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Peter's Picks of the Show

January 2-24,2010


Peter Marr picked his favorite photos of the show
by the WoW!! photographers and also describes the strength of the images he has chosen.


All images copyright by the individual photographers

This “Juried Theme Show” is comprised of 186 prints from 96 photographers. Some “WOW” synonyms are wonder, admiration, amazement, stunning, rave and zowie, just to name a few. For me, this exhibition is an unqualified success, and I have enthusiastic admiration for the amazing diversity of artistic talent that is displayed in this show. I would implore everyone who comes to see this exhibition to spend as much time as they can to intently look, explore and admire. Unfortunately, we are in a technically advanced world of “Nowness” and “Instant Gratification”, but here in the Gallery, we can relax and take the time to marvel at what talented photographers are showing us.

Peter A. Marr

Orange Twist by Katherine Fuss

Orange Twist
by Katherine Fuss

This is an excellent example of how the author has artistically captured, what many would think of as a mundane photographic opportunity, to give us a dramatic, thought-provoking “WOW”. Of the multitude of people who have treaded these steps, I would guess that very few have enjoyed or admired this lovely spiral structure. Who could not fail to see the powerful black central column with its almost equally powerful black vertical supports? Katherine certainly did, as she also saw the beautifully formed and graceful gray-colored steps, and captured them so eloquently and gracefully as they curved majestically around the central support. The exquisite soft lighting captures every detail of the step patterns, continually drawing our eyes to the delicately curved support rails that dominate the right hand side of the print. Here, there is drama and impact, with not one, but two bright orange-curved rails, mysteriously entering the foreground, and sweeping downward out of our vision. Strikingly, the orange color is mirrored in three fallen leaves, left by nature on one of the steps. We also see companion leaves blown into the protective wire cage. The entire scene is graphically and artistically superb, wonderfully seen and photographed. The more one studies this print, the more one loves and admires it. I encourage every observer to journey up and down these steps, to follow the curving path, and let one’s imagination do the rest. Adventure and mystery can be boundless, and certainly we must thank the author for allowing us to explore, and also thank her most sincerely for capturing so beautifully this lovely image.

Listen by Loree Harpole


by Loree Horpole

All three of Loree’s ethereal, dramatic Black-and-White prints evoke the “WOW” sensation, and they are wonderful examples of pictures that provoke visual concern.   In “Listen”, the juxtaposition of three portraits of a young lady with different thought-provoking expressions is compellingly done.  The viewer is encouraged to expand their feelings and emotions by using the visual cortex to interact fully with their cerebral hemispheres.  If you need help, or possibly more confusion, I am reminded of one of my favorite bumper stickers, which states, “Don’t believe everything you think”.  These striking and emotional portraits are certainly enhanced by using Black and White media, and the deliberate use of motion.  Scanning left to right as we always do, the young lady has a quizzical sideways expression, as thought processes race through her mind, such as “do you really want me to let loose?”  In the center image, thoughts and ideas are coming to a head, so that every neuron is ready to fire on all cylinders in the cerebral cortex.  Dramatically, all senses join in a universal chorus in the third portrait, unleashing a torrent of feelings of rage, anger and passion.  Maybe this last image gives us a sense of relief that all has been let loose, and now we can really “Listen”.  Loree has done an exemplary job of putting together this fascinating triptych.  Both beauty and fear are in the eye of the beholder, so I hope that everyone who studies this “WOW” image, will do so intently, and possibly relate it to one of their own situations.  Many thanks for a great inspiring image. 

Tuscan Retreat by Chris Kogut

Tuscan Retreat
by Chris Kogut

Of Chris’s four superb images in the exhibition, this print stands out as my very favorite. This panoramic landscape is just riveting in its dramatic appeal, a landscape that expresses a sublime moment in time with serene eloquence. The expressive lighting highlights every fascinating detail, from the furrows in the fields, all the way to the delightful, romantic buildings which are wonderfully complemented by the striking trees, nature just could not have placed the latter any better. Certainly the author, or any landscape printer, could not have placed all these elements more impressively, even the background hills and sky effortlessly join in to enrich this idyllic scene. It would be remiss if I did not comment on the fact that the color palette is truly resplendent, from the delectable warm colors of the fields and buildings, to the pale cool shades in the background. This print is an exceptional, awe-inspiring image, one that we all owe a deep sense of gratitude to Chris for artistically seeing and capturing this superb landscape.


