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Gallery Picks of the Show

Portfolio Showcase 2012

Peter Marr picked his favorite photos of the show from the Portfolios
and also describes the strength of the images he has chosen.


All images copyright by the individual photographers


Rolling Waves of Sand by Don DeLong

Rolling Waves of Sand

by Don DeLong

This is an impressive landscape, where the golden waves of sand are exquisitely displayed against a barren rocky terrain. This distinctive vista is visually enhanced by the two contrasting color hues, the yellow chromes of the dunes, imposingly set against the purplish hues of the rock formations. What is clearly evident, is that nature’s forces over time have given us two distinctive panoramas, wonderfully captured by Don for all to admire and marvel at. In the background, over eons of time, the combined forces of wind, water and temperature extremes have resulted in this striking rock structure. Here, the layered elements are interrupted by crevices, valleys, and outcrops, that have probably not significantly changed over many centuries. Contrast this with the sand structures in the lower half of the print, where daily, the dunes change in shape and form constantly. Here, illuminated by lovely side lighting, the flowing shapes and textures play against one another, resulting in a resplendent pattern of curving peaks and troughs. These graceful forms, together with the textured ridges in the foreground are significant evidence of the powerful part that wind, and infrequently water, play in molding the contours of these dunes daily. This stellar image, creatively captured by the artist, is a great tribute to the grandeur and nobility of nature, an uplifting reminder that nature is also timeless and for reverence.


Light Fluxh # 1 by JFK/AJVK

Light Flush 1


These impressive photographs taken in the tunnel connecting two concourses in Chicago’s O’Hare airport are simply magical, and selecting just one to comment further on from the author’s outstanding portfolio, was certainly difficult, but I finally chose Light Flush 1. The lighting is superb, eloquently emphasizing every facet of the outstanding architecture, from the majestic vertical elements, all the way to the elegantly carved lines of the overhanging forms, as these awe-inspiring structures sensuously traverse the walkway as far as the eye can see. The resplendent reflections on the floor and upper facade are simply entrancing, and I particularly liked the black negative space at the top of the image, which to me is highly significant, representing the sky and the unknown, into or from which the people in the tunnel will or have flown. Into this architectural wonderland, there is a constant stream of people entering or leaving, some in great haste, some stepping more sedately, the vast majority using the powered neon walkway, whilst a few choose a more solitary avenue, avoiding the crowds and mechanical assistance. Intriguingly, one might ask that with the high pedestrian traffic flow, how many people would take the time, or even have the time, to admire the inspirational surroundings? One would conjecture, sadly, that precious few would avail themselves of the opportunity. This exquisite print, creatively captured by the artist, reflects life in many parts of the world, where everyone it seems is in a hurry, few stopping to smell the roses, with complete indifference to the people around them. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention how this, and the other prints in the artist’s portfolio, have been elegantly matted and framed, further enhancing what is a masterly display of first-rate images.


Waterfall Dreams by Kate Lipsky

Waterfall Dreams

by Kate Lipsky

This is an elegant image in which the author has meticulously and artistically, photographed a beautiful model positioned resting against a gently cascading stream, which meanders over her lovely white dress. The dress has been stylishly arranged, so that the pleats mirror the vertical flowing elements of the stream. The outstretched arms of the young lady rest peacefully on the rocky outcrop, her flowing hair in unison with the waterfall. This idyllic scene is one image in Kate’s outstanding portfolio of “Revelations,” in which she is exploring the concept of reveal/conceal. For myself, this particular print has an atmospheric mood and drama that is both dreamlike and impressionistic, together with a mystical quality that is uplifting. A great credit should be given to the model to steadfastly follow the photographer’s instructions, and pose so gracefully in what was certainly an unusual and challenging set-up. She looks relaxed and unfearful in this setting, and even her hands and fingers rest gently on the ledge, in spite of the fact that the water swirling behind her must be decidedly chilly. The model’s facial expression is definitely one of peace and tranquility, although what she is thinking or concealing is unknown to us. Viewers must project their own imagination onto the photograph and see what they “want” to see, remembering what Richard Fahey so eloquently said, namely, “Perception is personal, we see what we see.” Personally, I do not think that the young lady is concealing anything of importance. Being a model, she is ever mindful of the wishes and demands of the photographer, whilst inwardly, she is relaxed and probably concentrating on future matters and assignments that she will have to deal with. The realization of the photographer’s inward vision is not possible for us, but certainly, this superb print is definitely food for thought for everyone who has the good fortune to view this and the other prints in Kate’s inspiring portfolio.

Quiet Brilliance by Loreal Prystaj

Quiet Brilliance

by Loreal Prystaj

Loreal’s outstanding portfolio on the theme of Fabricated Reality explores in her words, the concept of being a “child” within a body that continues to age. All of her images display a dramatic and extraordinary use of light, and this is creatively apparent in Quiet Brilliance. Here, the masterly use of back-lighting gives heightened visual drama, as we witness a young girl, facing away from the camera, and seated at a desk, with her arms resting comfortably on the wooden top, whilst her feet are raised so that only the toes touch the glistening floorboards. The exquisite illumination casts a partial shadow on the floor, and we are very cognizant of a small lighted table lamp and a glowing circular container at the left-hand side of the desk. Like in the other images in this portfolio, the artist is asking every viewer, including herself, to explore the concept of timelessness, from childhood to adulthood, looking into the darkness and light that can be found in each individual. Certainly, everyone’s situation in life is different, depending on parameters such as where we live in the world, family, health, financial constraints, etc, just to highlight a few. Also obviously, the paths our lives take are mostly unpredictable, no one can predict the future with any assurance, but we do know that we must always be aware of the world around us, together with the societal impact that we all face. What is clearly evident to me in the memorable print, is that in this current, non-stop, fast-paced era, the young girl is able to sit in a quiet, undisturbed area, and peacefully, but objectively, reflect on her past , her current situation, and the future. She can draw on the experiences that she has of her childhood, understanding that her adult expectations are largely limited to her interfaces with her family, other “grown-ups,” and what she has read, and of her interactions with television and the electronic media. The dichotomy that she faces lies between ambitious goals and reality. Hopefully, she will set both realistic goals which are heavily weighted by her current situation, together with some futuristic aspirations, both of which may change with the passage of time. I believe that previous generations were largely unable to set meaningful objectives, and I think that this is still true today, due to a rapidly changing world in an era of proliferating technological complexities. Yet in spite of what I have just said, I hope that every viewer of this sublime image, will, like the young girl, find a quiet moment to overcome constraints, and plan a realistic path to a happy, long life.

Peter Marr

We are very grateful to Peter for his thorough review and selection for Peter's Picks. Peter was born in England in 1935 and came to live in the United States in 1968. He worked for the Eastman Kodak Company for 34 years, retiring in 1998. During his employment and continuing into retirement, he has been an enthusiastic photographer. His photography has won him numerous awards throughout Kodak and in International Salons, including 5 George Eastman Medals, which is the top honor awarded to the most outstanding picture in the Annual Kodak International Salon. He has served as a judge in both local and international photographic competitions for the past 20 years, and is a Past president of the Kodak Camera Club and past chairman of many of the Kodak Camera Club organizations. In the past five years or so, he has devoted his photographic skills and interest into nature photography, notably bird photography. His bird photography has been the subject of several one-person exhibits, the most recent being at Ding Darling NWR, in Sanibel, Florida, The Roger Tory Peterson Institute in Jamestown, New York, and at the Webster Public Library in Webster, NY.

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