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Luann Pero

Ford Street Bridge by Luann PeroEach time I pick up my camera, I embark on a journey. I try to capture the essence of a moment: the symphony of line, subtle color and reflections of light present in the daily beauty that surrounds us. Unpredictable and spontaneous happy accidents occur at the intersection of the literal and the figurative.

The literal and figurative merged for me when I visited an old nursery. A grove of aged white birch trees stood in the haze of the 90 degree summer afternoon. To the left was a meadow with a back-lit stand of pine trees….the view was breathtaking!  This sultry afternoon influenced a series of impressionistic photographs.

 Chef Massimo Bottura said that, “You have to be ready to see things that others don’t even imagine. Make the Visible the Invisible.”  Photography allows me the opportunity to Magnolia Blossom by Luann Peroexplore other aspects of the subject matter before me. Composing and focusing on an image while looking through the lens of the camera, hearing the click of the shutter, and later discovering the magic that the image holds, all adds to the fascination of taking pictures.  The use of software packages such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Nik and Topaz has given me the opportunity to stretch my creativity even further.

Durand Trees in Fog by Luann PeroIn retirement, photography has been an extension of my graphic arts background, printmaking, and other artistic endeavors. My work has been featured at the Image City Photography Gallery, the Lower Link Gallery, the Baptist Temple, Barnes & Noble, the Williams Gallery, the Bausch & Lomb Gallery, Gallery 96, the PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont, the Starry Nights Café, and also hangs on the walls of  collectors and other supporters.  In addition, I have recently become a partner at the Image City Photography Gallery on University Avenue. 

Capturing the emotional moment and beauty of a scene is my voice and my joy. Richard Murai says it well, when he stated in Black & White magazine, April 2017, that “Art-making is basically an extension of one’s soul and spirit; of what one perceives and holds dear."

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