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Partner's and People's Choices of the Show

The Magic of Light 2014
January 2 - January 26, 2014

Gallery Partners reviewed all of the photographs in the exhibit and selected two for "Partner's Choice".
Additionally, during the show receptions, those attending voted for the "People's Choice"
In addition to a Blue Ribbon with the display, each recipient received a cash award of $100.

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Moonlit Canoes by Peter Blackwood

Partner's Choice 


Moonlit Canoes

Peter Blackwood

In this photograph the photographer combines the images of two canoes with a beautiful landscape. This image resonates with the viewer as the two canoe’s close, symmetrical positioning makes one wonder what they might symbolize. The lighting in this photograph is superb; the subtle lighting on the canoes interior, the clouds at dusk and the answering reflections in the lake combine to make this the kind of photograph that keeps the viewers eye moving around the image. As with classic Asian landscapes, there are actually three different planes in the composition. The foreground of the canoes slightly merges into the mid-ground with the branches on the shore, then shifts to the opposite shore and sky. The viewer’s eye shifts between these planes and enjoys each part of this stunning image.

View from 30,000-Feet over Western US by Hon. Sandra Frankel

 Partner's Choice 

Riverview from 30,000 feet over the Western United States
Honorable Sandra L. Frankel 

The excellent composition of this photograph is even more impressive as it was shot from the window of an airplane. Its almost abstract like qualities, juxtaposition of the colors of the landscape/water and the use of a very strong diagonal composition draw the viewer into the photograph. One can appreciate this photograph as an abstract from a distance or moving closer, one sees the fine detail in the image. The writer of this review believes that there is no such thing as good luck but either bad luck or skill when presenting an image. The photographer, though she was in the right place at the right time, takes a subject that could have been a very mundane “snapshot” and makes it into a fine art photograph. Viewing photographs such as this will surely increase the demand for window seats by traveling photographers!



Hurry, Paris by Andy Schecter

People's Choice


Hurry, Paris

Andy Schecter

"People's Choice" is an innovation that has not been  used before in The Magic of Light show , and it created much interest and fun among the many visitors attending the two receptions, of whom 322 voted. And the winner was......DRUM ROLL..... Andy Schecter with his delightful photo, Hurry, Paris.  You did not have to be a dog-lover to be enchanted by  this highly appealing and technically excellent image of a young girl in a Jamaican costume leading a proud standard poodle (one would have thought that the image was captured on some Caribbean island, but the locale was actually near here, at Hamlin Beach State Park !).  The composition is flawless, with the trees, poodle,  and girl creating an excellent balance against a white background, and the poodle's tail echoing the young girl's hairdo. Incidentally, Jim Durham, from the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper had chosen this image for publication in a recent edition.  BRAVO, ANDY !



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