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Gallery Picks of the Show

Rochester by 5

Dick Bennett
Robin Dettman
Jeno Horvath
Steve Malloy Desormeaux
Don Menges

with Walter Gaya in the East Gallery

Peter Marr is unavailable to make his picks of the show, so Gallery Partners have made selections from the work
by the the featured and guest photographers with comments about their picks.


All images copyright by the individual photographers

Bri by Fred SanFilipo


by Fred SanFilipo


Fred’s portraits are powerful and breathtaking. The tight cropping and lack of background detail draw close attention to the facial features and the expression. My biggest problem with Fred’s portraits is… which one to pick! In the end,  Bri edged “Phantom” by the narrowest of margins. The elements of Bri are three monochromes, a striking effect. The grey in the cell phone nicely separates it from a face so full of character.  The brown face with the creases, the pores, and nearby fingers exude power. The power builds with the close cropping and the topographical study of a face which would appear far different farther away when the details would be blended. It is up close Personal. Penetrating. But the red sunglasses pushed this picture to the top for me. I am first drawn to the color itself, but then to the mystery of the reflection in the lenses.  This is an outstanding picture, well composed, and cleverly printed.



Man with Prayer Beads by Walter Gaya

Man with Prayer Beads
by Walter Gaya


Stoicism. Individualism. Independence. Our man has it all in his face. And then his posture sets it off perfectly. The picture is perfect in black and white; color would have distracted from this look into his soul. The geometry of the background is wonderful. It is a checkerboard of sorts. The goods in the window and the writing on the wall give the image a sense of place. All the pieces of this simple picture come together perfectly to give us a feeling of a man living in a very different world. Walter’s collection is a wonderful introduction to the people of Turkey but this picture stands out.



Stick Yard by Steve Malloy Desormeaux


Stick Yard

by Steve Malloy Desormeaux


Steve has put together a vibrant compilation of night beach scenes that work really well as a set, but Stick Yard stands out for me as an inspired image that could stand alone. The obvious foreground, middle ground, and background give depth to this picture. The delicate, but obvious, cloud formation in the sky creates mystery and pushes us down into the scene. The texture of the boardwalk and the leading lines of the railings in the foreground direct us to the center of the image, which is where the real story is here. The footprints in the sand and the repeated vertical poles create a narrative in your mind other than this beach’s intended purpose. This is a wonderful and complete image that anchors a collection of incredible sweeping dark blue skies and warm sands.

Trinity Night Light by Paul Yarnall


Trinity Night Light

by Paul Yarnall


This Paul Yarnall image captures the calm and uncertainty that life often serves up to us. The light draws us into the picture; it separates the security of home (houses on the right) from the challenge of the open sea and adventure on the left.  In the foreground, smooth blue water; beyond, the choice of home or the challenging unknown. The light without prejudice shines on both. A wonderful metaphor for living.


Brookings Beach by Kim Price  


Brookings Beach

by Kim Price


Shakespeare wrote “To sleep, perchance to dream”.  If I could conjure up a dream while sleeping it would have a visual look and feel as Kim Price’s Brookings Beach.  With the images muted colors and faintly lit sky, we do not know if the image was taken at sunset or sunrise. The use of warm color is beautiful. The hint of movement along the beach is striking.  If there were no title on this image, I would not know if I was looking at a beach or the tops of mountains in the clouds.  An image that pushes your imagination, to me, is a very strong image, indeed.

Kim’s images are very striking.  I chose Brookings Beach because a simple subject can make a very spectacular and meaningful image.  Kim Price has done this with this capture.  There is a very strong ephemeral feeling with this image.  As the bard would say:  “Such stuff as dreams are made on.”


East Avenue Staircase by Jim Laragy

East Avenue Staircase

by Jim Laragy


This striking black and white image by Jim Laragy is all about form, tonality, and drama. As a study in form, the main subject -- the curved staircase -- covers the entire print; however, the ascending shadow to light definition of the spiral staircase and the sheer absence of distractions -- no light fixtures, no pictures... -- encourages the viewer's eye to "walk the stairs" in much the same order that the woman peering down from the top must have. The mapping of the shadow to light continuum onto the lower to higher reaches of the spiral is simple, pure and very effective. The addition of a dramatic, almost theatrical, figure at the top of the stairs helps to punctuate the movement of the eye, producing a very pleasing experience.


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