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Gallery Picks of the Show

Peter's Picks 2012: a Retrospective
February 25 - March 23, 2014

From the work of the guest photographers in this show, gallery partners have made the selections and written the reviews.

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

Virtual Freedom #1 by Jerome Kaye


Virtual Freedom #1
Jerome Kaye

Virtual Freedom #1 by Jerome Kaye is a stunning image that demonstrates the power of creativity and imagination. The photographer has taken an ordinary object or scene, unknown to us, and, through his adept use of technology, transformed it into a graceful form that stands on its own. The form glows with a warm and pleasing palette of iridescent colors, which combine to give a 3 dimensional impression of molded or formed metal. It gives one the sense of a bird in flight or a dancer making sweeping moves with yards of shimmery fabric, or even sheets blowing in the wind. The jet-black background and sharp negative space add to the effect by making the unknown object appear to float and swirl in space. The fact that the tips of the object barely touch the edge of the image is an integral part of what makes this image work. It emphasizes the size and importance of the object, while simultaneously drawing us back in for another look.

Learning to Fly by Justyn Sweany Wolf


Learning to Fly
Justyn Sweany Wolf

Justyn Sweany Wolf  learned very well how to work with texture, colors, composition, and lighting from her fine art artist parents.  She very creatively utilizes these components to produce a portfolio of inspirational images in her East Gallery exhibit at Image City.

While several of her photographic prints could be awarded an Image City “Gallery Pick”, we have selected her image “Learning to Fly” to receive this honor.  In this image Justyn coordinates the traditional components of a landscape by integrating white swans in peaceful harmony within each of the three parts of the print.  In the foreground, parent white swans are swimming with their young offspring.  The grasses and flowers anchor the bottom right of the foreground. A very large white wing at the top of the image frames the print thus completing the foreground and promoting the feeling of depth in the photograph.

The middle ground shows the action caused by a dynamic surf as it crashes down on dark rocks.  Within that pounding surf is a small peaceful pool with two parent swans and one small baby swimming together.  This produces a feeling of peacefulness within the turbulence of the surf.  Note the one swan flapping its wings rapidly in order to fly just above the crashing waves.

The background is composed of powerful golden clouds. Against the back drop of these angry clouds are two flying swans.  One swan seems to be struggling to break away from the clouds and another appears to have broken free and has entered the foreground while appearing to be leaving the through the top of the scene.  

The exact interpretation of Justyn’s magnificent print must be left to each individual viewer.  However, we are emotionally moved by the family life and upbringing that the adult swans seem to be providing for their young.  The difficulties of life are well symbolized by the turbulence of the surf and the dramatic clouds.  The swans that are breaking free above the surf and away from the ominous clouds are analogous to the need to overcome the tough times that life brings.  The overall beauty and content of this inspirational photograph communicates an upbeat positive feeling about how parents can help prepare their young for dealing with the challenges of life.



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