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If you are unable to visit our gallery and would like to purchase photographs from this preview or other's in the gallery, please contact the gallery and call 585-271-2540.


Preview of the Show

December 2

Holiday Show

by Gallery Partners, Artists-in-Residence,
and Guest Photographers

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More images will be added as they become available, please check back.

All images copyright by the individual photographers


Photographs by
Guest Photographers, Artists-in-Residence, and Gallery Partners

Metallic Sunrise by Steve Levinson
Metallic Sunrise
Steve Levinson
Public Market by Bruce Elling
Public Market
Bruce Elling
Pseudo Poloroid by Daniel P. Crozet
Pseudo Polaroid
Daniel P. Crozet
Winter Sunset at El Capitain by Gary Thompson
Summer Sunset at el Capitain
Gary Thompson
Lilac Pink by Sheridna Vincent
Lilac Pink
Sheridan Vincent
Red Trillium by Phyllis Thompson
Red Trillium
Phyllis Thompson
The Bridge by Daniel P. Crozet
The Bridge
Daniel P. Crozet
Winter at the Hogback by Gary Thompson
Winter at the Hogback
Gary Thompson
by Don Menges
St. Michael's Church
Don Menges
Fireworks 2 by David Perlman
Fireworks 2
David Perlman
Giraffes by Bev Cronkite
Bev Cronkite
Camera Rochester Member
Jamie Kennedy by David Perlman
Jamie Kennedy
David Perlman
Watercolor by Earl Jackson
Earl Jackson
Camera Rochester Member
Sumac #15 by Susan Kaye
Sumac #15
Susan Kaye
Camera Rochester Member
Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove by Phillis Thompson
Lighthouse at Peggy's Cove
Phyllis Thompson
  Sheets to the Wind #1 by Dan Neuberger
Sheets to the Wind #1
Dan Neuberger
Palm 23 by Steve Levinson
Palm # 23
Steve Levinson

   by Don Menges
Carol Sings her Solo
Don Menges
Arrested Leaf by John Williamson
Arrested Leaf
John Williamson
Camera Rochester Member
Tree Cat by David Perlman
Tree Cat
David Perlman
  Iran - Jim Patton
Jim Patton 
Oatka Creek in LeRoy by Sheridan Vincent
Oatka Creek LeRoy New York
Sheridan Vincent
Three Fishermen by Jim Patton
Jim Patton
Sheets to the Wind #3 by Dan Neuberger
Sheets to the Wind #3
Dan Neuberger
Lightwalk 1 by Betsy Phillips
Lightwalk 1
Betsy Phillips
Face + 3 by Betsy Phillips
Face + 3
Betsy Phillips


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