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Marie Costanza

Marie in SnowDuring my career as a high school English and Journalism teacher, I managed an urban community newspaper as a mechanism for my students to learn interviewing, writing, editing and photography skills. As digital cameras were emerging, even unmotivated students were delighted to learn communication skills as they went outside the classroom with a camera around their neck, taking photos of interesting subjects for the articles they wrote. Later, as the Director of the Career in Teaching Program of the Rochester City School District, I was able to incorporate my photography skills when creating educational videos and booklets to help new teachers and mentors learn best practice skills.

Verdicchio-di-Matelica by Marie CostanzaSince retiring from my career as an educator, I have continued to explore the world of photography. My favorite subjects to photograph include wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, and still life. I enjoy seeking wildlife in area parks or when traveling. I especially like capturing photos of critters with their mates or with their babies as they engage in natural behavior. I also enjoying spending time on the arrangements of common household items for still life images. In order to continuously learn new photography techniques/ideas, and to network with other photographers, I am a member of the following photography organizations: Photographic Society of America Worldwide (PSA), Image City Photography Critique Group, 31 Days Photography Group, Rochester Area Nature Photography Meetup Group and Camera Rochester Photography Club.

Twin Reflections by Marie CostanzaRockabye Raccoons by Marie Costanza





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