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If you are unable to visit our gallery and would like to purchase photographs from this preview or others in the gallery, please contact the gallery and call 585-271-2540.


Preview of the Show

Scene Together: Prints and Paints

July 13 - August 7, 2011

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Nott and Lubey seen together
Dick Lubey (left) and Marty Nott
Scene Together Artists

A Selection of Photographs from the exhibit

Nott and Luby -3
Duomo Warming
Marty Nott

Rung Away
Dick Lubey

Nott - 1
Out of the Rain
Marty Nott
Nott-Luby - 3
Duomo at Dawn
Dick Lubey

Lucca Ladder Man
Marty Nott

Corner Conversations
Dick Luby
Drying Out by Gail Rivera
Drying Out
Gail Rivera, East Gallery
Seven by Jessica Kamens
Small Village, Ho Chi Minh Trail: Central (West) Vietnam, 2010
Jessica Kamens

Panevino by Don Menges
Don Menges

by Pablo Gavilondo
Pablo Gavilondo

East Commons Deconstruction by Dick Bennett
Eastman Commons Deconstruction
Dick Bennett

Lupines at Stonington Harbor by Phyllis Thompson
Lupines at Stonington Harbor
Phyllis Thompson
Fishnets by Steve Levinson
Steve Levinson
Homage to Piet Mondrian by Dan Neuberger
Homage to Piet Mondrian
Dan Neuberger

by Helen Ellis
Glacier National Park, Montana, 2003
Helen Ellis
Sunset at Birch Point by Gary Thompson
Sunset at Birch Point
Gary Thompson

Spring at Wolf Creek, Letchworth State Park by Bonnie Gamache
Spring at Wolf Creek, Letchworth State Park
Bonnie Gamache
Abandoned by Christiana Beck
Christiana Beck
 Solstice Sunset 2010 by Sheridan Vincent
Solstice Sunset 2010
Sheridan Vincent


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