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If you are unable to visit our gallery and would like to purchase photographs from this preview or others in the gallery, please contact the gallery and call 585-271-2540.


Preview of the Show

Peter's Picks 2008-2009: a Retrospective

A Random selection of Peter's Picks images as well as example work by Peter Marr, Larry Merrill in our East Gallery, Guest Photographers, Artists-in-Residence and Gallery Partners

February 23 - March 20, 2011

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

We will be adding more photos as they become available, check back


A Selection of Photographs from the exhibit

Untitled from Looking at Trees by Larry Merrill
Untitled from New Work
Larry Merrill
White Egret by Peter Marr
White Egret
Peter Marr
National Gallery by Susan Kaye
National Gallery, Washington, DC
Susan Kaye

Dining Room by Scott Hendershot
Dining Room
Scott Hendershot

Oldest and Youngest by Andris Silins
Oldest and Youngest
Andris Silins, Camera Rochester
Sherry Winey by Lou Ryen
Sherry Winery
Lou Ryen

Osprey by Ted Barnett
Osprey on a Mission
Ted Barnett, Camera Rochester

Anemone Study #4 by Stanley Hattman
Anemone Study #4
Stanley Hattman, Camera Rochester
Mother and Daughter by Jim Patton
Mother and Daughter
Jim Patton
Playground Colors by Bruce Elling
Playground Colors
Bruce Elling
Starry Reflection by Don Menges
Starry Reflection
Don Menges

Untitled by Jim Hartsen
Jim Hartsen

Red Lilly by Lois Trieb
Red Lilly
Lois Trieb

Mondrianesque Facade by Dan Neuberger
Mondrianesque Facade
Dan Neuberger
Blue Bike and Barn by Joseph Sorrentino
Blue Bike and Barn
Joseph Sorrentino
House of Fire by Gary ThompsonHouse of Fire
Gary Thompson
Lone Tree by Phyllis Thompson
Lone Tree
Phyllis Thompson

Clouds Series # 235 by Daniel P. Crozet
Clouds, Series # 235
Daniel P. Crozet

Into the Light
Betsy Phillips
Garden Apartment by David Perlman
Garden Apartment
David Perlman
Laundry by Philip Lange
Morroco #1
Philip Lange
Canadice Forever by Nigel P. Kent
Canadice Forever
Nigel P. Kent

Wish You Were Here by Steve Levinson
Wish You Were Here
Steve Levinson
Tinker Park by Dick Bennett
Tinker Park
Dick Bennett 
Warsaw Barbicon by Joel Krenis
Warsaw Barbican
Joel Krenis

Spring Hillside by JFK/AJVK
Spring Hillside

Venitian Clouds by Gil Maker
Venitian Clouds
Gil Maker
 Rochester's Delight by Sheridan Vincent
Rochester's Delight
Sheridan Vincent


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