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betsy phillips

"spirit stands still for the photographer it has chosen....."     minor white




In many ways, I feel that I have been chosen. Mine is a unique vision – one that is able to see beauty in the ordinary and the commonplace, the beauty of shape and design in discarded objects, and in mere patterns of light and shadow.

 artist's statement:

My art is about pushing limits, setting new ones, seeing in different ways. It’s about capturing the essence of a subject: the shape, the form, the color, the texture, the light and shadow that the subject casts or reflects, and making that essence the subject. It’s about mystery, drama and simplicity. It’s about design and composition and eliminating the unnecessary. It’s about transforming a three-dimensional subject into a two dimensional image. It’s about delight and the joy of seeing the beauty in the ordinary and sharing that joy with the viewer.

 brief bio:         

 A Rochester native, I have lived a double life, one as caseworker for Monroe County’s Child Protective Services, and one as an artist / photographer.  A would- be architect, my educational background is in art and design, with only a few courses in photography. In that, I am mostly self-taught. I began photographing 35 years ago, but consciously chose not to pursue photography as a career, so as to not risk loosing the joy of making images. Instead, photography has been a passion that has driven me to far off lands and to local junkyards, to experimentation in a variety of media, to unexpected places and people, and to self discovery.

Now, it has led me to a wonderful new adventure - Image City Photography Gallery, where, with seven friends, I hope to not only share my vision and joy in photography, but assist others in sharing their joy and vision as well.

 “If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you where you would
not have thought there would be doors and where there would
not have been doors for anyone else….. “  

                                                                                    joseph campbell




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