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 Bill Bernbeck
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Walkabout Journal 

Stories of Discovery Along the Road

by Bill Bernbeck

 Welcome to my Journal.  The articles linked to this page are episodes of the experiences encountered in my “walkabout”.  I borrowed this Australian Bushman’s term to describe a casual trek on a path not yet taken.  It is a journey of discovery.  The objective is to let yourself wander about and take casual note of your encounters.  Let your interest gather with whatever you come across.  It is perfectly fine just to see what is over the next hill. 

My wife, Bernie, and I downsized in a big way.  We sold our house and trimmed down our “things” to a bare minimum.  With minimal baggage, we are finding our way down whatever road may be in front of us. 

I hope you will enjoy reading the articles, and feel the excitement of this, our journey of discovery. 

A Wild Moose Chase

First Snow

Mobo, Bucky and Belle

Manhattan Skyline

With the Moon on Their Wing

 Heading Home

Navajo Sandstorm

Let Freedom Ring

Ex Libris

North Park Antelope

Journey to the Horizon

Orion Rising

La Mar

Dancing with Seals

Storm Waves, Nantucket

Scallop Fishing on Nantucket

All articles and images Copyright Bill Bernbeck


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