Festival Artist by David Kotok  

Festival Artist
by David Kotok

We have experienced countless photographs of budding young artists painting on walls, mostly at art shows and festivals, but this enchanting image is certainly one of the very best that I have seen. The young girl’s striking natural pose, leads the eye on a fascinating journey from the expressive left hand and arm, through the rapt concentration of the tilted head, all the way up the right arm to the delicately held brush, which is applying the splashes of deep red paint to a masterpiece in the making. We are certainly aware of a word that is being spelled out, important no doubt to the young lady, but for the viewer, we are just entranced by the whole scene. What is especially captivating is the delicate pink costume of the young lady, with the large butterfly bow gracing her flowing hair that is topped with a miniature tiara. We are inspired by someone clearly enjoying every moment and opportunity in her life, certainly this was her chance to make an important, expressive and colorful mark on this wall. The fence and the already completed artwork are impressive, and both blend very well into the overall picture. This allows us to be very aware of the lovely background, whilst we fully concentrate on following the artistic skills and dedication of this youthful artist to be. This is a wonderful, dramatic and poignant image, full of color, shape, form, power and delicacy, an image that the artist and her family will treasure for all time.


Al Capone's Cell by Thomas McGlynn

Al Capone’s Cell, E.S.P
by Thomas McGlynn

We should be deeply indebted to Thomas for his three fascinating studies inside the now derelict Eastern State Penitentiary. These are intimate photographic records of a bygone era, and are powerful portraits that allow us to imagine how life must have been within the grim, decaying walls of this prison. What is most intriguing, is the outrageous antithetical comparison between a typical inmate’s cell and Al Capone’s cell. We go from a bare bones, stark, cold and uninviting “habitat”, to a warm, almost inviting bed-sitter. It is obvious that Al Capone still had powerful connections, so that he could spend his last years in what prison cell terminology would call a state of opulence. The cell interior has been masterfully captured by the photographer, where the warm lighting from the two ornate lamps easily transports us past the writing desk and chair, over the rich, elegant carpet to the entertainment center in the rear. One is obviously aware of the peeling walls, the rusted iron-framed bed, and other evidence that time has dealt a cruel blow to these once luxuriant and lavish prison quarters.  The meaning for all of us in studying Thomas’s excellent print is that a life of crime unfortunately can pay. Admittedly, Al Capone at least was deprived of freedom outside the walls of the penitentiary, but he was rewarded with most of the comforts of life, to live his last years in comparative luxury, in a 5-star prison cell. Such ignominy is very apparent when one studies Thomas’s impressive and memorable image.

Roseated Spoonbill in Flight Close up by Ted Tatarzyn

Roseate Spoonbill in Flight Close-Up
by Ted Tatarzyn

This is a nature picture that is simply awesome, metaphorically speaking, “a shot to kill for”. The shear beauty and exquisite harmonic colors of the roseate spoonbill, have been superbly captured in a powerful, dramatic, sweeping “landscape” that is just breathtaking. To me, it is astonishing that anyone could take such an outstanding nature close-up, in flight no-less, to give us a sublime portrait that only a great artist could paint. The flowing curves of the wings, with the delicate feather detail delineated so wonderfully, lead effortlessly to the powerful sweep of the neck and bill. From there, one visually absorbs every detail on the pathway to the head and dramatic eye of this fabulous bird. The range of pinks and reddish hues are resplendent, and the compressed, sweeping, panoramic format gives us a true sense of wonder and inspiration at how great nature is. The author certainly has to be highly complemented for his remarkable achievement in capturing such a phenomenal image.

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