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Daniel P. Crozet
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Artist Statement

I enjoy this first opportunity to be exhibited and to know how others appreciate my work.

I am trying to make pictures that tell a story to people when they see them,

I invite you to enter into the world of my pictures by feeling free to develop an individual interpretation and imagining your own stories before you read the title that I have given to the pictures.

                       Thank you for visiting my online gallery.

                                                             Daniel P. CROZET

Remarks and Comments that I have heard or read and that could apply to my Work and Myself:

-  “ Photography: to reveal new visual realities ……”

-  “ If you think of color as recording a scene, we could say that black and white interprets ……”

-  “ I became interested in photography as a teenager, in other words a long time ago ….”

-  “ I am a self taught photographer, experimenting and improving with trial and error practice ….”

-  “ I like cooking ”

-  “ I learned photography by using an all manual camera and developing and printing my black and white pictures .”

-  “ I work on a “hodge-podge” of themes ….”

-  “ I have the luxury to take photographs only for myself ….”

-  “ I live in Keuka Park, NY in the Finger Lakes area ….”

-  “ I have never been a person who works in terms of project. Whatever grabs my eye and I find interesting, I’ll photograph ..”

-  “ When I photograph, I feel relaxed and have few worries. I do not make it for a living, so I feel freer than someone on assignment, I’ll loose creativity that way…..”

-  “ I  am a Xerox retiree….”

-  “ My approach to both shooting and post shooting work is to keep it as simple as possible ….”

-  “ I am not a gear carrier ….”

-   “ Digital photography has opened new creative doors …”

-   “ I can experiment a lot more with digital ….”

-   “ I use Photoshop to work with the images, not to altering them ….”

-   “ Sometimes I build the image at the same time I process it ….”

-   “ My measure of success is how the image makes me feel ….”

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