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Partners' Picks of the Show

True Colors

by David Bleich


Gallery Partners have chosen their "Picks of the Show"

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Partners' Picks of Guest Photographers
Mission Inn by David Bleich

Mission Inn
by David Bleich

David has a quite different exhibit of large metal and acrylic prints to display in this show. The name that he selected “True Colors” is something of a play on words. He calls his process “defamiliarization” or an artistic technique used to present work in an unfamiliar or strange way in order to gain new perspectives and see the world differently. In David’s hands he alters the colors of the image. They are also more striking because David believes in producing very large photographs. Upon entering the Gallery, the first photograph appears to be a street scene or square in some Mediterranean city. It is actually the Mission Inn, a 4-star hotel in Riverside, California. The ornate ‘square’ looks to have been taken in the early morning or evening based on the light source and the appearance of only a couple of people. The first thing that draws one’s attention is the red umbrellas in the center foreground. Umbrellas, a ubiquitous prop of movies and images causes one to ponder their symmetrical beauty and wonder what might be going on beneath them. Upon more inspection the color red is predominant in the photo as an accent of vertical and horizontal portions and of the flowers along the balconies leading the eye to view other parts of the photo. The earthy colors and subdued lighting of the buildings surrounding the umbrellas further highlight the red and give depth to the photo and leads one’s eye to return to the umbrellas. David’s technical prowess is displayed further by harmonizing the white balance, shading and lighting between the two sections of the photo created by the diagonal sharpness between the golden lighting on the right and the darker shade on the. Thank you, David for this beautiful rendition of an idyllic scene.


Steam Engine by Jim Dusen

Steam Engine
By Jim Dusen

Jim has shown his work at Image City for many years. We can always identify a “Dusen” when we see one.  Sometimes it’s by the subject matter and more often it’s by the style that Jim uses to express himself photographically.  The photos Jim has given us this time around are more about his style than any particular theme. Jim’s work literally feels heavy and dark in tonality.  Jim enjoys a good vignette.  The image I enjoy the most is the “Steam Engine,” perhaps because I know some of the story behind it.  When you study a photograph long enough you often ask yourself… how, exactly, did he take that shot?  Is he up on a ladder in front of a parked steam engine? That can’t be right because the flags on the side are actually flying implying motion. Most of Jim’s photographs beg for a story or an explanation.  The two old guys are having a serious conversation… about what? The guitar player is playing what song? How did he take that drinking fountain photo? Finally, how was that steam engine actually photographed? Rather than giving it away here, I suggest you go to the Image City web page and listen to the interviews about this show. Jim’s part of the interviews reveals the answer!

Full Throttle by Laura Kneckt



Full Throttle
by Laura Knecht

A strong photograph is not stagnant, but uses what is called “gesture” to initiate a stronger response from the viewer.  This is obvious with people photographs; it is more interesting to have a person doing something than just standing there.

Full Throttle exhibits how a subject other than a person can also exhibit gesture.  The horses, the harness carts and the drivers all exhibit this.  The gesture is speed…the viewer can almost feel the three horses and their “riders” moving through the image.  There is no significant blur in the subjects,  however the horses leave  behind a wake of ground from the track.

What is also very interesting in this photo is sort of an optical illusion…there are three riders but on first look you only see two carts and two horses.  Where did they go?  Spending more time with the photo you can see them, but not without some work.  This makes the photo a challenge to the viewer…not everything is obvious.

Laura uses black and white very effectively in the photo.  The colorful racing silks and clothing might overpower the image and focus the viewer on these colors and not on the majesty of the horses and their jockeys.  By processing this image as black and white, these distractions are minimized and we can marvel at the musculature of the horses, the almost “jumping out” of the frame of the three racing teams as well as the separation from the background.

This photo is one that can raise your blood pressure with the excitement of a harness race!

Autumn by Dick Thomas

by Dick Thomas

Dick has once again provided a beautiful exhibit of his photographic work.

In a fitting subject for this time of year, his photo Autumn showcases his approach to channel his personal vision of the subject matter, in this case this beautiful landscape.

The curve of the unpaved pathway through the woods brings horizontal movement into photo and invites the viewer to travel down the path and around the curve. It literally draws you into this image. 

It's easy to spend time looking carefully at the trees that lie at the sides of the pathway, and then behind them.   There is depth, here too, a three-dimensionality.   The climbing red vines seem to hover around trunks, creating a glow.  This and the surrounding yellows create a "fire of autumn" which would be happier were not so many real fires happening in California.

We can wander around this wonderful forest scene, and we're always brought back to the center, keeping us captured in its beauty.

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