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Preview of the Show

Bringing It All Together

 May18 - June 13, 2021

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Oxen by Jim Patton
Plowing in the Mist
Jim Patton

Umbrella by David Perlman
David Perlman

Trail of the Birches by Gary Thompson
Trail of the Birches
Gary Thompson

Rest in Peace by Jane Hopkins
Rest in Peace
Jane Hopkins

Azaleas in the Forest by Phyllis Thompson
Azaleas in the Forest
Phyllis Thompson

Ellison by Dave Northrup
Dave Northrup

After Dinner Drink by Marie Costanza
After Dinner Drink
Marie Costanza

Spring Colors by Dick Thomas
Spring Colors
Dick Thomas

An Endless Reverie by Nikhil Nagane
An Endless Reverie
Nikhil Nagane, Camera Rochester

Blue by Bev Cronkite
Bev Cronkite
Camera Rochester
Helianthus-Gloria by Elena Dilai
Elena Dialai
Camera Rochester

Track Crossing by Tom Kredo
Treasure Find
Tom Kredo

Sunset Sentinels by Rick Warner
Sunset Sentinels
Rick Warner
Camera Rochester
Feathers by Don Menges
Don Menges

Lilac by Luann Pero
Luann Pero
Nevada Falls by John Solberg
Nevada Falls
John Solberg
Nocturnal Butterfly by Sheridan Vincent
Nocturnal Butterfly
Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden
Sheridan Vincent
Zoo by Steve Levinson
Steve Levinson

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