interesting components tactfully together to fill the frame of his image.  The two bright red chairs produce a strong foreground anchor. He masterfully has positioned his camera so that the chairs look out at the white fence. The viewer’s eye is then lead along the fence until it ultimately is directed to the lighthouse.

The slight diagonal angle of the fence enhances the eye’s flow to the lighthouse.  The tower of the lighthouse is strategically placed at the upper left axis of the image thus utilizing the power of the “rule of thirds”.

Balance is created by the triangulation of the three major components of the image.

Emotion is also communicated by this image.  This occurs because the physical arrangement of the basic three elements invites us to step into the image. The allure of the red chairs is powerful and we can imagine ourselves sitting in them while we sip coffee in the early morning, or read a book, or hold hands with one we love, or take a snooze, or use the waves of the sea to daydream. The simplicity rendered by the three major components is very powerful.  There are no distractions or portions of the image that detract from the theme. Daniel’s Gaze at the Lighthouse, is a true masterpiece photograph.

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