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Preview of the Show

The Magic of Light 2018

Our 11th Juried Show

88 Photographers Exhibiting

January 2 - January  21, 2018

In the Neuberger Gallery

Scott Matyjaszek

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

A Selection of the Top-Rated Photographs

St. Etienne-du-Mont  by Scott Matyjaszek
St. Etienne-du-Mont
Scott Matyjaszek


Single Light by Edgar Ballestas
Single Light
Edgar Ballestas
Old Pier by Dana Besaw
Old Pier
Dana Besaw
Window Shopping by David Braitsch
Window Shopping
Dave Braitsch
Smoke on the Water by Don DeLong
Smoke on the Water
Don DeLong
Hemlock Lake by Sherman Henzel
Hemlock Lake
Sherman Henzel
Water Leaf by Michael Keaton
Water Leaf
Michael Keaton
Monk's Room by Tom Kredo
Monk's Room
Tom Kredo
Family Dining Space by Peter Mahan
Family Dining Space
Peter Mahan
Milky Way Road by Margy Meath
Milky Way Road
Margy Meath
Take a Hike by Nikhil Nagane
Take a Hike
Nikhil Nagane
Reaching Out by Sheila Nelson
Reaching Out
Sheila Nelson
Derby Field Rounds the First Turn by Thomas OBrien
Derby Field Rounds the First Turn
Thomas OBrien
Heirloom Apples by Angela Possemato
Heirloom Apples
Angela Possemato
Lost in a Dream by Karen Schlenker
Lost in a Dream
Karen Schlenker

Starburst Liberty Pole by Joseph Stanislow 
Starburst Liberty Pole
Joseph Stanislow

Shadows at Sunrise by Katie RubinShadows at Sunrise
Katie Rubin
Hemlock Milky Way by Patty SingerHemlock Milky Way
Patty Singer
Vestrahorn by David Soderlund
David Soderlund
The Pier by James Tydings
The Pier
James Tidings
Quiet Window by Robert Welch
Quiet Window
Robert Welch

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