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If you are unable to visit our gallery and would like to purchase photographs from this preview or others in the gallery, please contact the gallery and call 585-271-2540.


Gallery Picks of the Show

5th Anniversary Show

Peter Marr picked his favorite photos of the show
by the the featured and guest photographers and also describes the strength of the images he has chosen.


All images copyright by the individual photographers

The famous English novelist and dramatist, William Somerset Maugham once said, “It’s a funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you often get it”. He was absolutely correct when it come to this eclectic 5th Anniversary Show”, for the Gallery has put on an exquisite, masterful exhibition of photographic art, that is a memorable tribute to the multi-talents of the gallery partners, artists in residence and guest artists. -- Peter Marr

You Think this is Wrong? by JFK/AJVK 

An Armed Chair

This is a very creative, expressive print, which the longer you look at, the more that you see, or maybe, imagine that you see. I am reminded immediately of two of my favourite quotations, namely, “Perception is personal, we see what we see”, by Richard Fahey, and “A photograph is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you, the less you know”, by Diane Arbus. One’s eyes instinctively follow the handrail and moldings up the carpeted staircase, to the landing where a solitary red chair hugs the corner and beckons us. We are distinctly aware of an unlit ceiling fixture and the fact that all of the illumination is coming from a single bright window source. We are not encouraged to go around the corner at the top landing, although we would like to, because our eyes are drawn back by the coiled decoration on the banister. This gives us time to re-examine the scene more carefully. Astutely, we notice that the red chair which is pushed into the corner, has only one arm support, and lacks an ornamental knob at the back. Looking more closely, we begin to make out striations and patterns on the walls on either side of the staircase, vague images that are not the result of the bright illuminant casting shadows. Mystery and intrigue are further heightened as our eyes slowly make out intrusions into the image frame from either side, of ghostly scenes of what seems to be stark tree branches, encased in a deep, dark blue swathe, that seem to reach out into the print. It is left to the viewer to delve more into the mystery and fascination that this print evokes, certainly to use one’s imagination and sense of wonder. This is an outstanding, thought-provoking image.

For Chic Ladies Only by Lou Ryen 

For Chic Ladies Only
By Lou Ryen

Lou’s pictures creatively and elegantly, capture the rich tradition and charm, only found in European locales. The legendary photographer, Diane Arbus, once remarked that, “I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them”. This is especially exemplified by Chic Ladies Only, a scene which the vast majority of people would not choose to photographically record. Happily for us, Lou saw the magic and fascination in the “slice of life” in an Italian lakeside apartment, and captured for us this memorable print. Overlooking a lake, we envisage a diminutive stone patio ledge, decorated solely by a tall potted plant. Into this limited space, is a small, round, metal table, and a single metal chair. On the table, evidence of an early morning or late afternoon respite, is an empty mug and a small round glass containing a spoon. Into this idyllic scene, there is a large metal stand, which has an elaborate ornate cross-bar, and eye-catchingly, suspended from this bar, are two coat hangers, from which are draped two elegant, “chic”, dashing, dresses. The latter, very much in vogue with the younger set, are decorated with very long, trendy, necklaces. Intertwined along the crossbar, are light colored garments, which are possibly underclothing pieces. The whole scenario has a lightness and frothiness that certainly evokes an atmosphere of excitement and intrigue. I will leave it up to the viewer to surmise what is going on here. One table, one chair, two glasses, two dresses, the possibilities are endless. This is a delightful, fascinating image, not a “decisive moment”, but a photograph of a warm, intimate scene, that speaks fondly and intriguingly of life in a small Italian neighborhood. Enjoy, as I certainly did reviewing this print.


Bird on a Wire by John Solberg

Birds on a Wire
by John Solberg

I am a great admirer of John’s images, and I have commented on some of them from previous shows at the Gallery over the last couple of years. One that I have not highlighted before, is the dramatic and intriguing black and white print, Birds on a Wire. Photographically, this image is superbly captured and printed, with a range of tonal values from full black to pure white. The print exudes a wonderful rhythm of lines, textures and values, with a particular sensitivity that really suits the subject matter. The details and essence of the road surface and surrounding vegetation are heightened by the dramatic dark sky and the diagonal shaft of a streaking cloud. Initially, our eyes instinctively follow the road with its powerful white lines and the majestic columns of telegraph poles, until we reach the visible horizon. Three important elements, however, arrest our journey, and allow us to pause and admire the intricate details that abound in this print. Firstly, we become aware of the horizontal shadow of an unseen telegraph pole. Secondly, we are halted by the rear view of a warning sign at the top of the small hill. Lastly, and most importantly, our eyes pick up the sentinels of two birds, perched on different overhanging wires. The excitement and beauty of this outstanding image, is the wonder and mystery that pervades the observer’s mind. One wants to enjoy every moment admiring the foreground, but the real intrigue is in what lies over the hill, and where does the road and line of poles lead us? Then, and only then, do we realize the deep significance of the two birds. They can see what is beyond, a decided advantage, one we wish we could emulate. A stimulating , creative and masterful image.



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