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Grapes and Pears by Marie Costanza

Grapes and Pears
by Marie Costanza

Marie shows great creativity as our current Visiting Artist at the Gallery. For this show she works in a venue that is relatively new….how to do photography when you are “trapped” in your home due to the pandemic.  For some artists this has resulted in a lapse in work and for others has encouraged and inspired them to look for new and novel ways to make great photography. 

Marie has clearly embraced the second path with this wonderful series titled COVID Cooking.

Photography is a combination of the roots “photo” and “graphy”.   Marie has chosen somewhat common objects and given them new life as she captures the wonderful lighting that displays color and texture of her “subjects’.  She dramatically lights the subjects creating a beautiful studio look.

The work brings to mind the Dutch masters’ still life painting school, where often against a black background the beauty of objects obtainable at the local market is displayed.

These photographs have been given a “decorator touch” by use of novel framing, which contribute to their impact. We look forward to her final display as a Visiting Artist at our next show.  


Rest in Peace by Jane Hopkins


Rest in Peace
by Jane Hopkins

Jane has exhibited a beautiful set of images four of which are accompanied by text that reveals a deep and powerful grief from the loss of someone beloved.  She takes us through a winter of despair to a Spring of renewal, sharing from an open heart.  The images, too, tell this story -- the sculptures in each reflecting the deep emotion that accompanies loss.

This fifth photograph, Rest in Peace, brings the beginnings of acceptance. There is no accompanying text --  Jane’s ability to communicate through this image is as powerful as the words she shared in the companion photographs. The foreground bed of flowers welcomes us to a beautifully balanced structure with two figures. One, in deep remembrance and acceptance and the other, an angel, standing watch. The flowering trees in the background reminding us of the Spring, and the brilliant halo against the blue sky bringing light again to a passage that is no longer so dark. Rest in Peace is a message for the one who is no longer here, and now, in the Spring, to the one who remains.

A profound and beautiful message in your work, Jane.  Thank you.

The Real Tree of Life by Dick Thomas


The Real Tree of Life
by Dick Thomas

Dick is a nature lover, and his photographs reflect his desire to sometimes disconnect from the digital world to a more peaceful and meaningful place.  He isn’t concerned with fancy equipment either. Dick tries to share his personal vision of nature and the significant role it plays in his life. If he has done that for you, he has succeeded.

The Real Tree of Life depicts an older tree with several broken branches, but that only illustrates that it has experienced good and bad times and has survived to still provide a home for the red-tailed hawk sitting in its branches. We don’t often place our subject in the middle of the frame, but when it works… it works.  Here the tree is the hero standing in the field alone but supported by his “family” just coming over the hill in the background. The lone tree also holds together the earth, hills, and sky.  There is no sunny day nor green leaves to make this photo “pretty,” yet there is something warm and comforting about the image it creates in your mind.  A successful message Dick!

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