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Dick Bennett

Dick BennettWhen does a passion become a profession? My early photographs were taken through the eyes of a teenager taking image of events and people. The Democrat & Chronicle published an image of mine that was taken shortly after the 1991 Ice Storm. Another of my published images was of my eldest son when he was one year old. As they grew, I chronicled the joy and exuberance of my sons and their teammates in competitive sports and other activities. A couple years ago a desire to improve my picture taking led me to upgrade my equipment and my path as a fledging photo artist was created. Since retiring from teaching I am able to spend more time at my craft. Currently I’m shooting mostly landscapes and my images may be seen in both Capture Rochester books, at Image City Photography Gallery and other locales around Rochester including the High Falls Gallery, Sips Coffee and  Dark Horse Coffee. I create and sell note cards of my images and I am also available for portraits.

Dancing with Wings at Dusk by Dick BennettI have always been enthralled with the power of an image to teach, to challenge, to capture an experience, to focus attention or to tell a story. Photography is a way of sharing oneself with the viewer. Every person sees the world though our own experiences. When I photograph a scene or a person, I am sharing my interpretation with the viewer. A nod of the head, a word, or an exclamation let me know that I have reached someone with my images and a momentary bond forms.

When you look at my work as it progresses and I experiment with new techniques, I welcome your comments on your experiences with the subject as I have portrayed them. You may contact me at

Downtown Rochester by Dick Bennett    Great Bend by Dick Bennett


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