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Peter's Picks of the Month

June 17 - July 12, 2009

Face of India
 by Jim Patton   

Peter Marr picked his favorite photos of the show
by the featured and guest photographers and also describes the strength of the images he has chosen.


All images copyright by the individual photographers

Jim has given us a scintillating exhibition of the very highest quality, one that clearly shows his passion and love for the people and culture of the most diverse country in the World. Centuries of invasion, occupation and re-occupation, of strife, poverty and ethnic changes, have left India with a vast mix of peoples, religions and languages, but it has resulted in a rich heritage that Jim has captured exceptionally well. In each of his wonderful prints, his affection and warmth for the people clearly shines through. These are not just portraits, or records of life in India, they are insightful and heartfelt memories, beautifully presented as a tribute to his interest and meaningful interactions with the people and culture of this great country. Jim’s images are alive with an astonishing array of vibrant colors, unique costumes, striking environments, and a special intimacy that shows how he has truly captured the diversity and spirit of this great land. I have many personal favorites in this exhibition that I would love to comment on, especially, “Village Elder”, “Scholar”, “At the Mosque”, “Sun Temple Saffron” and “Meenakshi Temple Greeting”, just to name a few, but space considerations only allow me to comment on one picture. I would personally like to thank Jim for this superb, compelling and uplifting exhibition. For those who have visited India (or have not, like myself) we are very fortunate to be able to see such a visually stunning, meaningful and awesome show. 

Mother and Daughter by Jim Patton

Mother and Daughter
by Jim Patton

Rarely has a portrait of two family members been captured in such an endearing and loving manner as in the outstanding image. The sheer innocence, charm and vivacity of the daughter contrasts so movingly with the prayerful, deeply caring and loving mother. To capture such a compelling and entrancing image, we certainly know that the photographer was equally passionate and loving for his subjects, in order to get such a memorable picture. Jim has sublimely caught more than just love and endearment; he has recorded tradition, faith, culture and family devotion that dates back many centuries. Artistically, we have the prayerful pose of the mother, the deep caring for her young daughter, and we have a sumptuous array of dynamic vibrant colors, contrasting so beautifully from the deep purple to the blues and cyans in the lovely traditional garments. What really shines through, is the love, pride and intensity of the mother, as she gives all of herself to her daughter, in the hoped for belief, that her child will be given every chance to be an important member of her family and of society, so that someday, she may be able to have a more equal footing with her male counterparts. This is just an outstanding, delightful image.


Starry Reflection by Don Menges

Starry Reflection
by Don Menges

Don’s exhibition in the East Gallery has a vibrancy and uniqueness that is both fascinating and delightful. In his short biography, he sums up his uniqueness eloquently, by saying how he likes to capture an image that describes an ordinary thing in an extraordinary manner. His stellar image “Starry Reflection” certainly fits in with this photographic tenet, but it is also a wonderful stand-alone image, one that definitely has a presence and mystery quotient that lifts it into the extraordinary. The camera angle used shows us just the right amount of reflection on the table, whilst the color quality, saturation and detail in all of the photographic elements are superb. What is truly fascinating is that the foreground reflection of the imaginative mural on the wall is tonally much lighter that the original, contrasting markedly with the rich and darker palette seen in the chairs and wood surround. Such lighter foregrounds are contrary to how our eyes usually see the world, and are known to lead to the desert “mirage” effects in extreme cases. Here, I would argue that the van Gogh – like expressionism of the mural takes on a more Edvard Munch surrealism in the reflection on the table, giving the reflection a ghostly and more ethereal quality. This mysterious element definitely adds a delightful uniqueness or should I say “out of the ordinary” facet to the entire image, lifting this exquisite and wonderfully seen and captured “record shot” into the realm of the extraordinary. Hopefully, viewers will use their imagination to generate their own excitement whilst studying this truly exceptional photograph.

Goat Island Lighthouse by John Williamson

Goat Island Lighthouse
by John Williamson

This majestic panoramic landscape is remarkable for its simplicity, it exquisite color, and for its breathtaking view. No painter could have envisaged and captured this scene, as well as John has artistically seen, captured and printed this superb image. The range and warmth of colors in the resplendent sky, wonderfully complements the placid foreground water, and highlights the narrow peninsula, culminating in the three lighthouse buildings, which seem to just jump out of the frame. This awesome print is an outstanding example of how a few different elements have been woven into a tapestry, to give us a breathtaking idyllic panoramic, one that has quietness, radiance and a mesmerizing quality that is just stellar. One’s mind could conjecture that this lighthouse is not just there for its sheer scenic beauty, but as a warning sentinel of impending storms, of dangerous rocks and currents, and of a far more important purpose than being visually enchanting. Although the viewer could envisage such a scenario, I hope that all thoughts are quickly dispelled, so that one can fully appreciate and admire this exceptional image.


A Portrait Wu-Hsiung Yang


A Portrait
y Wu-Hsiung Yang

Surrounded by the superb portraits taken in India by Jim Patton, this portrait deserves equal praise for its powerful, penetrating and fascinating study of a gentleman, taken probably in the southwest, possibly in New Mexico. This is a truly modern, dynamic image, showing us the strength and the intensity of a man who is proud of his heritage, dignified of who he is, and what he has accomplished. The wonderful placement of the subject, striking lighting that gives us all the detail that we need, the piercing, yet honest and warm look in his eye, the casualness yet immense strength of his arm and hand, the amazing regal curve of the brow of his hat, all of these elements contribute to give us a memorable image. The portrait is enhanced by the vast sweep of the adobe wall, the lighting picking out intricate details and textures. The wall contributes greatly to the environmental setting, adding, but never overwhelming the main subject. Your eyes always quickly return strongly and admirably to the man. You envisage and continue to learn from his clothes, from his pose, from his steady but penetrating gaze, of a man who seems to have infinite strength, with no sign of weakness. You are always left wanting to know more about him. You know he has fascinating stories to tell, of himself, his family and friends, and possible even his enemies. Such is the strength of this outstanding portrait that you become absorbed in it, always wanting to know more, certainly wanting to know if your thoughts and ideas about this man are close to reality. This is a truly haunting portrait, wonderfully seen and photographed.



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