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If you are unable to visit our gallery and would like to purchase photographs from this preview or others in the gallery, please contact the gallery and call 585-271-2540.


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February 21 - March 19, 2023

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A Selection of Photographs in the Exhibit

All images copyright by the individual photographers

Blown Away by Marcia Birken
Blown Away
Marcia Birkin

Spider Lady's Web by Jerome Kaye
Spider Lady's Web
Jerome Kaye

The Chief by Jim McLoughlan
The Chief
Jim McLaughlin
Confection Beacon by Brian Ricotta
Confection Beacon
Brian Ricotta

Futuristic-Motorcycle-Luigi-Colani-1978 by Susan Kaye
Futuristic Motorcycle
Susan Kaye
Red Shoes by David Low
Red Shoes
David Low

Just Thinking by Mauricio Gomez
Just Thinking
Mauricio Gomez

Trash Vaudeville, NYC by Erin Moriarty
Trash Vaudeville, NYC
Erin Moriarty

Vortex en Rouge by Jane Hopkins
Vortex en Rouge
Jane Hopkins

Lily in Red by Tom Kredo
Lily in Red
Tom Kredo

Lamberton Tulips by Donna LaPlante
Lamberton Tulip
Donna LaPlante

Piouette by Tatiana Hulse
Tatiana Hulse

Flutter by Elisa Knataitis
Elisa Knataitis

NZ Fisherman by David Mezzoprete
NZ Fisherman
David Mezzoprete

Red Umbrella by Scott Matyjaszek
Red Umbrella
Scott Matyjaszek
ROC Winter by John Guzman
ROC Winter
John Guzman

Oh by Beth Quattrociocchi
Beth Quattrociocchi
Companion by Elena Dilai
Elena Dilai, Camera Rochester

Disconnected by Luann Pero
Luann Pero

Sunset on the Nile by John Ejaife
Sunset on the Nile
John Ejaife, Camera Rochester

Yes, Mom by Jason Abel
Yes, Mom
Jason Abel, Camera Rochester
Anna by Don Menges
Don Menges

Fireworks over Downtown Rochester by Steven Kalbach
Fireworks over Downtown Rochester
Stephen Kalbach, Camera Rochester
Weathering another Storm by Marie Costanza
Weathering another Storm
Marie Costanza

  Red Dawn by Sheridan Vincent
Red Dawn
Sheridan Vincent

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