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If you are unable to visit our gallery and would like to purchase photographs from this preview or others in the gallery, please contact the gallery and call 585-271-2540.


Preview of the Show

Image City Celebrates with our

10th Anniversary Show

October 6  to November 1, 2015

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All images copyright by the individual photographers

A Selection of Photographs from the Exhibit


Take my hand, Child._. We will win next time and there will always be a next time! by John Kosboth
Take my hand, Child. We will win next time and
there will always be a next time!
John Kosboth
Webster by Ron Weetman
Ron Weetman, Camera Rochester

Longing by Julie Oldfield
Julie Oldfield

Blur by Daniel Crozet
Daniel Crozet
Churchyard by Sheridan Vincent
Let there be..... Rain
Sheridan Vincent
Arches - Southern France by Tom McGlynn
Arches, Southern France
Tom McGlynn
High Falls in Spring by Don Menges
High Falls in Spring
Don Menges

Oz #28 by D. G. Adams
Oz #28
D. G. Adams
Rodeo Cowgirl by David Kotok
Rodeo Cowgirl
David Kotok
Untitled by David Bleich
David Bleich
by Jane Hopkins
Butterfly Mandala
Jane Hopkins
Jukebox by Scott Matyjaszeck
Scott Matyjaszek
Up the Lane by Phyllis Thompson
Up the Lane
Phyllis Thompson
Tree of Life by Luann Pero
Tree of Life
Luann Pero
Lake Everest by Gary Thompson
Lake Everest
Gary Thompson
Changes by Bruce Elling
Bruce Elling
Frog in Calla Lilly by John Williamson
Frog in Calla Lilly
John Williamson
Beech in Copper by Bonnie Gamache
Beech in Copper
Bonnie Gamache
 by Jim Dusen
Cape Cod Dune
Jim Dusen
Mendon Lilly Pads by Michelle Turner
Mendon Lilly Pads
Michelle Turner
The Crypt by Sheila Nelson
The Crypt
Sheila Nelson
by Steve Tryon
Steve Tryon
Mendon Ponds Park Fall Colors by Carl Crumley 
Mendon Ponds Park Fall Colors
Carl Crumley
Angles and Planes by Dan Neuberger
Angles and Planes
Dan Neuberger
 Inle Lake Fishing by Jim Patton
Inle Lake Fishing
Jim Patton 
Serenity by Dick Bennett
Dick Bennett
Cuba 2015 by Jim Hartzen
Cuba 2015
Jim Hartzen
by Betsy Phillips
Jubilation I
Betsy Phillips
Lunar Eclipse 2015 by John Solberg'
Lunar Eclipse 2015
John Solberg 


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